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Petition to President Ramaphosa, Department of Education SA.
To the office of the President, South African Department of Education, and all affected parties at large.  As 2020/2021 temporary EA and GSA's. We are humbly asking that our contracts be made permanent or at least be given 12 extensions. Much as covid19 really hit the South African economy hard, we, the young people of South Africa also got hit and this initiative worked to our favour. I believe most school principals can really attest that this programme really worked for them in terms of support the schools needed. To bring about change in the country, it is to train young people of South Africa to be leaders of tomorrow. We believe that terminating this contract is going to leave more that 5000 young people unemployed, which is also going to be setback considering fact that some of parents lost their jobs due to covid19.  This also served as a chance for skills development and bringing balance to the unemployed skilled youth, people who were really struggling to find jobs, schools which needed support because they had shortage of educators. At the school I work at the rate of which learners used to smoke marijuana also has lessened. Thereby bringing positive contribution to the school and community at large. All we are asking for is permanency and at least small increment to the contract salary, reasonable amount of R7000.  May this petition please received with warm regards.  Read more

Tefo LebakengVirginia, South Africa
24,602 supporters
Created Mar 15, 2021
Petition to Walmart
We think it’s unfair that you are re-writing job descriptions so your handicapped workers have no choice but to loose their jobs!Read more

Rena HuffmanUnited States
14,500 supporters
Created Feb 22, 2019
Petition to Sanofi CEO's
Sanofi is a global leader in healthcare. No one would say the opposite. However, one of their managers in the Middle East has responded rudely on their twitter to the tragic death of an Egyptian doctor, whose death has resulted in a wide upset in the public opinion. How did it all start?  The morning of the 24th of May 2020 was very bleak. Dr. Walid, who’s a 31-year-old obs/gyne resident in El Monira General Hospital, Egypt, has died that day suffering from the COVID-19 epidemic in his workplace, leaving a widow and a 5-month-old baby orphan. Following his death, the social media platforms have received many outrageous reactions against the ministry of health and its subsidiaries, demanding that they should protect their manpower over their beneficiaries if they want to overcome this epidemic. Strangely, one of these reactions was driven towards Sanofi, initially after the hideous tweets published by one of their managers in Egypt, Nibal Dahaba.  Naturally, humans tend to spread condolences after death events, by which their manager has fought furiously against in her Twitter account. Addressing the angry trend, she stated unpleasantly that physicians should die for their mission. Not only this, but also she asked physicians, indifferently, “why are you so upset about death?”. Ironically, isn’t it what Sanofi and doctors do for a living; fighting death! A normal human being, by contrast, would sympathize with Dr. Walid’s cause, which has dramatically become ours, the Egyptian doctors, in these desperate times. Nonetheless, their manager insisted on lecturing us about the morality of whether we should kill ourselves for others or die for them in favor of the so-called Hippocratic oath. We, on the other side, insist that it is under the Egyptian Health Syndicate's authority to question doctors' commitment to their oath. Additionally, Dr. Walid did not abandon his workplace in these trying times and fought bravely against this deadly virus. It is our duty and willingness to follow his path and honor his memory. What is even more depressing is that Dahaba has tried miserably to control the backlash towards her previous statements with a cold post on Facebook, which has then been followed by another wave of polarized trends in social media favored to her side. Now, despite her damage control attempt, Dahaba has become a public figure for those who stand against doctors' entitlements. Therefore, we believe that this is a professional paradox, as Dahaba would not contribute positively to the Egyptian healthcare system if she believes, or represents those who believe, that healthcare workers do not have rights. To Sanofi CEO's, your manager in Egypt, Dahaba, has neglected her code of conduct, work ethics, and scientific curriculums, we think that she should be deemed untrustworthy, thus removed from her position in your company. We won't be able to tolerate such an unprofessional attitude from your managers towards tragic events such as DR. Walid's, or towards our entitlements. In conclusion, to Sanofi, while we value your influence and presence in the health market in Egypt very much, we cannot turn a blind eye to such insults to healthcare workers from your manager, Dahaba. On this occasion, we ask you politely to fire her. Unfortunately, not doing so would leave us no choice but to implement a national-wide boycott against your products, which is not preferable for both of our parties. On behalf of thousands of Egyptian doctors. Yours,Read more

