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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives
. Delayed treatment. Cancelled surgeries. The challenges for cancer patients to get the lifesaving care by cancer at this critical time?  Cancer patients and survivors need your members of Congress to support the inclusion of these provisions in the upcoming package: An opportunity for cancer patients to affordable health care during this critical time. Make it more affordable for cancer patients to facility for an infusion if their doctor approves the change. Ensure lower-income cancer patients andRead more

Brian Rubenstein, ACS CANUnited States
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Created Apr 13, 2020
Petition to Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP
for most types of cancer. As a result, patients in need are completely on their own and somehow haveRead more

Oktay Hân AslantasUnited Kingdom
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Created Nov 6, 2016
Petition to The Joint Commission
cost to patients’ safety. Healthcare workers need adequate time and resources to safely care for their patients.  For every additional patient a nurse cares for, a patient’s risk of dying increases and peer-reviewed research on the impact of staffing ratios on workers and patients for ALLRead more

Abigail DonleyNew York, NY, United States
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Created Jan 25, 2022
Petition to Rt Hon Steve Barclay MP, Rt Hon Boris Johnson
standard treatments for most cancer patients, and they can cause either temporary or lifelong side, potential life saving treatments could be delayed.  Whilst undergoing treatment many cancer patients to introduce free dental care for cancer patients. Many cancer patients suffer a significant financial burdens can be devastating.  Prescriptions charges are free for cancer patients, and I think to make dental care free for cancer patients for a period of 5 years from diagnosis (renewable ifRead more

Michele SolakManchester, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jan 6, 2020
Petition to Annastacia Palaszczuk, Annastacia Palaszczuk
My pop has stage 4 brain cancer and was operated on in Sydney last week to have the tumours removed. He now has to face chemoradiotherapy in Queensland but is not being exempted from hotel quarantine. He will have to go through his treatment while living in a small room with just a bed and no balcony for 2 weeks. We are pushing for him to be allowed to quarantine in the comfort of his own home.  Not only does the hotel quarantine impose unnecessary costs on top of the costs he has already endured, but it will play a huge effect on his mental health and potentially effect his further treatment.  Please sign this petition in support for my Pop to home quarantine!! My family is desperate for something to be done to help him.  We love him so much and want his treatment to go as well as possible to give us more time with him.  Thank you so much for your time. Read more

Jessica RalphAustralia
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Created Oct 6, 2020
Petition to NCH Board of Trustees
patients. This was in part achieved by ramping up ancillary staff to work with the NCH hospitalists on-employed primary care teams, concierge doctors and hospitalists from admitting patients to the “pilot patients.  We must work together to stop this misguided policy from moving forward.Read more

Patients RightsUnited States
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Created Dec 1, 2018
Petition to David Burt, Kim Wilson, Jennifer Attride-Stirling, Craig Cannonier
stakeholders are against it because of the likely negative impact on patients quality of care. Sign thisRead more

Patients FirstBermuda
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Created Nov 6, 2019
Petition to Ian Lavery MP, The Secretary of State for Health, Dave.Evans
give dementia parity with other conditions. Dementia patients should have daily access to generalRead more

maggie thomasAshington, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 27, 2017
Petition to Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP
under the NHS, but this list is antiquated and outdated.  Transplant patients have a right to life patients who have had to have life saving surgery through no fault of their own, and need dailyRead more

John MonaghanDerby, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 17, 2016
Petition to U.S. House of Representatives
California, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) still uses your tax dollars to arrest patients medical marijuana patients in states where it’s legal. The House approved a similar measure on May help protect patients with serious diseases like cancer, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple Senator to support the Paul/Booker Medical Marijuana Amendment so that patients like me can live without fear of being arrested.  Read more

Jacqueline Pattersonbolinas, CA, United States
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Created Jun 19, 2014
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