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Petition to United Nations, Member states
Dear United Nations, and all member states,  We, as the people of Myanmar (Burma), come before you today to address the current issues regarding the coup by the military in Myanmar and detainment of our National League for Democracy (NLD) leaders, starting February 1, 2021. We strongly condemn the atrocious actions of the Myanmar military and are grieving for the endangerment of our fragile democracy under their hands. We appreciate your dedication towards addressing this issue globally thus far. We are aware that the international community is considering using sanctions on Myanmar as punitive measures for the current crisis. However, we plead that you refrain from imposing blanket sanctions on Myanmar as an immediate response for it will only hurt the citizens who are subject to the cruelty of the military. We are no stranger to sanctions in the past focusing on the withdrawal of financial aid, blocking access to assets, and reversing investment flows that kept our country isolated and unable to develop. Thus, we suggest that conditional engagement or selective sanctions would be a better viable option and less harmful to our citizens. We have deep faith that this approach will utilize positive reinforcement and targeted sanctions which can be imposed on influential individuals of the military in Myanmar. We thank President Joe Biden of the United States for specifically imposing sanctions on Myanmar military leaders as of February 10, 2021. We hope that other nations can follow the lead similarly.  We urge you to please consider our sincere concerns and this particular request which is paramount for the safety of all Myanmar citizens. We hope that we can establish a sustainable democracy in Myanmar for all of our people as we overcome the darkness of authoritarianism that we are all too familiar with.  Most sincerely,  The concerned citizens of Myanmar  #SaveMyanmar #RejectMyanmarMilitary #democracy #justice Read more

NM AnonYangon, Myanmar
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Created Feb 2, 2021
Petition to Minister Of Health (South African Government), Theo Lepele, Zweli Mkhize
I am worried about the wellness of the people in Limpopo. We are told that the people coming from China were tested negative, however the staff of THE RANCH HOTEL IN POLOKWANE are forced to sign consent/contracts that force them to not leave the premises while these people are staying there. Why exactly don’t they want the staff to leave the premises if these people were tested negative for the Corona virus? If these people are actually infected and are placed in Limpopo, this is a suicide mission that could kill millions of people in Limpopo. We have a nation wide if not international religious event that happens around Easter every year. Millions of people flock to Moria (Boyne) to celebrate this. If these people are infected and the government is hiding this information from us South African citizens it will kill millions of people. So for the safety of South Africans we ask that this people be put in a different province and health facilities not a hotel for the safety of people who are not infected by the virus. The people/students should stay in China in a isolated place until a cure is found since they are “negative” and if they need to be returned home why ain’t they put in an isolated place like robben island instead of a public hotel? Read more

Rosinah RammalaJohannesburg, South Africa
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Created Mar 12, 2020
Petition to Councillor Keith Jones
Cardiff Council’s Planning Committee have permitted a giant Union Jack flag to be placed on the side of Cardiff’s HMRC tax office. It has been classed as an “advertisement” and will appear on a landmark city-centre building in Central Square.  Mae Pwyllgor Cynllunio Cyngor Caerdydd wedi caniatáu gosod baner Jac yr Undeb enfawr ar ochr swyddfa dreth Cyllid a Thollau EM Caerdydd. Mae wedi cael ei hystyried yn “hysbyseb” a bydd yn ymddangos ar adeilad nodedig yng nghanol y ddinas yn y Sgwâr Canolog. We believe that as the capital city of Wales, visitors, commuters and residents should not be faced with a gigantic Union Jack flag on arrival at Cardiff Central railway station. This decision by Cardiff Council Planning Committee to grant permission to drape the HMRC building on Central Square is an act of political symbolism designed to promote 'muscular unionism' a reminder to the people of Wales of their subservient status in the United Kingdom.  