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Petition to UK Parliament
Pony painting parties are a disturbing trend popping up all over the UK. Imagine being tied up painting parties banned. How would you feel about strangers smearing paint on your pet? Is this somethingRead more

Concerned CitizenManchester, ENG, United Kingdom
346,182 supporters
Created Aug 6, 2018
On January 20, 2023, an historic painting at Kings Point with religious symbolism was covered with a curtain as it was deemed offensive to a small group of individuals who complained. The painting depicts sailors lost at sea as well as an image of Jesus. The decision to cover the painting was made first days of the Academy. It is an historic painting that has conveyed hope and inspiration to nearly every class of midshipmen to come through the Academy. The painting is part of the legacy of theRead more

Peter LynchUnited States
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Created Jan 24, 2023
Petition to UK Parliament
Anyone else think spending £900,000 to repaint a plane used by politicians red, white and blue is a waste of money at the moment?  Think of what almost a million quid could do elsewhere instead of this completely arbitrary, entirely pointless vanity paint job.  I can't quite believe I'm having to even create this petition, but the short sightedness of our "leaders" and how out of touch they are with the general public appears to know no bounds. £900,000. Madness.  The petition form is telling me I should write more content but to be be honest I'm stumped. So please sign this, make a noise that this isn't ok and hopefully we can rein in the people that seem so intent on proving how out of touch they are. Read more

John PawsonUnited Kingdom
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Created Jun 17, 2020
Petition to Central Government, Prime Minister, bjp, Congress, aap, Jaipur Government, PETA
I went to Jaipur a while back and saw tourists painting on elephants. They were using water colours and PETA. Let them know that seeing elephants paint or painting on them is not fun. It's downrightRead more

anonymous 19Jaipur, India
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Created Jan 20, 2022
Petition to Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms
In the wake of the Ahmuad Arbery, George Floyd, Sandra Bland, Freddy Grey, Breonna Taylor and a host of many other lives that have been tragically taken away. I believe in this climate and in this city that evokes Black Excellence, Black Entertainment, some of the most historic HBCU's it should be an honor to have a painted street sign to be in solidarity with the other cities that have also painted their streets with the " BLACK LIVES MATTER" statement. I also request to light up the Airport Canopy with the same “ BLACK LIVES MATTER” Please allow the following location suggestions . Governor Kemps Home Lenox Road & PeachtreeRead more

Lomax TheBrandAtlanta, GA, United States
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Created Jun 10, 2020
We are petitioning for the right to paint our senior parking spots. We belive that this is a privilege that has been implemented in many other school except for ours. Read more

Riley’s VlogsUnited States
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Created Apr 5, 2023
Petition to Catholic University administration
://www.dailysignal.com/2021/11/22/george-floyd-jesus-painting-catholic-university-of-america-washington-dc/amp/Read more

Catrióna FeeArlington, VA, United States
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Created Nov 23, 2021
Petition to Seneca’s School Board
Student council during the summer wanted to paint a inspirational message in one of Seneca’s stairwells. It was approved by the principal. Then a few students came into the school during the summer and started to work. After they were about halfway done with the project the superintendent told the principal to tell the students to stop because they were ruining the sterile environment. Mind you this is not the first time that something had been painted in the school. If you have had the pleasure of walking through the hallways then you would know that multiple poles are painted and one door is painted. The process to paint over it has begun please sign this petition and help us to get this decision changed! To further support this cause there will be a School board meeting on Monday the 17th in the elementary schools’ auditorium at 7:00 P.M.Read more

Seneca StudentErie, PA, United States
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Created Sep 9, 2018
many of you may know her as “Pocahontas”, in this painting she is being baptized. This painting Million Indigenous Americans. The painting of “Pocahontas being baptized” that hangs on the walls of the call for the removal of this painting from the capital building as mass genocide, slavery, and romanticized! We demand that our voices finally be heard after hundreds of years of being silenced! REMOVE THE PAINTING OF “Pocahontas being baptized”!Read more

Clare SamChesterton, IN, United States
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Created Dec 2, 2022
Petition to Ellenville Village Board
here. I truly believe that seeing this painting will show them we fully support them through theirRead more

Emma AugustineWawarsing, NY, United States
181 supporters
Created Jun 26, 2020
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