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Petition to Decano derecho, centro estudiantes
Ante la discrecionalidad de los profesores para dictar las clases vía on Line.  ( skype ,moodle. GoRead more

felipe AvilaArgentina
59,102 supporters
Created April 5, 2020
until May 13, 2022. As our future is on the line, we can not afford to just focus on mere academics in various precincts that the Commission on Election has failed to address and monitor.  A number maintaining and protecting our country’s democracy. In line with this, we strongly urge the UPRead more

Rise For Education AlliancePhilippines
37,984 supporters
Created May 9, 2022
Petition to Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg, Anne Ruston
(formerly Newstart) has on young families. Due to the impact of coronavirus, the JobSeeker rate has doubled - but it is set to go back below the poverty line when the pandemic is over. That’s why I am calling on the government to leave JobSeeker where it is and #KeepTheRate. When it became apparent line. As we slowly, cautiously find a pathway out of this pandemic, we have a chance to fix theRead more

Linda HannahAustralia
128,566 supporters
Created July 24, 2019
Petition to The New Zealand House of Representatives;
unethical and unnecessary, and want to: STOP THE SALE OF PUPPIES IN PET STORES AND THROUGH ON-LINE through pet stores and some on-line trading sites come from commercially driven or back yard breeders underage and underprepared puppies being sold to pet shops and on sold to families. These puppies health and welfare records and a manual on the procedures in place for each animals care, accommodation petition Stop buying from pet stores that sell puppies Only buy from reputable breeders and insist onRead more

Isabelle MaloretRaumati Beach, New Zealand
36,002 supporters
Created May 13, 2013
Petition to Madame Élisabeth Borne
destroy the hut. On April 3. 2018 the mayor’s petition was dismissed. The latter appealed against theRead more

Line RUELLEFrance
171,341 supporters
Created March 9, 2018
Petition to Australian Government, Human Rights Campaign
consequences. That’s why I’m calling for a Triple-0 mental health line. We're calling on the Australian government to implement the fourth line to “000”, so when a person on the other end of the line escalates the situation, the opposite of what that person needs.  Accessing support relies on a responders to people in suicidal or mental health crises. A triple-0 mental health line would utilise number that every person already knows and has immediate access to. Add your voice to the “000” mental health emergency line.Read more

Heidi EverettAustralia
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Created July 1, 2020
Petition to Simon Palmer
rumoured to be stopping soon. Stena Line have introduced Pet Friendly Cabins on their Harwich safety of a cabin. We ask Stena Line to provide Pet Friendly cabins or Pet Friendly Areas on all vesselsCurrently on Stena Line’s Irish Sea routes pets must travel either locked in a car or in a kennel located on the Car Deck. This can cause unnecessary stress and discomfort for the animals. Smaller! We don’t even mind paying a premium or surcharge for the privilege, meaning more income for Stena Line and less stress for us (and our dogs!)Read more

Daniel Davison-WardBelfast, NIR, United Kingdom
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Created July 25, 2022
Petition to Donald J. Trump
United States; Whereas linemen put their lives on the line every day with little recognition from the is on an easy day! On a storm it gets even worse through sleep deprivation, lack of food and water and horrible weather. I am starting this petition to have those in the Line Industry to be legally after post on social media sites complaining. Complaining we all have come to get used to, it's— (1) recognizes the efforts of linemen in keeping the power on and protecting public safety; and (2Read more

Tina JonesKenbridge, VA, United States
77,776 supporters
Created September 12, 2017
Petition to Theresa May MP, http://www.theipsa.org.uk/ , Jeremy Corbyn MP
why is it Public sector pay has been frozen for years and yet the MP's have had pay rises as high as 12%. This petition is for them to have their pay increases frozen at 1%. Why should they not endure the hardship that we, the people who put them in government have to suffer.Read more

Sean BurridgeWaterlooville, ENG, United Kingdom
53,493 supporters
Created June 28, 2017
Petition to Anthony Albanese, Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese
There are hundreds of thousands of aged pensioners who barely survive each week on our meager pension which is below the poverty line. many of us eat only one meal a day, we turn of the hot water forRead more

Lex de GrauwPerth, Australia
173,442 supporters
Created September 13, 2016
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