Credwn, fel prifddinas Cymru, na ddylai ymwelwyr, cymudwyr a thrigolion wynebu baner enfawr Jac yr Undeb wrth gyrraedd gorsaf reilffordd Canol Caerdydd. Mae'r penderfyniad hwn gan Bwyllgor Cynllunio Cyngor Caerdydd i roi caniatâd i drapeio adeilad Cyllid a Thollau EM ar y Sgwâr Canolog yn weithred o symbolaeth wleidyddol a ddyluniwyd i hyrwyddo 'undebaeth gyhyrol' yn atgoffa pobl Cymru o'u statws israddol yn y Deyrnas Unedig. This flag does not represent the people of Wales and is a blatant political act designed to act as a provocation to the people of Wales. Nid yw'r faner hon yn cynrychioli pobl Cymru ac mae'n weithred wleidyddol amlwg â'r bwriad o gythruddu pobl Cymru. We the undersigned call on the Cardiff Council Planning Committee, and its chair Councillor Keith Jones, to withdraw their permission for this advertisement. Rydyn ni, y rhai sydd wedi arwyddo isod, yn galw ar Bwyllgor Cynllunio Cyngor Caerdydd a'r cadeirydd, y Cynghorydd Keith Jones, i dynnu eu caniatad yn ôl ar gyfer yr hysbyseb yma.   Read more

Elin CainUnited Kingdom
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Created Jul 1, 2021
Petition to Governor Ivey, City Council, road department, Alabama Department of Transportation, DOT, ALDOT
Hwy. 69 in Guntersville, AL. is a dangerous highway. This is a 4 lane highway (2 north, 2 south) that does NOT have a median or barriers separating the North/South bound lanes.  I feel there needs to be a guard rail or concrete barrier separating the two lanes to prevent head-on collisions because one inch over the line and you are gonna have a bad, if not fatal, wreck. There is a concrete barrier going up/down the mountain on Hwy. 431 in Guntersville so i feel as if there should be one placed on the stretch of road that is Hwy. 69. I would like for the Mayor, Guntersville City Council and Alabama Department of Transportation to look into this and take action.Read more

Christopher GrabenAlabama, United States
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Created Jun 1, 2020
On September 17, 2022, approximately 11:00pm everyone in Carowinds witness chaos inside the theme park. People running in groups, kids skipping lines, fights, gunshots, etc… We are tired of it and we demand something to happen. These teenagers and preteens were alone with no supervision at all! Carowinds needs to place either a curfew or a chaperone rule into affect! We also need more security officers and off duty officers to make sure that the park is safe especially from weapons!Read more

Felix LopezUnited States
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Created Sep 18, 2022
Petition to Ohio Governor
Protect the Human Rights of Ohio’s Children and Stop their Placement in Solitary Confinement! Stop Solitary for Ohio’s Youth is committed to eliminating the harmful practice of secluding youth in adult jails and prisons, state youth correctional facilitates, local juvenile detention centers, and residential treatment facilities. There is no law in Ohio which prohibits the placement of kids in solitary confinement in juvenile or adult facilities. Kids as young as 10, may be kept in cells no larger than a bathroom without windows for 22+ hours a day. Youth in solitary confinement are often denied meaningful programming, education, and recreation contributing to poor outcomes and recidivism. No matter the age or amount of time placed in solitary, people can experience trauma, hallucinations, and suicidal thoughts. Since youth are still developing, the effects are even more detrimental.  A growing number of states and leading organizations, including the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, the United Nations, The Anne E. Casey Foundation, and The American Civil Liberties Union, are against solitary confinement of young people. There are no mandatory guidelines in Ohio for: monitoring facilities that use seclusion; for regulating or reporting its use even for brief periods of time; or protocols for responding to youth who have experienced seclusion. I’m signing this petition to tell Governor Kasich that Ohio youth should not be subjected to solitary confinement and that all facilities that may use forms of seclusion on youth be monitored.   To read the full petition click here. To read the fact sheet click here.Read more

STOP Solitary Ohio YouthUnited States
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Created Mar 4, 2015
Petition to Ken Helm, Kate Brown, Jeff Merkley
