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Petition to Indian Olympic Association, Government of India, All India Football Federation
know, how seriously took this matter and asked IOA to let Indian football team participate in Asian beneficial to all players.    We request all concerned parties to look into this and let Indian Athletes participate in the Mega event.  Read more

Indian Football FanIndia
43,188 supporters
Created June 30, 2018
Petition to Mississippi State Senate, Mississippi State House
As we all know, the cruel and disgusting acts brought upon Buddy the Labrador retriever in April 2021 in Tate County outraged not only the community, but everyone from around the world who heard this story. If you don’t know what happened to Buddy, a kid under the age of 12 tied an electrical cord around his neck and set him on fire. Animal cruelty laws in Mississippi are not strict enough! Animals cannot speak or ask for our help, they depend on people like me and you to speak up for them! Because the juvenile that did this to buddy was under the age of 12, no criminal charges will be brought against him. Without proper consequences, people do not learn their lessons and will continue to harm animals. I'm asking for change in this state. Please change the laws! We need more strict and harsh consequences/punishments for minors and adults who commit these heinous crimes! Age should not matter when you purposely hurt an innocent animal. Animals like Buddy need our help! I'm asking for a law named "Buddy's Law" in his honor. Read more

Christina SinquefieldSenatobia, MS, United States
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Created May 7, 2021
Petition to We don't want China prevent Taiwan from taking part in WHO affairs 支持台灣,讓台灣參與世衛組織事務吧!
If we don't do this,it's so pity and dangerous that Taiwan as a Asian country,but we can't help the world too much.If the condition of virus in Taiwan is too serious as China,it's not the condition we want to see!So help Taiwan,help the world. 中國大陸不斷阻撓與打壓台灣參與國際事務,但這次武漢肺炎如此嚴重,中方卻故技重施,讓台灣連如此重要的國際醫療衛生議題事件的加入與參與都打壓,期盼這次能達到連署門檻,不讓政治干預與操作成為遺憾,畢竟台灣的醫療發達,尤其過去在抗SARS時,經歷過的強大防疫過程與經驗,可以為全球貢獻無數心力,也希望全球給我們一個機會!Read more

Mac SotoTaipei, Taiwan
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Created January 28, 2020
Petition to Wichita East High School
Wichita School District to establish a policy for awarding varsity letters to students who participateRead more

Libby HastingsWichita, KS, United States
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Created March 26, 2015
Petition to East Hampton Highschool
      While most of Suffolk county will be competing in a wrestling season this year, East Hampton has opted out due to covid concerns. Us as players are taking the proper precautions and know the risks of competing in sports such as wrestling. Many of us are seniors, and we’ve gone long enough with no sports and demand east hampton change their decision regarding wrestling. We will be wearing masks while practicing and will be taking covid tests weekly, along with multiple more measures to stay safe, such as not switching partners while practicing.       By not allowing us to compete in wrestling, it is incredibly unfair to the student athletes here at East Hampton Highschool, most of us have not played sports since last winter. It is seriously affecting the mental and physical health of our students, along with the overall spirit of the school. Please let us play.Read more

Kevin BunceEast Hampton, NY, United States
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Created January 28, 2021
Petition to James Moloi, Ron Ridgeon
order to be permitted to participate as women in World Athletics championships.  Now is the time to act denied the opportunity to participate. We call upon all progressive people and women's rightsRead more

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Created July 12, 2023
Petition to Lee county School Board
Due too the pandemic this school year is effected heavily. While being understanding with the changes, sports and activities are something we all were hoping for some normalcy. It’s my senior year and I’m a cheerleader. Currently we’re allowed to cheer three home games and no away games. How is that fair? Underclassmen on the football team are allowed two tickets for an away game and a senior cheerleader or band member can’t go at all. We all understand that it’s no ones fault but wouldn’t it make sense too push back fall sports so everyone has an equal opportunity? We could possibly have no senior night, no homecoming, no prom, we basically have nothing. Please help your seniors, fair is fair. The way our district is handling things is unacceptable. Us kids just want the slightest bit of normalcy, that’s all we ask. Thank you.Read more

Hayley GonzalezFort Myers, FL, United States
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Created September 9, 2020
Petition to ITV
Love Island's apparent millionaire viscount-in-waiting Ollie Williams is a bloodthirsty trophy hunter who pictured himself proudly posing with dead animals. Unfortunately, I had the displeasure of knowing Oliver Williams in my younger years and can attest to his absolute lack of care for animal life. He is a bully.  Ollie Williams has travelled to several foreign destinations to take part in hunts — even shooting endangered animals. The 23-year-old has proudly had his photo taken standing over dead warthog and water buffalo among other animals to promote his hunting business, Cornish Sporting Agency. The shocking photos were posted on an Instagram account that was deleted before it was announced Ollie would be in the new winter series of Love Island in South Africa. The agency's website was taken 'offline' in November 2018 but, according to Companies House records, Oliver Sebastian James Williams is still the company's active director. You can also make a complaint to Ofcom by following this link: https://ofcomforms.secure.force.com/formentry/SitesFormCSLEStandardsComplaints Dear ITV and executive producer of Love Island, Richard Cowles, Ollie Williams has actively taken part in, promoted and facilitated hunting of endangered animals. To deny this would be cowardly and naive. It does not make sense morally, economically, biologically, or from a conservation-incentive point of view to hunt for preservation and conservation. It is a philosophy that has no place in modern conservation. Trophy hunting, the stalking and killing of wild animals with guns or bows and arrows with the purpose of obtaining part of the animal as a trophy to represent the success of the hunt, is a sport which no longer has a place in our society. This multi-million pound international industry is utterly unjustifiable from an animal welfare point of view but also for conservation reasons as it is pushing some of the world's most threatened species toward extinction.  Ollie Williams should not be allowed to compete on the South African Love Island series considering the time he has spent there murdering animals for fun.  Read more

Caitlin Wyn PhillipsEdinburgh, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created January 11, 2020
Petition to Bulgarian National Television
-bulgaria.com/petition-we-want-bulgaria-to-participate-in-esc-2019/ #TheyWillNeverBreakUsDownRead more

Eurovision BulgariaSofia, Bulgaria
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Created October 14, 2018
Petition to Colleen Moyle, Mr. Weber, Kimberly Huaranga, Ms. Cofffey, Mr. Ianneillo
Cheerleaders should be allowed to attend all games.  Our division athletic directors decided to enforce not allowing our cheerleaders to attend away games.  All other athletes are allowed to attend their entire fall season.  The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) considers Sideline Cheer a lower risk SPORT as noted on page 9 of the recently published "Guidance for Opening Up High School Athletics and Activities".  There can be a maximum amount of up to 500 spectators that can attend high school football games.  According to the NHFS Guidelines, page 9, athletes (Tier 1 - Essential) take precedence over spectators (Tier 3 - Non-Essential).  Cheerleaders are athletes and should be considered before the hundreds of spectators.  Like all other Fall Athletes, our cheerleaders have attended and practiced all summer, cut vacations short, and altered work schedules in order to prepare for ALL of the games.  The decision to exclude the cheer athletes clearly establishes a discriminatory practice against one group of athletes which is predominantly female.  Please support the cheerleaders by signing this petition.  Thank you.Read more

Susan ZisaUnited States
7,611 supporters
Created September 17, 2020
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