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permits for overnight parking on the streets will help with the parking crisis here in our communityRead more

Chase WheelerUnited States
217 supporters
Created Oct 7, 2022
Petition to stephen timms mp, Sir Robin Wales, newhamlabour@gmail.com
permits have now been enforced. roads are now permit holders only or pay and display. even when you month if we want visitor permits & and the increase payment of £100 after 1 car This needs sortingRead more

Lisa wellingtonUnited Kingdom
2,661 supporters
Created Mar 29, 2017
Petition to Frank Jackson
on hold for lack of event permits, and face further losses. While Mayor Jackson proposes restructuring the event permit division, no permits are being issued. This means event planners can’t plan Mayor Jackson to take action to immediately begin issuing event permits for LOCAL BUSINESSES who areRead more

Shannon OkeyUnited States
938 supporters
Created Apr 27, 2021
Petition to Marco Mendicino, Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Due to COVID-19, a lot of Canadians and foreign workers have been laid off. Foreign workers such as caregivers, farmers, and truckers are essential and provide significant contribution to Canadian households. As some foreign workers have to gain Canadian experience for a certain time period in order to apply for their permanent residency, the lockdown and layoffs would negatively impact them.  It is uncertain when the lockdown will be lifted and workers will be able to re-gain their job positions. Therefore, we request IRCC to grant an automatic extension of two years for the work permit holders (and prospective post-graduate work permit holders), in order to give foreign workers a fair chance to gain experience. Initiated by Settle Immigration Services~Read more

Prateek Babbar, RCICCanada
10,050 supporters
Created Mar 31, 2020
Petition to Gov. Charlie Baker
Gov. Baker, we know you are busy with more important issues right now. Please appoint someone to get the drivers permit exam online. There will be years of backlog for young people who will not be able to take their drivers ed or road tests. If they have their permit, they can at least be on the road with a parent developing their skills. An online exam is not difficult to achieve. If integrity is the concern, the applicant can take their exam in their phone while being observed by an RMV employee over zoom. They can be supervised by a parent while taking the exam.  This is an easy fix, and a logical one. Thank you for your consideration Read more

Brenda WelchUnited States
59 supporters
Created May 21, 2020
Petition to Minister for Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Canadian High Commissioner to India, Annie Dubé
have been imposed by IRCC for procuring study permits. They have deposited fees in thousands of dollarsRead more

Prithvi RajHyderabad, India
25,440 supporters
Created Jun 13, 2020
Petition to City Of Treasure Island
and should not lead to having permits since this is an unorganized group that varies from week to circle with new limits such as permits. We hope to keep the circle open with reasonable guidelines Treasure Island Drum circle going un until sunset without permits  please sign the petition! ALSO augRead more

DJ PALUMBOLargo/Clearwater, FL, United States
1,305 supporters
Created Jun 28, 2012
Petition to Ayşegül Baybars
Kıbrıs Türkiye şartlarına göre gerek kira gerekse gıda ve ulaşım giderleri bakımından oldukça pahalı bizler bu konularda birhayli zorlanıyorken son iki yıldır KKTC nin üniversite öğrencilerini kapsayan her yıl yenilenmesini istedikleri MUHACERET (oturma müsadesi) ni zorunlu tutarak istemeleri bir kişinin giderleri'de yaklaşık 554 tl olan bu işlem hem ekonomik bakımdan hemde üniversite öğrencisi olmaları bakımından bizleri çok üzmekte,KKTC de yaklaşık olarak Türkiye'den 80.000 Öğrenci olduğunu düşündüğünüzde ve KKTC ekonomisine T.C den giden öğrencilerin katkısının KKTC için ne kadar önemli olduğu ortadayken bu konunun öğrencilerimizi de kapsamısının hiçte doğru ve adil bir uygulama olmadığı ortadadır.Muhaceret için gerekli olan sağlık kontrolerini destekliyoruz fakat öğrencilerden bunun için ücret alınmamasını istiyoruz. /According to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' (TRNC's) current conditions, things are quite expensive already, the food and transportation expenses, on top of that the last two years TRNC's university students need to pay an immigration fee to reside in the country. Students are told that it's mandatory and that they have to renew it every year. The total cost is about 554 TL and could reach a value of up to 700 TL if it's done by first year students. Such costs for any students and/or their families are way too expensive, and it is extremely upsetting. TRNC is known to home 80,000 students alone just from Turkey and while the TRNC is and should be aware of how important students from Turkey and also students from many other countries as well, the act of collecting fees from students is absolutely unfair and should not be continued. We do support the necessary health checks for Immigration but we are asking for that the students should not to be charged for this.Read more

Gizem özenUsak, Türkiye
24,065 supporters
Created Jan 3, 2020
Petition to Amit Shah
the elderly during the ongoing lockdown. There is a need for government permits to be issued for the asking the Home Minister to issue government permits to caregivers and helpers of persons withRead more

Virali ModiMumbai, India
25,522 supporters
Created Mar 30, 2020
/ SOBER HOME ·         No Permits were filed, they have a “Cease and Desist order” from the town and, and poss. attic into rooms for these men. ·         Soon the owner will be going for permits.   We can’t let these permits pass.Read more

R DeluciaMoriches, United States
2,406 supporters
Created Sep 2, 2022
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