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Petition to (c) Krafton, En Masse, Bluehole Studios
Se a pedido miles de veces que optimicen el Juego TERA pero nunca hemos tenido ni una respuesta.Se cumplen o no los requisitos mínimos o recomendados del juego y sigue sin funcionar bien. Esta solicitud es para cambiar ese tan grandioso juego que no podemos jugar a esos fps jugosos que tanto queremos.EnglishThousands of times have been asked to optimize the TERA Game but we have never had an answer. The minimum or recommended requirements of the game are met or not and it still does not work well. This request is to change that great game that we can not play those juicy fps we love so much.Read more

Emanuel HOLasalta, Argentina
834 supporters
Created Jul 18, 2019
Petition to MadByte Games, Zula
Hello everyone. Zula is an MMOFPS game developed since 2012. However, because of the use of a 1-core CPU and low CPU / GPU, it can cause FPS Problem even in highly equipped systems. Let's collect one vote to solve this and try to get MadByte Games to do something about it. Thanks.Read more

Hizer Zulaİsveç
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Created Dec 4, 2019
Petition to FromSoftware, SONY
Bloodborne game needs an optimization update. The game runs at 20-25 FPS, not 30 FPS.Read more

a aBursa, Türkiye
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Created Dec 6, 2020
Petition to Cosmetic companies, Food Companies, Industries in general
Plastic and packaging in general is what mainly fills our landfills and this does not only affect us, but also who doesn't produce the above-mentioned waste. Often, food industry and, recently more than before, cosmetic industry, use packaging made with different materials (e.g: glass, plastic and metal in devices, as cosmetic mini-pumps that can't be easily divided and recycled) and the shapes of jars and containers are not optimized to scrape all of the product out of them. I would like to bring this subject up because I realize of how much waste we are producing on a daily basis, mostly in places where waste differentiation isn't common or compulsory. I would like to ask companies to start minimizing containers, optimizing them to use up as much of the inside product as possible are important steps towards a better environment and a better life for us and for people who live where our waste (which we don't really see after we dispose of them) accumulate.I would also like the companies to be clearer about how to dispose of them, outlining it on the product information. Thank you for your attention, I would like everyone to work towards a better environment for everyone in the World and I hope you want to contribute :)Read more

Cecilia LicataItaly
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Created Nov 12, 2016
Petition to Niantic, The Pokemon Company, nintendo, Game Freak
Pokemon Go not compatible with Android 4.0+ We are asking to developers of the game a version of the game compatible with smartphones that use Android 4.0+ (MTC 970H, Lenovo A369i etc)Read more

Максим ЖигулевскийПермь, Россия
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Created Jul 11, 2016
    Project ASAP - Prevention and Mitigation Capabilities from the Classroom to the School Board and every Bus in between!  This is fully applicable to Churches, Banks, Hospitals, Event Venues (Stadiums, Concerts, Outdoor Festivals), Corporate Offices and any other location needing Active Shooter Prevention Capabilities.  How to PREVENT an Active Shooter in 3 Key Steps!  3 Steps to Prevent Active Shootings: https://youtu.be/uWQ8jJ9m5D   (Effectively FREE for every school through grassroots fundraising with the PTA/ PTO, access numerous Grants, and 501c3 Tax Deductible Donations for Individuals and Businesses) Today, Active Shooters are a threat that surfaces in all of our minds. Instead of talking about it, we are here to do something that is efficient and effective at Preventing / Mitigating Active Shooter Events. We believe that we can all agree that we would like an Active Shooting Prevented or handled As Soon As Possible. This is why we have created Project ASAP - Active Shooter Advanced Prevention.  1. SPOG - Single Pane of Glass Command and Control (Everyone on the same page at the same time.)   2. AWR - Automatic Weapon Recognition (Weapon Detection at 1st Sight, not 1st Shot.)       3. Gunshot Triangulation (Pinpointing Origin of Gunshots)       +Various Levels of Bulletproofing throughout the School/ Entrances × EVERY Classroom!        We feel Parents, Teachers, School Administration, First Responders (Police, EMTs etc.), and Concerned Citizens should ALL band behind our mission. We have multiple ways to help get this lifesaving Active Shooter Prevention Kit funded in every school in the United States. We just need YOUR help. Please sign this petition showing interest in Project ASAP being in Schools + Institutions across the United States and share with everyone you can to let our voices be heard. Our team will lead the way and represent the voices in this petition. Our team is composed of mainly veterans and we will not stop on our pursuit to protect these kids!  Project ASAP - Active Shooter Advanced Prevention is designed to prevent Active Shootings with a combination of proven early warning systems for SROs + First Responders + School Admim × Activation of Lockdown Protocol × Force Multiplied with layers of Technologies × Techniques × Teams to eliminate the threat & prevent loss of life  As Soon As Possible.  Our methodology of: Sense - Make Sense - ACT is based on advanced real-time decision making capabilities by our most elite military personnel. It allows us to Detect the Threat × Intercept the Threat × Control / Eliminate the Threat in order to maximize protection of our Children & Communities! The best part is….. Project ASAP does not pose a militaristic front that has psychological impact on the children / individuals. Instead, our systems are effectively, affordably, & efficiently operating in the background: 24/7 - 365 Searching For & Eliminating EVIL!    Although Active Shootings are our main priority, the emergency capabilities do not stop there. Project ASAP's technology packages have the ability to detect abandoned bags (Potential Bombs), crowding with increased audible levels (Potential Fight), screaming + erratic behavior (Active Fight) + MORE! These capabilities help your local First Responders every single day, even outside of the School System. This makes the technology more familiar and most effective during the chaos. The last thing you want to do is try to operate different or new applications during the middle of Mass Casualty / Chaotic Events.  This allows you to Train - Rehearse - Operate with the same TECH to be substantially more effective during a chaotic emergency!          Our Foundational Kit for Project ASAP is a combination of BlueforceCOMMAND - Single Pane of Glass - SPOG Software (meaning SROs, First Responders, and School Staff / Administration are ALL on the same page at the EXACT same time) + ZeroEyes Weapon Recognition running over your existing cameras (capable of detecting a weapon at first sight, instead of first shot for lifesaving early warnings) + EAGL Technologies Gunshot Triangulation sensors (capable of Pinpointing Origin of Shots) that are Mountable Indoor & Outdoor for Sporting Venues / Parking Lots, Wearable for key personnel, and Mobile Mounted for Buses / Transits. In addition, ALL of our technologies hold the highest level Public Safety Certifications for the Department of Homeland Security. https://www.blueforcedev.com https://zeroeyes.com https://www.eagltechnology.com In addition we use a "single cell" approach to safety in each individual classroom for the teachers to take control based on Project ASAPs Advanced Early Warning Systems- (SafeWood Designs)  https://youtu.be/iI5QJGEEpOU https://www.safewooddesigns.com/ We are here to protect our children and educational leaders that help shape the next generation of Americans. We are honored to lead this mission for your families. Together, we will accomplish anything.  7 Steps to Prevent the NEXT Active Shooter:  https://youtu.be/4Xngq-dYzAA     Project ASAP:  https://youtu.be/WKJVEeXUBsg     WCYB 5 Interview:  https://youtu.be/xlIhb1oAnAc  Read more

