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Petition to V. S. Sampath
the line, deserves the right to vote.  However nearly 14 lakh Armed Forces personnel, 9 lakh Paramilitary forces personnel and a large number of their families being excluded from India’s most personnel during the 2014 general elections.  The Election Commission must take necessary steps to ensure that armed forces personnel are accorded their right to vote in 2014 Lok Sabha elections.Read more

Rajeev ChandrasekharBangalore, KA, India
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Created January 13, 2014
Petition to Ram Nath Kovind
armed forces personnel living in various cantonments in India. With regard to the referred matter we. With your order you have taken away the right of the armed forces personnel to protect his own home.7 of armed forces personnel living within cantts while our men/women in the forces are gone for longRead more

Preeti BardiaNew Delhi, भारत
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Created May 28, 2018
Of late ECHS has introduced a rule that the parents of an ex- Service Personnel need to provide of a defense personnel should be eligible for at least ECHS and Canteen facilities, irrespective of contribution is much more significant then the Service Personnel itself (just think of the loss they have to face if a defense personnel dies serving the nation --which is a very normal thing in today'sRead more

Cdr Ajay Anandaभारत
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Created February 2, 2023
Petition to U​.​S. House of Representatives, U​.​S. Senate, President of the United States
Nearly 900,000 Marine Corps and Navy Veterans were poisoned while stationed at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in North Carolina. Thousands of the veterans that served during 1953-1987 are deceased due to the nature of the contamination at Camp Lejeune. The toxins were knowingly dumped in the water that we drank, bathed in and cooked with, without us knowing it was happening.  We the Veterans of the United States Marine Corps and Navy are concerned about delayed access to health-care and disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Health issues are not being addressed by ASTDR and the VA. As of now there are only 15 diseases that are recognized due to the water toxins, and of those only 8 are recognized for healthcare and disability benefits.  We believe that if we had a health registry like, blue water, burn pits, agent orange, and the 2011 earthquake of Japan it would show there are more diseases that are linked to the water contamination. Then maybe ASTDR, the VA and the CDC would further investigate and study our related health issues, so the thousands of Marines and Navy Veterans that are being denied their claims can get approved. The United States Marine Corps and Navy Veterans served their country with honor and dignity and now we are asking for all our representatives to help us get this Medical Health Registry approved                                                                       Respectfully,                                      Mr & Mrs Brian Amburgey &  Mr & Mrs Daniel Bailey                 Read more

Brian AmburgeyUnited States
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Created February 29, 2020
Petition to Government
.  Reduce retirement age and increase pay for ambulance personnel. Please sign and support your local ambulance personnel. Petition will be submitted to government.Read more

Concerned CitizenIreland
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Created September 12, 2018
Petition to Danielle McCann
vous-même réitérez que la santé et la sécurité du personnel professionnel et technique sont une prime de risque soit appliquée à tout le personnel salarié;  l’accès aux équipements de protection. _______________________________________________________-- For genuine recognition of health and social services personnel Madam Minister, From the outset of Dr. Arruda reiterates that the health and safety of professional and technical personnel is a about which personnel is at risk. It will make the most of the complacency of your managers and theRead more

vicki MILOTLachine, Canada
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Created April 9, 2020
Petition to Gavin, Gavin Williamson - Secretary of State for Defence of the United Kingdom
The plight of so many ex-service personnel living on the streets of the UK who once defended ourRead more

Kim MarplesUnited Kingdom
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Created December 26, 2018
Petition to New York State House
Please sign in support in making ALL Emergency Medical Service essential personnel. EmergencyRead more

Brian FlemingSomers, NY, United States
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Created March 21, 2020
Petition to Change​.​org, Asheville Police Department
After seeing on twitter how Asheville police are destroying water and medical supplies, action should be made and consequences to the policemen who have done this destruction. These supplies should be returned in good condition to this organized station/medic team.  https://twitter.com/angelamwilhelm/status/1267975369522585600?s=21 https://twitter.com/daveth89/status/1267974555332685824?s=21Read more

Sarah VargheseCalifornia, United States
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Created June 3, 2020
Petition to FedEx
During the current COVID-19 pandemic situation FedEx Express corporate employees and FedEx Ground contractors are continuing to provide essential deliveries to people and businesses across the United States (and around the globe). These even include COVID-19 tests, protection equipment and treatment supplies. Direct contact with people is a necessary part of the Purple Promise to quickly and efficiently move packages containing medications and other goods to the people who need them in this time of uncertainty. Given the hidden nature of the highly contagious viral infection for up to 2 weeks, continued service puts not just individual drivers at risk, but their coworkers in stations, and the millions of customers to whom they deliver excellent service to every day. It's not hard to project how a single infection within the larger network could spread across the country, like an anxiously anticipated parcel, literally overnight. If the situation continues to worsen, as possible predictions project, keeping couriers and workers suspected of coming in contact with the infection at home may become necessary to prevent further spread to mitigate potential network disruption. We are already seeing broad swaths of our working economy quarantined, severely restricting economic down-flow into our local economies. Offering hazard pay to the folks who work to keep our own towns viable only makes sense for FedEx, not only because these people and businesses patronize FedEx, but because taking care of the FedEx family in uncertain times should be priority #1.  Thank you reading, signing, and sharing. Take care of yourselves. ❤️*I do not represent FedEx Corporation or its views.*Read more

Michael PekrulLewiston, ME, United States
29,592 supporters
Created March 22, 2020
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