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Petition to Ajuntament de Das, Consell Comarcal de Cerdanya
Das, i al Consell Comarcal de Cerdanya, declarin, persona non grata, al "veí" empadronat a Das Comarcal de Cerdanya eska diezagukete, deklaratu, persona non grata, Das, Cerdanya, Pablo Llarena Conde al Ayuntamiento de Das y al Consell Comarcal de Cerdanya, declaren, persona non grata, al "vecino and the world, we ask the City of Das and the Consell Comarcal de Cerdanya, declare, persona non et au Consell Comarcal de Cerdanya, déclarer, persona non grata, le "voisin" enregistré à DasRead more

Francesc Mas SariolaDas, España
68,493 supporters
Created March 24, 2018
Petition to City Council of Baguio
By ignoring protocols and initiatives of the City of Baguio, one of the cities in the country that serves as a model in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 thanks to the discipline and genuine concern of its citizens and the city's current leadership, San Juan City Mayor Zamora, arrogantly and selfishly, spat in the face of every Baguio citizen who's sacrificed so much to keep the city safer. Read more

Karlo Marko AltomonteBaguio City, Philippines
17,457 supporters
Created June 6, 2020
Petition to SEGA, ATLUS CO., LTD., Aniplex of America Inc., CloverWorks Inc., A-1 Pictures Inc., Anime International Company, Inc.
Dear Atlus and SEGA please make Persona 3 Portable The Animation with Female Protagonist.  Persona 3 got Anime Movie Adaptation, Persona 4  and Persona 5 got an Anime Adaptation especially with 3 Main Protagonist (Makoto Yuki, Yu Narukami, and Ren Amamiya) All the Persona Fans want FemaleRead more

Ayinde FrancisHouston, TX, United States
2,012 supporters
Created January 3, 2020
Petition to Atlus, Playstation Brasil
the long-awaited "Persona 5 Royal" having a text location facing Brazil would be wonderful. As we all localizado para Português Brasileiro. Estamos felizes e ansiosos para jogar o aguardado "Persona 5 RoyalRead more

James XavierSão Paulo, Brasil
10,784 supporters
Created February 6, 2020
Petition to Atlus, Deep Silver, Sega
Tensei и Persona,мы просим компанию Atlus сделать PC порт Persona 5 и Русскую локализацию.Так как не Soviet Union many PC user and JRPG fans and in particular the series Megami Tensei and Persona, we ask) for Russian fans make Persona 5 with support for Russian language.PS Final Fantasy XV, Tales of company to think about: *You have released Persona 1 on PCs in japan in 1999. *you have released a PC or 98 I believe. *you have released persona Q and persona 4 arena on both a nintendo handheld and aRead more

Fans Shin Megami Tensei Personaкунашир, Россия
4,342 supporters
Created September 27, 2016
Este hombre es abiertamente defensor del régimen tirano de la Habana y se burla del exilio histórico promoviendo con desprecio al régimen de los castros ..engaña y patrocina un régimen terrorista y asesino ..donde lo que promueve es que este régimen siga condenando a jóvenes y artistas solo por pensar diferente ..usa jóvenes norteamericanos para adoctrinarlos y a la vez regar las ideas comunistas en Estados Unidos ..el FBI debe tomar cartas en este asunto y la ciudad de miami debe acogerse a las leyes de la florida STOP COMUNIST INFLUENCE  This man is openly a defender of the tyrannical regime of Havana and makes fun of the historical exile by contemptuously promoting the Castro regime ... he deceives and sponsors a terrorist and murderous regime ... where what he promotes is that this regime continues condemning young people and artists just for thinking differently...it uses young North Americans to indoctrinate them and at the same time spread communist ideas in the United States...the FBI must take action on this matter and the city of miami must abide by the laws of Florida STOP COMUNIST INFLUENCE Read more

Javier BlancasEstados Unidos
23,482 supporters
Created August 13, 2022
Petition to Philippine Government
Exploiting Indigenous Filipino culture and art for money. He clearly violated the IPRA Law (Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997) Republic Act No. 8371, which is a Philippine law that recognizes and promotes the rights of indigenous cultural communities and indigenous peoples in the Philippines.Read more

Pinoy AkoPhilippines
20,699 supporters
Created August 5, 2021
Petition to Happee Sy, PULP Live World, Manila Concert Scene, Philippine Concerts, All Access Production PH, S.M. Entertainment
Goal: Bring Taeyeon 'Persona' concert to MANILA! Taeyeon PH fans, collective action can help us achieve our goal -- that is, to bring Taeyeon 'Persona' concert to Manila. We have never experienced a of her stops. Please support this petition and help us bring Taeyeon 'Persona' concert to Manila! Thank you very much PH SONEs! #TAEYEONPersonaMNLRead more

Kim EnriquezQuezon City, Philippines
577 supporters
Created April 21, 2017
Petition to service@atlus.com
The Shin Megami series has been overlooked because of this demonic trash called Persona. The demon (persona) has created one of the most toxic fanbases ever known to man who worship the evil gods of YHVH?  My solution to the problem at hand. Is to end where it all started. Cancel Persona 5 andRead more

Kazuma KanekoTokyo, Japonya
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Created October 12, 2015
Petition to Atlus USA
https://personacentral.com/persona-q2-new-cinema-labyrinth-to-release-in-north-america-and-europe-on-june-4-2019/ My fellow persona fans-I come before you today with a pressing matter. Atlus USA is bringing Persona Q2 to the usa in June 2019-Which is a good thing, BUT A MAJOR BAD THING! Not major remember long ago when they english dub Persona Q when it came out and we heard our favorite persona CAN hear our fav characters speak to us like they did in persona Q! WHo is with me!? :DRead more

Megan RyanMilwaukee, WI, United States
1,389 supporters
Created January 31, 2019
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