Jordon KestnerVirginia, United States
174 supporters
Created Sep 29, 2022
Petition to Koggames
NA server of elsword needs graphic optimizations, the game don't drain the needed resourses for an optimal performance. Ex: CPU at 60% of use, while there are 15fps. Elsword must work properly in almost any pc without any problem, since it dont have any heavy 3d graphics.Even with a better computer we are having troubles in the newest dungeons(Like 13-4 and 15-4).So we need a general improvement for characters, dungeons, HUD, and so on. Only when koggames optimizes elsword, we can play it without fps drops.We just want to play it comfortably. Thanks for the attention, sing please.Atte: Elsword players.Read more

esper eshiBuenos Aires, España
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Created Mar 10, 2021
Petition to Microsoft, Microsoft Game Studios, PLAYGROUND GAMES, Phil Spencer
Greetings! We are ordinary players who have chosen Xbox Series S as our main console, faced a number of problems when playing Forza Horizon 5.Firstly, this is a weak resolution in the performance mode, which is equal to 1080p.Secondly, very low quality graphics in this modeThirdly , when switching to this mode of operation, the game world is literally drawn in front of the car60fps is very important for racing, so please pay attention to this petition and take appropriate action!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Привет! Мы обычные игроки, выбравшие Xbox Series S в качестве основной консоли, столкнулись с рядом проблем при игре в Forza Horizon 5.Во-первых, это слабое разрешение в режиме производительности, равное 1080p.Во-вторых, очень некачественная графика в этом режимеВ-третьих, при переходе в этот режим работы игровой мир буквально рисуется перед машиной60 кадров в секунду очень важны для гонок, поэтому обратите внимание на эту петицию и примите соответствующие меры!  Read more

Корнат ПавелDnepropetrovsk, Украина
1,755 supporters
Created Nov 8, 2021
Nigeria is hughly populated country in West Africa with over 250 million people. The country have 3 major tribes which are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. Nigeria is faced with an unprecedented wave of different but overlapping security crises from kidnapping to extremist insurgencies almost every corner of the country has been hit by violence and crime.The scale of the insecurity threatens the very fabric of Nigerian society. Nigerian Security System has failed due to the increase in the number of attacks, yet we have the expected numbers of the Security Agencies but non contribute toward maintaining peace in the country sustainably. The recent government of President Muhammad Buhari have spend alot of money on those agencies, yet the masses have not seen the impact of crime reduction across the country. Nigeria is producing billionaires (former staff of Security Agencies, such as IGP, DCM, Generals etc.). The country security system is lossing its values, integrity, trusts etc.  In every single attack, human lives are lost or injured and properties are damaged directly or indirectly. Some of this issues are triggered by; BOKO HARAM, CLASHES BETWEEN HERDERS AND FARMERS, BANDITRY AND KIDNAPPING, OIL BUNKERYING, RELIGIOUS CLASHES, TRIBAL CLASHES, SECRET SOCIETIES etc. Read more

Nuraini UsmanNigeria
19 supporters
Created Jul 27, 2022
Petition to every filipino, Philippine Government, Students, Millenials, Everyone, National Water Resources Board, Department of Health, Commission on Higher Education, NWRB , DOH
of government institutions, promotion of deep well projects, optimization of sunlight availabilityRead more

Mikaela Louise PatolotPhilippines
20,471 supporters
Created Aug 26, 2020
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