Do you ever step outside to see your city riddled with garbage? Most if not all garbage you see on the street is made out of plastic. There needs to be more control on plastic production because of multiple reasons, such as its tendency to fill up landfills due to the fact that it takes a very long time to decompose. Another reason there needs to be more control on plastic production is it's extremely detrimental to the environment. You can see all of the reasoning at our website: https://sites.google.com/bsd48.org/why-plastic-is-a-problem/home We propose a policy that will ban all single use plastics. This would involve forbidding supermarkets from selling any water bottles, raising deposit on all plastic bottles, and banning grocery bags and putting limits on the amount of plastic companies can produce. Thank you for checking out our petition and making a difference.Read more

Hank EggersUnited States
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Created May 10, 2019
Petition to Richland County
farm, and spend most of our time outside!  Placing this predator next door would take away every ounce going through a divorce.  If they do end up placing him there, WE will be the prisoners.   He wasRead more

Jamie ShannonRichland Center, WI, United States
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Created Jan 10, 2020
Petition to Senator Anne Ruston
We request the Senate immediately seek to create a non partisan national Cashless Debit Card oversight committee, one empowered to receive and document for the official Senate and public record, all Cashless Debit Card related complaints by all and any  Cashless Debit Card program participant forced or voluntary,  in any trial location. Thank you for supporting us. The Cashless Debit Card (CDC) policy is a program of forced third party income micromanagement being rolled out by the LNP government in four current trial locations across Australia. It is currently imposed upon 10,000 people and their families. Among many other restrictions and controls, the CDC policy requires compulsory participants to sign away their legislated Protection of Payment rights and enter into a legally binding contract with a private corporation (Indue Ltd) in order to receive their lawful government entitlements. Compulsory CDC participants are forced to activate cards under often life threatening duress. We have created this petition to address the urgent need for non partisan oversight and increased political accountability for the lives, safety and welfare of compulsory Cashless Debit Card trial participants. Since the CDC policy's first introduction and implementation in Ceduna in 2016,  there has been no complaint service or structure put into place for compulsory trial participants to report impacts and officially document what they are experiencing. No formal body has been empowered with the authority to act on their behalf. All current community and departmental bodies invested in this program at this time including social services groups and evaluation bodies, are politically allied or financially beholden to the current sitting LNP government and its demands. This includes most preferentially appointed and paid members of "Community Panels" and  "community reference groups". These appointed bodies do not represent the voices of compulsory trial participants themselves, or their families. The experiences of compulsory participants forced to live under the CDC policy have been reported to the Senate during several inquiries, however this testimony has been routinely ignored, belittled and then dismissed. The complaints made to the Senate, Indue Ltd and Department by trial participants themselves have been ridiculed by a number of LNP minsters in media and from the floor of Parliament. Their struggle and voices as a result, have gone largely unheard by the Australian people for the sake of political expediency and lack of 'profile'. The recorded and self reported impacts of this policy on the lives of forced trial participants are numerous, grave and life altering, they include suicide, attempted suicide, self injury, financial distress, homelessness, housing and food insecurity, missing money, defaults and systems failures and the cumulative impact of social, legal and financial segregation. These complaints must be heard. Government must be compelled to address them in a meaningful manner. There has been little to no political or corporate accountability over three years for CDC policy impacts and the welfare of forced trial participants themselves. In the absence of the capacity or desire of the Federal government to address these impacts and place the lives and well being of compulsory CDC trial participants as their number one priority under the Social Security (Admin) Act and within Cashless Debit Card evaluation frameworks,  we have created this petition to demand the Minister for Social Services does in fact,  PLACE PEOPLE FIRST. We request the Senate immediately seek to create a non partisan national CDC oversight committee, one empowered to receive and document for the official Senate and public record, all Cashless Debit Card related complaints by all and any  Cashless Debit Card program participant forced or voluntary,  in any trial location. Thank you for supporting us. The Say NO Seven Community. Visit our page to learn more about the CDC and it's impacts https://www.facebook.com/SAYNOSEVEN/Read more

