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Petition to Department of Education, Human Rights Campaign
instead of their new preferred name. This can be very triggering and very offensive, and should beRead more

Tessa BlunckLake City, FL, United States
15,423 supporters
Created October 26, 2020
Petition to Betty Resch
children, which also means we need a consent form to get our preferred name called and preferedRead more

Jasper GFlorida, FL, United States
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Created August 19, 2023
Petition to vbcps
     Trans and non-binary youth today are constantly having to deal with and work around one major thing in schools; deadnaming. Deadnaming is the act of using the name that one's parents gave them rather than using the name they have chosen for themselves. This can affect their mental health detrimentally, causing dysphoria and other possible side effects. These students struggle on a day-to-day basis with their identity and feeling like they belong.      Most teens and children who are in the VBCPS system are currently in online school. The overall tone and mood of an online classroom are vastly different than that of an in-person school, and it calls for some reform to the definition of what a classroom environment truly looks like. One of the only liberties students have in an online school environment is what their display name looks like on the Zoom classroom, but that is changing rapidly.      VBCPS released a statement recently on updating some "rules of the classroom" and "online class etiquette," one of which stated that students are to use their legal name, no exceptions. Transgender and non-binary students are suddenly losing the ability to gain the one freedom they had control over; the name that is displayed and the name they are called. For these students, their not being allowed to change their display name to what they've chosen for themselves could take constant, serious jabs at their mental health. Even being called one's "deadname" just once can cause terrible dysphoria.      Considering that there was already a rule set in place at most (if not all) schools to not allow inappropriate names, this rule is moot, and would only cause harm to those who have dysphoria and deal with it every day. VBCPS should not get to decide this for students. They should all have the liberty of using the name they desire.Read more

Roux SlutskyVirginia Beach, VA, United States
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Created October 27, 2020
Petition to CollegeBoard, Jeremy Singer
preferred names. They only include a space for legal names. As a result, transgender and non-binary students who elect to use a name (their preferred name) other than their legal name often feel using their legal name. It is essential that CollegeBoard addresses this and adds a preferred nameRead more

TJ GreenUnited States
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Created May 31, 2020
Petition to people associated with CNU, Students, Faculty, Alumni, Staff
have raised concerns about having their preferred name put onto their diploma and the staff respondedRead more

Ashton WhiteLeesburg, VA, United States
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Created March 2, 2021
Petition to District Administration Shimla, Chief Minister Himachal Pradesh, Mayor of Shimla CIty, Ministry of Urban Affairs Himachal Pradesh
preferred mode of transport   Allow Bicycles on Restricted routes through pop-up cycling lanes bicycling as the preferred mode of transport.It will need massive confidence building measures includingRead more

Ashish SoodIndia
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Created May 29, 2021
Petition to Dr. Seth Harrell, Dr. Scott Smith, Brad Berry
#SAYMYNAME There are many students who have preferred names. This petition is to change the school board's opinion on announcing those preferred names during their graduation ceremony.  This is oneRead more

Leighton SurfaceCape Girardeau, MO, United States
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Created May 14, 2022
Petition to Sarah Lawrence College
college's preferred name policy. Our current system relies almost solely on legal names, and the third safer campus for transgender students we can bring the preferred name issue to a conclusion by theRead more

Liz ParkerSnoqualmie, WA, United States
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Created October 29, 2017
Ozark High School is home to many students with preferred names. Preferred names are any name that someone may go by that is not their legal name. People may have a preferred name to better express who have preferred names are not being supported in non-legal documents such as: Student IDs Student emails The student-edited yearbook   By welcoming preferred names in a place such as these, OzarkRead more

Kydan RosterUnited States
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Created September 17, 2023
preferred name in place of it or next to the birth name in parentheses. If a transgender person’s identity can be protected by simply providing their preferred name in public areas, it should. What betterRead more

Kanarie ThomasFortworth, TX, United States
87 supporters
Created March 5, 2023
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