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Petition to Playmobil
, (both with and without disabilities), grow up with a more positive attitude to human difference! ToyRead more

rebecca atkinsonLondon, United Kingdom
49,887 supporters
Created May 19, 2015
Petition to Secretary Kathleen Allison
, “By practicing positive behavior throughout this time of suspended visits, program modificationsRead more

Elizabeth HessPortland, OR, United States
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Created September 1, 2020
Petition to la société civile et leaders positifs
Positive Planet, annonce le Global Positive Forum qui se tiendra le 1er septembre 2017 sous le haut l'économie positive, initié par la Fondation Positive Planet en 2012, il se concrétise par des lutte contre la pollution plastique participent de la dynamique positive. Déjà, bien des choses vont monde de demain peut être meilleur que celui d'aujourd'hui, nous devons accélérer la révolution positive. Accélérer la révolution positive, c'est agir pour l'éducation de tous les talents singuliers, partoutRead more

Jacques ATTALIFrance
648 supporters
Created July 10, 2017
Petition to CGPS students, CGPS alumn, CGPS parents, CGPS faculty
It has been made extremely obvious to the student body of CGPS that our institution has allowed for derogatory language and actions to take place without sufficient consequences. Unfortunately, generations of students can attest that we have not felt comfortable bringing other similar incidents to the administration. In addition to feeling unable to take action, many students and faculty of color have felt unwelcome and ignored due to the lack of repercussions for students who make harmful statements.  We strongly believe that these preventative measures be taken:   1. Incorporating, facilitating, and encouraging mandatory conversations about race for all Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School students.2. Mandatory bias training for ALL parents, staff, faculty, and administrators3. Incorporating mandatory ethnic studies into all areas of studies of the curriculum (Black, Indigenous, Asian, Hispanic, etc.).4. Establishing a process, which includes the voices of student leaders, that holds peers, faculty, and staff accountable for incidents of derogatory comments and actions. Additionally, implementing official documentation of all incidents of hate/bias in our community that can be made public to students, parents, faculty, and staff while keeping the identities of all parties involved concealed. 5. Ensuring the protection of students, faculty, and staff who vocally protect and advocate for the POC community. Please sign this petition in support of creating a culture at CGPS where we can hold each other accountable. If you have any questions or concerns, please voice them here: https://forms.gle/aa6NZbeYak9R32En7Read more

MECA Leaders '21New York, United States
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Created June 3, 2020
Petition to CUSD #10
Due to the loss of school on Monday and Tuesday, the most crucial days before finals, students believe they did not have a fair chance to study for their finals. Study guides, tests, and other activities were suppose to be handed out on these specific days and now students are unprepared. These finals are 20% of their semester grades and it is unfair to them because they were not given the proper tools to study with. These students need to have a voice in the matter because it is THEIR grade that is being effected.  Read more

sami armstrongCollinsville, IL, United States
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Created December 17, 2019
Petition to Geelong Planning Committee, Geelong Council
. Unfortunately there’s no provision in the application process to submit support and/or positive feedbackRead more

Fyansford Training FacilityFyansford, Australia
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Created April 28, 2021
Petition to Saint Charles School District
We students at Saint Charles West will not stand for final grades negatively impacting our grades. It makes no sense that Fort Zumwalt SD, Wentzville SD, and Francis Howell SD finals all only positively impact grades, but SCSD has to be different and thinks that we are all going to ace our finals, even though we lost a precious review day towards them. Our teachers only have so much time to review with us, and it makes no sense that everyone else gets easy finals but not St. Charles West. We need to make the change.Read more

Mike MayerSt Charles, MO, United States
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Created December 17, 2019
Petition to PetSmart
-store Adoption Centers, cats who have tested FIV positive are banned from even setting foot in the store daily oral medication to participate in the adoption events so why the ban on FIV positive cats?       Twenty years ago any rescue cat that tested positive for Feline Imunodeficiency Virus was routinely positive cats can actually have a high quality of life.   If kept indoors and taken to the vet for an annual checkup, an FIV positive cat can live as long as 22 years.  Most rescue organizations no longerRead more

Joy AustinMadison, TN, United States
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Created March 29, 2019
Petition to Roy Cooper, Donald J. Trump, Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, Danny Earl (J. R.) Britt
�PLEASE DON’T MAKE ANY DONATIONS TO CHANGE.ORG‼️� ALL DONATIONS CAN BE MADE TO THE GOFUNDME ACCOUNT��  gf.me/u/yvq2pq �� Or by going to https://linktr.ee/freedom4titusTitus Williams was convicted of Conspiracy Drug Trafficking of cocaine in 1998. He was only 19 years old when he was sentenced to 37 years behind bars after taking the case to trial. That is 13,505 days, 444 months, and 19,447,200 minutes. The most baffling part of this injustice was that cocaine was not found on him. There was also no other evidence connecting him to the charge besides the testimony. The individual who testified against him was acquitted of all charges in exchange for her testimony. He has since served over 22 years behind bars for this, and has been stripped of his liberties, youth, family, and time. This is America, “The Land of the Free,” yet numerous people like Titus Williams are being buried alive FOR CRIMES THEY DIDN’T DO‼️ Do we live in a world where some one can point a finger or make an accusation that can take away a man’s freedom for 37 years??? Does the justice system we so heavily confide in repay us with injustice and mass incarceration? Does the color of someone’s skin determine their worth in this world?  A injustice has been done here. With this nonviolent offense this man has served more time than people who have committed murder. However, YOU have the power to change that! By signing this petition we are one step closer to granting freedom to a man who rightfully deserves it! As we take a step toward helping those that have been silenced, we open the doors to equality and criminal justice reform. Thanks for your support! WITH THIS LINK BELOW YOU ARE ABLE TO FIND ALL THE WAYS YOU CAN SHOW SUPPORT AND EVEN LEARN MORE ABOUT HIS JOURNEY‼️ https://linktr.ee/freedom4titusRead more

Positive VibesNorth Carolina, United States
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Created July 11, 2020
Petition to Amazon dtw5, Governor Gretchen Whitmer
facilities time to properly clean/disinfect. Any facility that has any number of positive COVID-19 casesRead more

DTW5 AMAZONIANBrownstown, MI, United States
9,833 supporters
Created March 26, 2020
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