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Petition to Congressman Nawaf Amerin
The issue of my campaign is the lack of SHS strands that the school offer. Only STEM, GAS, ABM, and HUMSS are the strands they offer but other students wants home economics strand, information and communication technology strand, agri-fishery arts strand, industrial arts strand, sports track, and arts and design. Some students are forced to pick another strand because they only offer four strands and some are forced to transfer to another school. For this campaign is for all of the students that are studying in our school but wants to choose between the 6 other strand/track that the school does not offer. With this campaign I will be making blogs about the students that are forced to choose between the four strands. By showing the life of the forced students the school will be warned to add all the other strands tracks they don't offer. It is like the students are being chained to the four strands and don't have any choice but to choose between those strands. If this campaign that I will be doing will going to be successful students will no longer going to be forced to choose between the four strands. Parents of the students also will no longer need to transfer their children. Choosing the right track/strand will help other student with heir college life.Read more

John Vincent MabantaSaudi Arabia
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Created November 5, 2018
Petition to Theresa May MP
have been offered such an honour, but to bestow a Knighthood on Nick Clegg is an insult to universityRead more

Simon NicklinKent, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created December 26, 2017
Petition to Jeremy Hunt
offered to people aged 55 or over, as this is when you're more likely to get bowel cancer.  WhyRead more

Hugh HainesSomerset, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created February 27, 2018
Petition to UK Parliament
got offered cuddle comfort. Its beyond words as parents to find out we did have the right to ask forRead more

Sophie DennisNewcastle, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created December 2, 2017
Petition to Council of the European Union, European Commission, European Parliament
considering the terms of any deal offered to the UK populace. We appeal to you thus: We the 48% plus who did were only joining a free trade zone It is our conviction that any deal offered by the EU may well decision to leave. To that end, we request formally and sincerely that any deal offered by the EURead more

Matt HodgsonBanbury, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created February 11, 2017
Petition to South Carolina State Senate
Currently, the United States has the highest prison population than any other country. South Carolina currently has twenty four prisons through out the state. According to SCDC Profile as of June 30, 2014 there were over  20,000 inmates and over 10.000 of those inmates are sentenced under the Truth In sentencing Law.  Twenty years later there has not been any retroactive relief given to those who were sentenced and under the Truth In Sentence Law or any given to those who were sentenced under the determinate or indeterminate laws. There are inmates who has served more than twenty years and are still being denied parole for the same reason each time a parole hearing is given.  South Carolina  Parole Board requires an inmate to have a minimum of four votes  be considered for release. In most instances inmates are being denied for "nature of offense" for crimes that were committed greater than twenty years ago . South Carolina Department of Corrections requires that all inmates work within the institutions. Those inmates who work within these institutions  are not receiving pay and are not given any work credits that will help the inmate earn time reduction. The Institutions are receiving free labor from the inmates without giving them any incentives for the work they are doing.    In conclusion, the solutions that we pose are to reduce the mandatory minimum from 85% to 65 % retroactive including those with violent offensives, offering  parole eligibility for all offenders and those who are sentenced under the "old laws" consider previous votes towards current eligibility year and reestablishing both good behavior and work credits for all. Creating such solutions will allow the inmates the opportunity to work towards their freedom, independence and coming back into society as productive citizens. All institutions where inmates are required to work should offer trades or job training that will help the inmates earn pay while incarcerated or skills that will help them become employable after being released. There are men and women who daily strive towards making better choices than the one that lead to prison. Lets help them by establishing options that will help them come back into society as productive citizens.      Read more

HEARTS FOR INMATES Founded by Erica FielderUnited States
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Created May 17, 2015
Petition to Judge Kenneth R. Garrett III, Prosecuting Attorney, Jean Peters Baker, Prosecuting Attorney K Blackwell
It has been brought to our attention that the Prosecuting Attorney is offering Emily Hammerly a plea deal for her heinous crime she committed, versus labeling her a felon for child endangerment and lack of reporting. Emily owned a childcare center in Lee's Summit, Missouri (Little Learner at 800 SE Church St) where it was reported to her that her son, Joseph Hammerly, was sexually abusing children in his care. Instead of Emily reporting this crime, she spoke with her son and allowed him to return to work at the childcare so he would appear innocent. This put additional children in danger, while Emily was protecting her son and assets. The abuse committed impacted at least THREE little girls who were allegedly sexually abused inside of Emily's center while she failed to report the crime AND put more children in danger. Emily deserves MORE than a misdemeanor for her actions. She deserves to be labeled a "FELON" the rest of her life. The poor children are now "VICTIMS" because of her lack of protecting them. In addition, Emily currently plans for her sister, Angie Watkins (owner of Summit Children Center in Lee's Summit) to open a new childcare center inside the same building as Little Learner. This is WRONG. Emily should never be allowed to own property that functions as a childcare center. This trauma will last the families/children a LIFETIME and Emily will only have the same consequence she would get for speeding! This must be STOPPED!! The plea bargain is going in front of a judge MONDAY MORNING 6/28/21. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE to show your support for Emily being a FELON.Read more

Protect Our ChildrenMissouri, United States
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Created June 26, 2021
Petition to Ajit Pai
Do phone companies charge more for calling certain family members? Does Netflix charge extra to watch certain shows? Should you be paying more money to gain access to certain websites? No. Net Neutrality is the principle that all Internet Service Providers (ISP) should treat all data on the internet fairly and equally. There are certain ISP's who wish to treat the internet as a premium service, where they will block, throttle, or even charge for access to certain domains. They want to force their customers to pay more in order to escape the "slow lane." This is not how the internet should be treated. When paying for access to the internet, you should receive universal and equal access to all websites at the speed you choose to pay for. The FCC has already begun taking steps to scale back the protection net neutrality offers. Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter have all expressed support for the current regulations to remain in place. Signing this petition will help build the momentum behind this movement and pressure the FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, to save net neutrality! Success will lead to an open and free internet for everyone. Failure will lead to an internet full of restrictions, inefficiency, and fees for everyone. We rely on the internet more and more each day. This is especially true for me. Personally, I use the internet to connect with others, get the daily news, research, and much more. Also, as a college student, a majority of my work is organized and done online, so I'm constantly accessing the internet. If I suddenly wasn't able to connect to the websites I rely on daily, life and school would immediately become much more difficult. So please, take the time to sign this petition and support a free and open internet for everyone!Read more

Nick O'BrienIrving, TX, United States
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Created November 6, 2017
Petition to NATO, Council of the European Union, President of the United States, United Nations
Ukraine should be immediately offered admission to NATO and EU!   I’m not a politician, just aRead more

Slava BrdCambridge, MA, United States
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Created February 26, 2022
Petition to Telecommunication organisations
operators rushed to cut tariffs as Jio offered free services for the first six months, and then offered cut-rate data services. It also offered voice calls for free. The price wars left operators possible but the quality of service offered by Jio is also not better than the existing players in the the speed and quality of services offered are same. I request the citizens of india to sign thisRead more

Akash SinghPune, India
906 supporters
Created April 25, 2018
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