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Petition to Concordia university
Those of us who have had experience with online proctoring  know that it is disorganized,  discriminatory and violates personal privacy. Now is your chance to make a difference and sign your name to end online proctoring!Read more

Harrison KirshnerCanada
278 supporters
Created Oct 28, 2020
Petition to University Grants Commisssion of Sri Lanka (UGC)
proctoring software to be installed on our computers, which checks up on us if we are cheating on theRead more

SLIIT StudentsSri Lanka
679 supporters
Created May 15, 2020
Petition to Leiden University
Leiden University has recently adapted proctoring for several of their upcoming online exams. DueRead more

Eren Meriç TatlıerLeiden, Netherlands
439 supporters
Created Oct 13, 2020
Petition to UIUC , University of Illinois
, there has to be a better way. Whether that be through the use of Zoom based proctoring, projectRead more

Sameer K.Illinois, United States
1,088 supporters
Created Oct 1, 2020
Petition to Utrecht University
Stop the use of proctoring examinations at Utrecht University and provide better and safer alternatives! Since the start of online education, Utrecht University has allowed online proctoring exams of the exam, which can be hard to ensure for some. Many students are opposed to proctoring as a offer an online exam by means of proctoring, or not offer an exam at all." Utrecht University claims continue with proctoring exams that completely disregard students privacy? With this petition we wantRead more

Roman MonteUtrecht, Netherlands
1,261 supporters
Created May 22, 2020
Petition to Maastricht University
As a result of distance learning Maastricht University has started to use online exam proctoring. As many students have experienced proctoring has led to difficulties in taking the exams. It has. Proctoring allows for students to be monitored in their own home and forces students to chose between against proctoring and its obvious risks to student privacy and wellbeing. Sign this petition to make your voice heard against proctoring and to motivate the university into looking for betterRead more

Maastricht Student UnionNetherlands
131 supporters
Created Oct 23, 2020
Petition to YorkU - Math Department
Math 1014 students aren't fond of using proctoring for the final exam, as it increases stress level and invades student's privacy. Students have been told that the proctoring system's "terms andRead more

YorkU Math 1014 StudentsCanada
223 supporters
Created Jun 24, 2020
Petition to York University, department of biology
the use of an invasive proctoring service for our final exam. The proctoring software we are being Servers due to a configuration error, leading to the exam proctoring being cancelled.   This is an archaic, collaborations, applied questions, window locking (if proctoring is used) or other accommodationsRead more

K BCanada
894 supporters
Created Jun 18, 2020
Petition to Department of Education
never be tolerated anymore. That is online proctoring. Many schools of the older grades (ranging from. Not only students who cheat can find a way to cheat through these proctoring services, but those who am also encouraging schools to emphasize the benefits of on-campus proctoring or taking proctoringRead more

Amanda PhamHarrisburg, PA, United States
47 supporters
Created Aug 24, 2020
Petition to Carleton University
As the fall semester continues online, reports of the implementation of an invasive proctoring proctoring techniques that invade privacy and gather private information on student's files and browserRead more

Ernesto AlemanCanada
7,697 supporters
Created Oct 10, 2020
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