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Petition to Dan Schulman
place for tips verses payments for services and goods. The consequences include the loss of tip or even lose their career or business due to this. I am part of a rapidly growing industry of online music, entertaining through comedy or podcasts, playing video games and more. A multitude of people daily entertainment. Those of us who choose this career of online broadcasting and entertaining do so companies and also by tips given to us by generous people who want to support the broadcaster/entertainerRead more

Mike TVSBOHKingston, Canada
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Created May 9, 2016
Petition to KPM , Dr Maszlee Malik
that schools are empowered to execute. Books, campaigns, videos, games etc. Connect SCHOOLS & creative school campaigns to cultivate health education among students and schools. ONLINE OBESITY SUPPORT CHANNELS: To allow parents, students and teachers access to FREE online support channels to get advice on nutrition, weight management and other FAQ. WEB PORTAL - VIDEOS, TIPS, DATABASE: Calorie Database, eBooks, Books, Video tips, Sport Leagues, school directory, volunteer directoriesRead more

Kevin ZahriKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Created January 28, 2019
Petition to Donald J. Trump, J​.​B. Pritzker, Google, Inc, Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, ACLU, Nami
disposable income, only those who can work from home, only those who do not depend on tips, only. This is not the Hunger Games or The Purge, but the moral clause of those fictional dramatizations is, film, television, and online industries to raise awareness of resources and best practices, to leadRead more

Katie LouisaChicago, IL, United States
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Created March 14, 2020
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