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Petition to Bob Miller CEO of Albertsons
produce. Now let’s work together to encourage Albertsons (and its large family of stores) to combat food waste and increase fresh produce access by sourcing, selling and marketing whole ugly produce at the farms they buy produce from. We want it to do something simple, effective and good for the American families simply can’t afford enough fresh produce. Yet, we throw away about 25% of all produce stores to buy produce. At these Albertsons stores I have seen only produce that looks picture perfectRead more

Jordan FigueiredoCastro Valley, CA, United States
41,539 supporters
Created Feb 28, 2017
Petition to LOEN Entertainment, Mnet , CJ E&M Entertainment, Fave entertainment, TOP Media Entertainment
A petition to have eliminated Produce X 101 trainees Hwang Yunseong, Song Yuvin, Lee Jinhyuk, KooRead more

Linda TranLousiville, KY, United States
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Created Jul 19, 2019
Petition to Netflix
The Amory Wars is an ongoing series of comic books written by Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez . The story of The Amory Wars is also the focus of the band's music. The Amory Wars is set in Heaven's Fence, a collection of 78 planets held in place by interconnecting beams of energy, known as the Keywork. The first half of the story narrates Coheed Kilgannon and Cambria Kilgannon's struggle against Wilhelm Ryan, the Supreme Tri-Mage .The second half of the story focuses on the heroic journey of their son, messianic Claudio Kilgannon. Over the course of the story, Claudio assumes the mantle of The Crowing, foretold savior of Heaven's Fence. In the end, he will face the Archmage, absolute ruler of Heaven's Fence and the one ultimately responsible for the death of Claudio's family. On December 2, 2012, Mark Wahlberg announced he will be producing a film adaptation of The Amory Wars. As of 2018 there seems to be no action made in the production of this film that millions of fans have been eagerly awaiting. Read more

Ted AcostaUnited States
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Created Jul 2, 2018
Petition to Jorgen Vig Knudstorp
with a focus on STEM jobs. We are asking LEGO to produce the entire series so that our girls and boysRead more

Melissa Atkins WardyEl Paso, TX, United States
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Created Jun 10, 2013
Petition to India's Health Minister Shri J P Nadda, India's Agriculture Minister Shri Radhamohan Singh, CEO of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)
, the farmer. From 1st July 2018, organic farmers like me will not be able to sell our produce under “conversion period” to pass before s/he can sell her/his produce as organic and recover her/his costsRead more

Ramaswamy SelvamErode, India
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Created Jun 13, 2018
Petition to Charles Youngstrom, Jason Hart
thing I don't love about Aldi is that they package a lot of their produce in plastic (i.e. bell climate change, and I try to use mesh produce bags whenever possible. Prepackaged foods make it hard and Aldi reduces their plastic packaging and begins to offer mesh produce bags for sale in their stores, we could make a big improvement. Read more

Elizabeth DavisMonroeville, PA, United States
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Created Aug 23, 2019
Petition to Australia Post, Rodney Boys, The Honerable Paul Fletcher MP, Hon Scott Morrison, The Honorable Mark Coulton MP, The Honorable Scott Buchholz MP, The Honorable David Littleproud MP, Gary Starr, John...
On June 30th  2021, Australia Post has warned it will no longer accept perishables through its network. For Toohey Farming, an organic farm in Tumoulin, Far North Qld, this is a devastating blow to their online business which reached new heights in 2020 whilst ensuring food supply even during rolling lockdowns. The farm now has a bumper crop about to be harvested, which despite huge efforts, still has not been able to replace the Australia Post satchel delivery service. When you consider a large number of these orders are heading into rural QLD, VIC, and NSW...maybe you can start to see the wider implication of what this means to online businesses that could be included in Australia Post's cull of services. Rural Australia is left cut off again even now as more Australians try and escape to a healthier lifestyle in the country. I am asking that this petition be circulated to anyone who values purchasing their avocados or garlic or any other designated "perishable items" delivered to their door...to please add your name to the list and help us be heard. We weathered Australia Post post pandemic last year and our reward is to have our business decimated over night in peak season for 2021. Surely this is a very good example of how the government can practically offer support that keeps businesses running, people employed and people fed - instead of a handout, just ensure supply of service is there and rethink this blanket ban. #buyfromabushbusiness #‎smashanavoathome#buyavocadosonline #supportafarmer #buyfromthebush #farmgatetoplate #buyaustralian #smashanavo #supportsmallbusiness  Read more

Nicki DysonRavenshoe, Australia
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Created Mar 15, 2021
Petition to Countdown
distribute and sell produce and take immediate action. We're targeting major New Zealand corporationsRead more

April HartmannNew Zealand
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Created Sep 5, 2019
Petition to Kyoto Animation | Hiroko Utsumi, Masahiro Yokotani, Reiko Yoshida
We all love this great swimming anime Free!. That's why we'd love to see more. We don't want it to end! Please sign this petition to show the producers how much we want Free! to continue. Remember, after fans fell in love with the commercial, Free! got a boost by a Change.org petition. We can do this, again!Spread this petition [Facebook|Twitter|tumblr], contact the producers! Tell it your friends! The bigger the fandom the better! @FB @Tumblr @Twit @G+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support the staff of Free! by buying / using media / merchandise- legal streams: Crunchyroll (register | preview) (EN) | NicoNico (JP)- Radio CD: Vol. 1, Vol. 2 | Anime Vol. 1: DVD, Blu-ray - CDJapan: BD&DVD | goods | calendar 2014 | CDs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ways to contact the producers/staff: Tell them how much you want a second season! - official Free! (TV) Twitter- contact KyoAni Youtube ChannelProducing studios: Kyoto Animation- contact (* are: name - name again - email - subject - message)- translated by Google Pony Canyon- contact (* are: name - name again - email - phone - postal - address - msg) - translated by Google ABC Asahi | contact: English / Japanese Lantis | Twitter / email: users-support@ lantis.co.jpThe staff & credits list:AnimeNewsnetwork.com - Free | official page Maybe Crunchyroll (started the former petition) could support us again (contact)? NewsfeedRead more

S. LumasyDE, Deutschland
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Created Sep 5, 2013
Petition to Netflix
As of this typing, Ash vs Evil Dead was just cancelled today with 2 episodes left of season 3. Many fans felt Starz didn’t give the series a chance to really shine, whereas Netflix would be a perfect fit. Starz did not accommodate international fans fairly, which makes up a huge part of the Evil Dead fandom. When the show started in 2015, it was under the guise of doing a 5 season run and we only got 3. The show has reportedly done very well streaming on Netflix, so let Ash finish his story the way it was intended.Read more

Ghost BeaterCalifornia, United States
11,344 supporters
Created Apr 21, 2018
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