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Petition to U.S. Senate
constitutional rights since "Stop & Frisk", reverse-sting/stash-house operations follow a scriptRead more

Alida EgipciacoJackson Heights, NY, United States
8,905 supporters
Created July 18, 2014
Petition to Zomato, swiggy , foodpanda , Uber Eats, Faasos , Domino's India, InnerChef , Fresh Menu
services, urging them to reduce the amount of plastic and all unnecessary packaging in their operationsRead more

Shriya RIthaca, NY, United States
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Created July 7, 2018
Petition to Bodaboda Safety association of Kenya, Ministry of Transportation, National Police service, National Transport and Safety Authority
On 4th March 2022, a lady driving along Forest was involved in a Traffic Accident with a Bodaboda ( motorcycle). In no time her motor vehicle was surrounded by other Bodaboda riders. The lady was attacked physically, her dress was stripped off her, she was sexually assaulted as she screamed in sheer terror in futility. This is just one of the many incidents that have faced numerous motorists who have been in the same situation leaving them traumatized with little to no recourse. Bodaboda riders have recently been linked to a wave of criminal activity in Kenya ranging from Robbery with violence to Sexual assaults. This is why we are calling on the concerned institutions and government agencies to look into: Requirements for a licensed boda boda rider 1. Licensing of boda boda should be implemented immediately, renewable yearly upon vetting.. 2. A license should be strictly issued to 18 years and above. 3. They must submit a current good conduct certificate 4. They must have undergone the road safety training and first aid training 5. They must be a Member of a Registered Association 6. The license must be revoked indefinitely upon involvement in any criminal activities. 7. Create an app for rogue boda boda riders accessible to the public 8. They must have a tag indicating their full name and license number. The change will; 1. Create safety to the vulnerable in the society. 2. Make it easy to trace rogue riders. 3. Equip them with skills to ride safely on the roads. 4. Help them maintain and follow due process on matters accident 5. An app listing rogue riders will help the boda boda transport apps to select and sign in their riders. 6. Each transport app with boda boda riders will be required to take their riders through reporting procedures and Rule of Law.Read more

jacqueline omolKenya
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Created March 7, 2022
Petition to Martin Andanar, Rodrigo Duterte, Grace Poe Llamanzares, Aquilino Pimentel III, Cynthia Villar, Paolo Benigno Aquino IV, Francis Pangilinan
Communications Operations Office. She is also the blogger of Mocha Uson Blog. She is repeatedlyRead more

Concerned CitizenQuezon City, Philippines
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Created September 21, 2017
Petition to University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer, University of Chicago Board of Trustees, University of Chicago Executive Vice President David Fithian
On March 7th, 2018, the University of Chicago announced the intention to “cease operations” at a properly planned and executed transition of operations would be an enormous injustice to the ownership has not been transferred by October 1st, the University does plan to end operations as we know them today, and focus their efforts on transitioning the property. The transition of operations to take over operations of Yerkes. The additional time allows for the upholding and preservation of theRead more

Chris MathewsWhitewater, WI, United States
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Created March 21, 2018
Petition to The Government of Kenya
been on the verge of suspending its operations. This has caused inconveniences to commuters, loss of government of Kenya to unsuspend SWVL and table down issues that has made them suspend its operations. IfRead more

Lazarus MamaiNairobi, Kenya
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Created November 19, 2019
Petition to Fianance Ministry Sri Lanka
Sir, Madam We write on behalf of the Professionals & Businessmen of Sri Lanka.  We are not defrauding taxes. We are trying to save Taxes to get the bare basics for our families  1. We buy Generators/Inverter/UPS/solar systems because the Govt. has failed to provide a reliable power supply.  2. We install our own clean water systems because the Govt. has failed to provide safe drinking Water.  3. We hire security guards and use CCTV because the Govt. has failed to ensure our safety (The politicians and their hangers on travel wirh armed escorts with our money)  4. We send our children to Private Schools because the Govt has failed to provide good schools (The school fees of the politicians' and officials' children are sponsored by obliging businessmen)  5. We go to private hospitals because the Govt. has failed to provide decent medical care. (The President's fund pays the full bill for Govt Ministers and their cronies to go to Singapore for treatment )  6. We buy and maintain cars because the Govt. has failed to provide decent public transportation.  Finally... What does the Tax Payer get in return on retirement, when he needs it most to survive ? Nothing! Not even social security. His own EPF and ETF too is embezzled by the Govt.  Throughout his lifetime, his earnings are used by the Government to give subsidies to the masses for buying votes.  What else does the govt do with our tax money?  -Set up courts which give judgements as asked by the Govt.  -Operate police stations which work mainly for politicians  -Operate hospitals which fail to treat the needy  -Build roads and infrastructure to steal our money ( 40-100%).  And the list is endless...  If the SL Government too provided the above as done by the governments of civilized countries, why would anyone avoid or evade paying taxes?  We all know that the entire tax revenue is misappropriated by officials and Politicians ( ref: billions of dollars are lying in foreign banks).  A Business works at a margin of between 2% to 10%, whereas the government takes 30% of its income to cover its wasteful expenditure. Is it at all fair?  Sirs, That's why Sri Lankans do not want to pay Taxes.  We save our tax money for our necessities, for our old age, for our safety and security. This phenomenon indicates the failure of the Government in discharging its own functions fairly and efficiently.  The Government alone is responsible for this. Read more

