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Petition to Carlos Cordeiro, President, US Soccer Federation
society. Young girls around the world look to the players on the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team as role modelsRead more

Kara HahnPort Jefferson, NY, United States
85,675 supporters
Created April 1, 2019
Petition to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
For years, the NFL has been punishing players for using marijuana despite the fact that it is far marijuana penalties do nothing to promote the health and safety of the players. If anything, they put marijuana instead. Sign our petition today calling on the NFL to stop driving players to drink withRead more

Marijuana Policy ProjectWashington, DC, United States
25,750 supporters
Created August 30, 2013
Petition to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
abuse. This was aimed at namely the three young players who missed the penalties: Marcus Rashford done recently; notably by affected players such as Raheem Sterling. More needs to be done by theRead more

S MUnited Kingdom
163,825 supporters
Created July 12, 2021
Petition to Comité d'organisation des jeux pan-arménien
thank all players that refuses to participate to this without me, it goes deep in my heart, love you have reunited French players who has armenian origin and Armenian Handball players to developRead more

Armenian PLAYERSFrance
10,197 supporters
Created July 6, 2019
Petition to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton
sports. One of the regulations requires all coaches and players to wear face masks / coverings while inRead more

Kevin HarlemanUnited States
32,721 supporters
Created May 17, 2020
Petition to Roger Goodell
example of the NFL’s persistent and serious problem with players committing violence against women. Of 32 teams, 21 have players that have been charged at some point with domestic or sexual violence. What’s even more appalling is how the NFL chooses to punish players who commit these crimes. While Rice ‘personal conduct policy’ similar to the mandatory minimum 4 game suspension players face if they violate sending a message to its players, its team owners, and its fans they shouldn’t either. The NFL isRead more

Gretchen TomeBaltimore, MD, United States
143,579 supporters
Created July 29, 2014
Petition to Frank Nunan, Daniel McGarry, School Board
after their unwavering fortitude to advocate for players sends the incorrect message to these young of players over politics. Our goal is to: Activate the School Board to reverse course from theRead more

Upper Darby Football AlumniUpper Darby, PA, United States
3,348 supporters
Created December 14, 2018
Petition to Mojang AB
To be honest I don't like the idea that only 10 players (11 with the owner) can be on a MinecraftRead more

Jeremy SantosBaixa da Banheira, Portugal
11,872 supporters
Created August 24, 2019
Petition to Gary Bettman
Currently, Professional Women’s Hockey players are without a league that supports, promotes and players 1,500 USD for a whole season. This represents nothing more than a wage of 53 USD per game fact, while NHL players only focus on playing hockey, most Professional Women Hockey players spend fans buying NHL sponsored products when attending games. Right now, more than 200 of the best players inequity at their most obvious. Until they are paid, these players will fight not only for what mattersRead more

Until She's PaidMontreal, Canada
5,118 supporters
Created December 28, 2019
Petition to Manchester United, The Glazer family, Ed Woodward, Matt Judge, Joel Glazer
for the new season by signing players, so we need to GEAR UP — IT'S NOW OR NEVER! We aren't showing DNA. And WE NEED TO SIGN the required players to take us back to the top.   Once again, we, the fansRead more

United JournalUnited Kingdom
9,521 supporters
Created August 24, 2020
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