a SAustralia
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Created Apr 3, 2019
Petition to United Nations, United Nations Security Council
                                             Protecting and Rebuilding Mosul النسخة العربية تلي النسخة الإنكليزية The population of Mosul cannot find peace and security with any of the institutions of the Iraqi State, and with their city lying in ruins they cannot find a place to shelter. The dominance, by the sectarian and tribal militias, of the political life in the city makes any revival role by the experts of the civil society impossible.  A chronic dilemma Security has been a serious issue in Mosul since 2003. First, because of the sectarian policies of the Iraqi security forces that humiliated the population and refused to listen to their peaceful demands, and enacted a policy of detentions without trial. Second, during the ISIS occupation (following the utter failure of the Iraqi government to defend the city), And finally during the battle to retake the city. A battle in which the Iraqi government ignored the advice and warnings of military experts and encircled ISIS inside the old city, used excessive force and random “dump” weapons to kill more than 40 thousand innocent civilians in the city. Iraqi government forces have been implicated by the United Nations and a multitude of human rights organisations in this crime that has resulted in the destruction of the city. The catastrophic price for the battle (in terms of lives and the destruction of the city’s infrastructure) can be appreciated when compared with the liberation of Tel Afar from which ISIS were allowed to withdraw and the town was peacefully re-taken sparing the city and its population.  Worse than square one The political result of this battle is that the city is once more in the hands of the sectarian militias that have now been incorporated within the apparatus of the State, levying taxes and conducting acts of kidnapping, extra judicial executions, and the confiscation/destruction of private property while wearing police and army uniforms. Government sponsored militias are actively changing the political map of the city to influence the results of any future elections, a behaviour not befitting a member state of the United Nations and is more reminiscent of the total chaos that follows the failure and collapse of the State, as was the case in Bosnia and Kosovo for example. Today, the children of Mosul have to prove their innocence from the accusation that they cooperated with ISIS that can be made by any militiaman, resulting in a swift death in front of the iphone cameras. The key question The destruction of Mosul has been estimated at anything between 70% and 100%; the coffers are empty and the government is corrupt. Who will rebuild Mosul and with what funds? The answers are becoming clearer to the people of Mosul. Catastrophic results The results of leaving the plight of Mosul unattended would be catastrophic for the city of Mosul and its population. These include: The ethnic cleansing on sectarian lines to change the demographics of the population. The destruction of the culture of religious and ethnic tolerance for which the city is renowned and which the region is in much need for. The removal of a major centre of civilization in the region, that has long acted as an intellectual safety valve. The creation of a drug economy based on the influence of powerful War Lords. The rise of a vice-based economy. Mysterious monies made available to buy land and real-estate in Mosul at tempting prices. The transformation of the character of city’s population from that of an ancient centre of civilization to one of refugee camp dwellers, and the creation of a new generation of millions of uneducated, helpless young people and extremists. The destruction of the cultural, artistic, intellectual and artisan folk heritage of Mosul society. Control of the Mosques in the city for aims that do not serve the city and its people. A failed government  Corruption These changes will not be reversible with time. This chronic political failure and the record levels of corruption in Iraq have transformed the institutions of the State (the constitution, Parliament, the judiciary and the security forces) into an ethnic/sectarian battleground. This has crippled the instruments of the State and made it impossible for the Government to be held accountable in the normal way.  