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Petition to Edinboro University
directly involved in the program. Edinboro University should realize that taking this program away who have put in 30+ years of work into this program and got handed their notices while on duty todayRead more

Alyssa BriglioEdinboro, PA, United States
70,095 supporters
Created Sep 21, 2018
Petition to James Webb
programs in the state of Michigan. Their program is being cut in an effort to save money but there have been large donations to the wrestling program specifically to keep it in recent years. This has been a gross mishandling of finances by the board if a program with plenty support has to be cut to of the program coming just days after these young men earned those all-american honors at the NCAA national championship tournament. This program needs to be reinstated, the sport of wrestling needsRead more

Kody CrockerWarren, MI, United States
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Created Mar 20, 2018
Petition to Donald J. Trump
The RECP program sounded like a good idea at the time. RECP = Resident Energy Conservation Program have spent the last year begging leadership to audit the program. It's fallen on deaf ears.  Please stop the program NOW  It's not working and it is hurting the readiness of our military. In fact, there was a recent congressional report that stated the base conservation program wasn't working, nowRead more

Kristine SchellhaasSan Clemente, CA, United States
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Created Oct 3, 2017
Petition to United States Congress, President of the United States
the program. In the 20 years since the creation of the TAFNF program, the number of people receivingRead more

Héctor wiliam LeónEstados Unidos
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Created Jul 22, 2019
Petition to Brad Andrews
It is time to end the orca captive breeding programs at SeaWorld Parks. This program has resulted breeding programs.  SeaWorld’s breeding program has produced nothing less than disturbing results SeaWorld’s failing business plan.   The only way to end captivity is to end the breeding programRead more

Alexandra LewisKennesaw, GA, United States
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Created Jun 3, 2013
Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Mike Honda
, ADMINISTRATORS AND SUPPORTERS Did the Federal Perkins Loan Program help you afford a college education? Have you save the Perkins Loan Program by signing our petition today. This proven and longstanding loan program is in jeopardy.  In order for the program to continue beyond the 2016-17 award year, Congress must reauthorize the program or extend the September 30, 2017 sunset date. Perkins Loans provide criticalRead more

Maria Livolsi President of COHEAOWashington, DC, United States
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Created Nov 19, 2014
Petition to Secretary Deb Haaland, Department of Interior
and defund the Kemp's ridley sea turtle program run by Dr. Donna Shaver, a celebrated scientist turtle program (accomplished), leave all nests on the beach to be destroyed, and prevent driving on Seashore to "whitewash" changes to the turtle program. In other words, this nonprofit will take over turtle management from the National Park Service scientists to make it look as if the turtle program is in this program in Texas will put the entire Kemp's ridley species at even higher risk of extinctionRead more

Marilyn LittCorpus Christi, TX, United States
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Created Dec 6, 2020
Petition to Stanford University
program if Stanford will work with us. #SaveStanfordMVB (DISCLAIMER: donations to this petition areRead more

Kupono BrowneUnited States
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Created Jul 9, 2020
Petition to East Carolina University, ECU Athletics
Women’s swim and dive program. This program is one of the best in ECU history it has seen 2 National cutting this program is that the team was a family. They supported each other no matter what, they inspire each other to be better in the pool and in the classroom, and they have made a lasting impact on everyone who has gone through the program.    Read more

Ryan BrennanUnited States
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Created May 22, 2020
Petition to Board of Education, United States Supreme Court, United Nations, NAACP, Congress, California State House
2020 has been a year of many forms of chaos. It has brought to our attention more than ever, our vulnerabilities as a society. Racism has been an issue for more than 300 years in America alone. Most people are unaware that racism takes place everyday, even when it doesn’t make national headlines. It is hard to make effective change on such a difficult subject, when people only unite when these situations are publicized. How can we make long term change when there isn’t an everyday fight. We are trying to bring everyone back to foundation of how we got here, how it effects our experiences in society, and how we experience ourself. Not just for one race, but for all minorities. Our solution has been in our face the whole time. We have to reach the ones that actually effect our future: our children. Children spend the majority of their time in the school system. That’s where they are supposed to obtain the information needed to be an informed and knowledgeable individual in society. Communication, expectations, and hate all start at home. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where it has become apparent that is too late to re-educate certain individuals. It is time that we consider a new tactic. We need to educate our children on race, racism, its history, its effect, and its origin. Integrating a mandatory history coarse for grades K-12 to educate our youth on these topics is vital to obtain awareness and understanding of each other’s experiences. We are looking for support from all communities to draft a bill to bring to the School Board of Education. This bill will layout a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses: The history of racism as seen through out the United States. The history of racism as seen across the world. The effect that racism has had on the economy. How racism has integrated into society. How to be informed and respectful of another culture. How to use our history to support our future as a society. What racism is, how to understand it, and how to maintain awareness of it. We need to get this bill to the house of Congress. Help us express the importance of making lasting change in hopes of creating a better future for the generations to come by signing below. We also accepting donations through GoFundMe for our non profit organization. If you want to contribute, please go to the url: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-us-educate-our-children-on-racismRead more

Multicultural Education ProgramCalifornia, United States
168,135 supporters
Created May 31, 2020
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