Ayman KamelCairo, Egypt
12,551 supporters
Created May 29, 2020
Petition to UNIVERSITIES, USAID, Department of Education, US State Department, European Commission, Open Society Institute, Research Foundations, Justin Trudeau, Joseph R. Biden, Boris Johnson
. We thank you for the numerous offers of temporary positions, scholarships and other mechanisms ofRead more

Ielyzaveta ShchepetylnykovaKyiv, Украина
4,640 supporters
Created Mar 5, 2022
Petition to United Nations
Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). These are key, high-ranking positions at the United Nations forRead more

Ka Ho Kenneth WongChai Wan, Hong Kong
180,189 supporters
Created Aug 2, 2019
Petition to Department of Education
The termination of contracts for education and general school assistants will leave many young people in despair especially during this pandemic. This means many households will lose breadwinners. So we need to urge the government to make sure that education assistants keep their jobs hence if many young people are employed they produce positive change in their communities.Read more

maphula danielSouth Africa
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Created Mar 26, 2021
School Mental Health Social Work Positions for the 2023-2024 school year, which will significantly workers are being reduced, forcing consultants to compete for a small handful of positions or opt for reduced salaries with lower paying positions. There will be a reduction in staff manning the Readiness, SMH clinic, TRiEE, and ERIC's PSW's positions are also being reduced/cut, and centralRead more

PSW StrongLos Angeles, CA, United States
1,726 supporters
Created Jun 2, 2023
We need an age restriction for the government. Old ideologies and 20th-century notions rooted in homophobia, misogyny, classism, and prejudiced beliefs are not the representation we as the new generation are asking for. There are those sitting in congress who can barely grasp the concept of technology or have parents/grandparents who were plantation owners. Making their perspective misguided and rooted in systematic racism. Leading to the construction of inapplicable decisions. Which should void their role in the government as a whole. The majority of those that are creating laws for the Black and POC community are white male individuals. Not reflecting the nation they built as a "melting pot". Just like the police, These white males should be REQUIRED TO GO THROUGH racial psychological evalutions as a part of their onboarding process. To keep it fair and diverse, a percentage of the house and senate representatives should be of Black and POC decent. Representing the communities, this nation loves to neglect. This country prides itself on its justice system. Holding those responsible for breaking the law, but REFUSE to hold Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and so many other Dead presidents responsible for the bloody massacre of so many African slaves. The most horrific human trafficking in America's History happened on our "forefather's plantations". The slaughter and Cannibalism of their OWN SLAVES. Rape and impregnating Minors as young as 12 years old. Using their OWN slaves as surgical practice, alive w/o anesthesia, the bucking of black men, and so much more.  They should NOT be on our money, statues, or anything else glorifying these serial killers, child rapists, and cannibal kidnappers. This is a petition for the direct removal of anything GLORIFYING these monsters.          Read more

Hood ActivistCalifornia, United States
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Created Jun 24, 2022
Petition to AOTA Board members, AOTA members, General public, Occupational Therapists, MDI founders and OTNA and allies, Occupational therapy assistants
new positions on the Representative Assembly and Board of Directors with Voice and Vote.   3 policies and procedures to ensure equal opportunities for all.   Each of these positions shall be three Diversity, Equity and Inclusion positions, and standing committee.Read more

Chanae JonesUnited States
1,786 supporters
Created Jun 24, 2020
Petition to School Board East Side Union High School District
counselors, parent liasons, and more. These areALL vital positions and programs in the district, and we knowRead more

S ManiSan Jose, CA, United States
1,883 supporters
Created Feb 12, 2018
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