SEO OperationsColombo, Sri Lanka
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Created January 3, 2023
Petition to Government of the Northwest Territories
The NWT SPCA is the only animal welfare organization in the Northwest Territories dedicated to all 33, mostly isolated  communities. This is a land area of 1,144,000 km2 . Our shelter is located in Yellowknife. Our group is volunteer based, striving to protect and improve the quality of life for all domestic animals in the Northwest Territories. We are a non-profit organization run on public donations and fundraising without the help of any Government core-funding.  Each year we see over 800 animals, mostly dogs, come through our doors. Most are sent in by community governments and Bands that ask for and depend on our help.  Some communities in the NWT have chosen to stop shooting dogs and will send them into our shelter. Though this a major positive change it is also a giant financial strain on the shelter. We employ up to 15 staff to look after the animals medical and basic needs. All animals are in need of vaccines, spay and neuter, daily care and rehabilitation. Some cases are more severe and need emergency surgeries and medication. The struggle to operate the organization is immense and would be improved significantly if dedicated funding was provided by the GNWT. With little or no vet care available, most communities are over-run with unwanted dogs and lack the resources to do much. This in turn leads to safety issues, much suffering by the animals and emotional harm to the residents of the communities. Focusing on the health and wellbeing of the Territories domestic animals, the NWT SPCA runs lifesaving in-Community Spay/Neuter and Animal Wellness Clinics for companion animals throughout the entire Territory. Education initiatives and pet food drives, adoptions and dog transfers are just a few programs in place to reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals roaming the communities. These programs are improving the welfare of our Northern pets and the community they live in. All of this is provided by us from funds we raise. The NWT SPCA believes in taking a positive and collaborative approach to saving lives and helping the north understand and appreciate the value of northern companion animals in today's society. With tenacity, integrity and willingness to take on the many challenges, together with our volunteers, staff, and on-the-ground network of partners in each community, we will make a positive long lasting impact. The generosity of our supporters is amazing but limited. This important and humane work with the NWT communities will not be possible without ongoing financial help from Government.  Read more

Nicole SpencerYellowknife, Canada
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Created February 19, 2019
Petition to Sri. Basavaraj Bommai, Dr. C. S. Ashwathnarayan, Dr​.​E.V. Ramana Reddy, Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Mr. Salil Parekh, Dr. N. Shivashankara
disappointment of the people, the campus lies empty and operations are yet to start.  The Phase-1 of the SEZ, expected to employ around 1500 employees was ready for initiating operations by Jan. 2018. The sector.  Even after 4.5 years, operations have not started in this campus, which is probably the only, as a cause for the delay in commencing operations in its Hubballi campus.  While the company was Beyond Bengaluru as intended by the GoK. Therefore, starting operations in Infosys Hubli is key toRead more

Start Infosys HubliHubli, India
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Created July 2, 2022
Petition to City of Long Beach NY
This petition is in response to the City of Long Beach’s decision to decree the temporary closure of the Long Beach Martin Luther King Center. As stated in the City’s official notification, the Long Beach MLK Center has provided an invaluable service to the community, serving those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the Grab and Go program meets the needs of those who are most vulnerable during this troubled time: seniors, young women and children. The MLK Inc. Board was not informed of the action to close the Center, The City failed to provide timely documentation regarding the action or the reason for the action. The Board has not received any complaints or violations regarding the fire alarm system in recent months. To leave a minority neighborhood without resources during a national pandemic is unconscionable.  On behalf of the Long Beach community, we demand that the City of Long Beach and the City Council take the necessary actions to satisfy the Nassau County Fire Marshall code and expedite the restoration of the Long Beach MLK Center.Read more

Anissa MooreLong Beach, NY, United States
3,902 supporters
Created May 7, 2020
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