Unable and unwilling government The situation is made worst by the inability or unwillingness of the Iraqi government to follow the norms that govern the relationship between a government and its population as defined by the United Nations. The situation also makes it near impossible for Mosul’s civic society to make any form of meaningful contribution toward finding a solution based on the experiences of other nations. A stark conundrum The destroyed city of Mosul (named Hiroshima’s twin) is facing a stark conundrum: No re-development without scrupulous, competent administration; no honest administration without security; and no security without the removal of State sponsored militias from the city. The cost of this conundrum is colossal. The way out Security is the key to the rehabilitation of Mosul. The population of the city cannot find peace and security with any of the institutions of the Iraqi State, and the only remaining viable option left in the face of the annihilation of the city is to seek international protection for the city. In light of these considerations, Mosul society represented by its professional sons and daughters calls the United Nations to declare Mosul a “Disaster City” and provide protection for its citizens to fulfil the following vital duties: Provide security and international supervision on the removal of militias from the city. Oversee the removal of corrupt, government appointed officials from city offices and institutions. Enable civic society to form a temporary, apolitical administration to run the city and prepare for future elections to determine the nature of city governess. Oversee the allocation of part of the national oil revenues (as an Oil for Redevelopment and Compensation Programme) to be deposited in a special fund together with any international donations. International supervision of the funding and execution of all redevelopment projects. This catastrophic state of affairs was predicted by the Mosul Foundation before the battle. The Foundation warned of the result of this battle and put forward a realistic road map to deal with the situation. Today, and after what we had predicted sadly became a reality, Mosul requires the support for this road map. We invite the sons and daughters of Mosul from all walks of life, professions and specializations to give support to this petition which will be submitted to the United Nations Security Council. This petition was initiated and supported by: Dr. Ihsan Altaie, Dr. Mahboub Chalabi, Khaldoon Aljalili, Issam Al-Chalabi, Harith Kutubi, Rabee Al-Hafidh, Fawwaz Yousif Tayib, Dr. Raed Aldobouni, Nabhan Al-Chalabi, Dr. Azhar Al-Obaidi, Dr. Yazan Al-Jalili, Dr. Hussain Mudhaffar Al-Rizzo, Peryhan Misconi, Ahmad Abdul Ghani Al-Yuzbagi, Usama Ghandi, Saad Yousuf Al-Saiegh, Najeeb Abdullah Al-Ramadhani, Nidham Haseeb Al-Talib, Abdul Moniem Al-Mallah, Hilal Adnan Al-Attar, Younis Jasim Mohammad Al-Obadi, Rayyan Abdul Muhsin Al-Jobouri, Faner Ali Altaie, Khalil Ibrahim Al-Obaidi, Waseem Abdul Ghani Al-Shareef, Omar Hamid Huweer, Wadah Khidher Al-Iraqi, Mudhar Moyssar Al-Obadi, Ashraf Hamid Al-Hiyali, Nabil Abdul-Razzaq Al-Dabbagh, Younis Abbas Al-Rajabou, Majed Hamid Mohammad Al-Husayni, Yahya Al-Abbasi, Hussain Ali Al-Douri,Riyadh Al-Barhawi, www.mosulfoundation.org                                                      حماية وإعادة بناء الموصل     لا يجد الإنسان الموصلي جهة في الدولة يلجأ إليها لتحقق له الأمن والسلامة، ولا يجد سقفاً بعد أن دمرت مدينته يحتمي به في قيظ الصيف وبرد الشتاء، ومع انتشار المليشيات الطائفية والعشائرية وتفشي الفساد تعجز كفاءات المجتمع الموصلي عن أخذ دورها في إنهاض المدينة وإعادة الحياة الطبيعية. أزمة مزمنة هذه المشكلة لحقت بأهل الموصل في جميع المراحل منذ 2003 أولاً: عندما انتهجت القوات الأمنية نهجاً طائفياً وأهانت الإنسان الموصلي واعتقلته خارج القضاء ورفضت مطالبه السلمية. وثانياً: في مرحلة داعش التي دلت التحقيقات على تسليم الحكومة للموصل لها. وثالثاً: في معركة استعادتها من داعش التي عقد الناس آمالهم عليها لكنها جاءت معركة تجاهلت فيها الحكومة نصائح وتحذيرات الخبراء العسكريين واستخدمت الأسلحة العشوائية والقوة المفرطة وأزهقت فيها أرواح ما يزيد على 40 ألف من المدنيين وأكدت الأمم المتحدة ومنظمات حقوق الإنسان تورط قوات الحكومة فيها بجرائم حرب وانتهت بتدمير الموصل تدميراً شاملاً. الثمن الكارثي للمعركة في الأرواح والبنية التحتية ظهر عند استعادة مدينة تلعفر التي سمحت الحكومة فيها لداعش بالخروج من المدينة فتمت من دون قتال ونجت المدينة وأهلها معاً. واقع أسوء من المربع الأول الحصيلة السياسية لهذه المعركة هي عودة الموصل إلى قبضة المليشيات التي كانت قبل سيطرة داعش والتي ألحقتها الحكومة بمؤسسات الدولة وترتدي لباس الشرطة والجيش وتقوم بأعمال الخطف والإعدامات ومصادرة المنازل وحرقها وفرض الضرائب كما تؤثر على الخريطة السياسية للمدينة وعلى الانتخابات القادمة التي ستحسم لونها السياسية في صورة أبعد ما تكون عن دولة عضو في الامم المتحدة والأقرب إلى الفوضى الشاملة كالتي حدثت في أماكن غابت فيها الدولة ككوسوفو والبوسنة. على أبناء الموصل إثبات البراءة من شبهة العلاقة مع داعش التي يمكن أن يوجهها إليهم أي فرد من المليشيات لينال الشاب قصاصه أمام جهاز الآي فون. السؤال الكبير الموصل اليوم مدينة مدمرة منكوبة بنسب تتراوح ما بين 70- 100%، خزينة الدولة فارغة والحكومة فاسدة لا مال في الداخل ولا منح من الخارج: من يعيد بناء الموصل وبأي مال؟ والإجابة بات يعرفها الموصليون. نتائج كارثية نتائج ترك الموصل في دمار شامل كارثية على المجتمع الموصلي وعلى المدينة كمركز حضاري، وفي مقدمتها: o   التطهير السكاني على أساس المذهب وتغيير الخريطة السكانية. o   القضاء على التعايش الديني والعرقي والمذهبي الذي يتميز به مجتمع الموصل والذي تحتاجه المنطقة. o   نشوء اقتصاد أمراء الحرب ومنه زراعة المخدرات مثلما هو حادث في المناطق الأخرى الواقعة تحت سيطرة المليشيات. o  نشوء اقتصاد الرذيلة. o  زوال المركز الحضائري الرئيسي في المنطقة الذي يمثل صمام الأمان للاعتدال الفكري. o  تحول سكان الموصل من شخصية حاضرة إلى شخصية مخيمات وإيجاد جيل مليوني من الأميين ومحطمي القدرات. o  تدمير الرصيد الحضاري والفلكلوري والفني والحرفي الذي يزخر به المجتمع الموصلي. o  الاستيلاء على المساجد وتحويلها لغايات دينية لا علاقة لها بمجتمع مجتمعها. o   ولادة جيل جديد من التطرف والإرهاب.  حكومة فاشلة فساد هذه النتائج ستكون غير قابلة للإصلاح مع الوقت والفشل السياسي المزمن ومستويات الفساد القياسية التي تنخر كل أجهزة الدولة وتحول المؤسسات الدستورية والبرلمان والقضاء والأمن إلى حلبة للنزاعات الطائفية والعرقية مما يصيب آلات الدولة بالفشل ويخرجها عن الخدمة ويضع الحكومة خارج نظام الرقابة الطبيعي عند الدول. حكومة عاجزة وفاقدة للجديّة ويفاقم من إشكالية ابتعاد سلوك الحكومة عن المعايير المتعارف عليها بين الحكومة والشعب ويعطل فرص المجتمع المدني في إيجاد حلول مستفادة من  تجارب المجتمعات العالمية. معادلة غير قابلة للحل الموصل التي أكسبها دمارها مسمى "توأم هيروشيما" تقف أمام متلازمة هي: لا إعادة بناء من دون إدارة نزيهة، لا إدارة نزيهة من دون أمن، لا أمن من دون خروج المليشيات من الموصل والثمن باهض. المخرج من الطريق المسدود تحقيق الأمن هو المدخل إلى عملية إعادة البناء والإنسان الموصلي لا يجد جهة في الدولة يلجأ إليها لتحقيقه ولا يجد أمام الفناء الذي يقترب منه من خيار لتحقيقه غير طلب الحماية الدولية لمدينته لينفتح الطريق أمام عملية إعادة البناء. على ضوء هذه المعطيات يتوجه المجتمع الموصلي ممثلاً بخبرائه ووجهائه إلى الأمم المتحدة بطلب إعلان الموصل مدينة منكوبة وتوفير الحماية لها لتحقيق المطالب التالية توفير الأمن والإشراف الدولي على خروج المليشيات من مدينة الموصل. o  الإشراف الدولي على إخلاء مؤسسات المدينة من الإدارات الفاسدة المرتبطة بالحكومة. o  تمكين المجتمع من تشكيل إدارة مؤقتة من خبرائه وكفاءاته من غير السياسيين تقوم بإدارة دوائر المدينة وتهيئ لانتخابات تحدد صيغة دائمة للإدارة المحلية. o  الإشراف على برنامج دولي يقتطع جزءاً من عوائد النفط وتخصيصها لبرنامج التعمير وتعويض المتضررين وتوضع ضمن صندوق خاص مع المنح الدولية المخصصة لهذا الغرض. o  الإشراف الدولي على تمويل وتنفيذ مشاريع إعادة البناء لكي لا تأخذ طريقها إلى الفساد.  هذه الصورة كانت قد استشرفتها "مؤسسة الموصل" قبل المعركة وحذرت من نتائجها ووضعت خارطة طريق للتعامل معها وحصلت على دعم عشرات الآلاف من أبناء وبنات الموصل    ندعو أبناء وبنات الموصل من كافة شرائح المجتمع ومن كافة التخصصات لدعم هذا الاستفتاء الموجه إلى مجلس الأمن التابع للأمم المتحدة   حظي هذا الاستطلاع بتأييد د. إحسان محمد الطائي، د. محبوب الجلبي، خلدون الجليلي، عصام الجلبي، ربيع فيصل الحافظ، حارث إسماعيل الكتبي، د. رائد هاشم الدبوني، نبهان الجلبي، د. أزهر العبيدي، د. يزن الجليلي، د. حسين  مظفر الرزو، بريهان مسكوني، فواز يوسف الطيب، أحمد عبد الغني اليوزبكي، أسامة غاندي، سعد يوسف الصائغ، نجيب عبد الله الرمضاني، نظام حسيب الطالب، عبد المنعم الملاح، هلال عدنان العطار، يونس جاسم محمد العبادي، ريان عبد المحسن الجبوري، فنر علي الطائي، خالد إبراهيم العبيدي، وسيم عبد الغني الشريف، عمر حامد هوير، وضاح خضر العراقي، مضر ميسر العبادي، أشرف حميد الحيالي، نبيل عبد الرزاق الدباغ، يونس عباس الرجبو، ماجد حميد محمد الحسيني، يحي العباسي، حسين علي الدوري، رياض البرهاوي www.mosulfoundation.org Facebook/MosulFoundation/Read more

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