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Petition to Prime Minister, Animal welfware charities, Local Authorities
Too many animals suffer, whether it's horses on a field, cats on the street, animals in shelters who can't have the comfort of an individual, or animals at home who find it deeply distressing. Fireworks have been in the hands of young, irresponsible people who have fired them at people and children on the streets and been cruel to innocent animals. They go on for weeks now and often until the early hours. It's too late this year but this can happen for next year if we sign. I want fireworks to be silent like a lot of other countries now  I want them to be only used at organised venues  I don't want them being sold online so the wrong people can easily get them If someone wants to do a personal display then they need a license and to follow rules and regulations and it take seriously if these are broken.  It's a lot to ask, but I think anyone who's an animal lover or cares about people, after seeing what the wrong people do with these fireworks and the damage they cause to our beautiful animals, will find it easy to sign. It's been going on for too long now and we need change like other countries! Read more

Jacqueline BellCroydon, ENG, United Kingdom
135,485 supporters
Created November 2, 2021
Petition to Prodigy Zendesk
we should be allowed to catch awesome pets in prodigy math gameRead more

id rather not say same??????????, United States
75 supporters
Created May 8, 2020
Petition to A Bizarre Community, TheGuestToBlame
Re-add R/SPOH into the game as obtainable stands. Removing them was the biggest mistake ever made worked on for some god damn reason, adding this back as an obtainable stand could restore our economy back to what it SHOULD be,"Read more

Professor EgeusEdmonton, Canada
16 supporters
Created July 15, 2020
Petition to Rare Studios
As the departure of Arena is upon us, we thank Rare for this wonderful journey they have bestowed upon us. From the beautiful world of Sea of thieves, to the memorable adventures, lore and unforgettable characters. On January 27th of 2022, Rare has officially announced the closure of Arena, where PVP (player vs player) was Pirates would come together to climb the ladders and achieve the highest title of the Legendary Sea Dog (amid other rewards). Out of a maximum reputation of level 50 before the aforementioned, those who achieved the level 5 and beyond, will get the colors of the Arena ship set, and for those who've reached the level of 50, shall receive the mythical Good boy ship set, a piece gaming history that is loved by the whole SoT community will forever be locked. I take this opportunity as a member of the community (and a Pirate), to implore you, Rare, to take this into consideration, and please make it achievable before it's end of life on the 10th of March. -It's about the GloryRead more

Omair Al FalasiDubai, United Arab Emirates
56 supporters
Created February 10, 2022
Petition to Amazon
a popular suicide forum, billed as quick and painless, and easily obtainable through Amazon members to purchase this dangerous ingredient since it is easily obtainable and anonymous online. IfRead more

Brian HallPortsmouth, RI, United States
50,887 supporters
Created October 14, 2021
4 months. Four months I've been trying to tell Hi-Rez that a lot of people need The Trickster Loki skin. It was available through the mobile Smite spinoff - Smite Blitz. Now you can't download that game, but if you do find a file with it the servers are down anyways. So there is no way to get the skin. However, lots of people want it (just search “The trickster Loki skin” and select reddit only, so much posts and discussions). Devs only gave us unclear answers, like it may become available. But nothing followed. This is not right. So, the purpose of this petition is just to show Hi-Rez how much people want it. Please, if you do want the skin - vote for it. I don't have anything left, my last chance - this petition. Writing to them on twitter doesn't do anything, sending support tickets too. It's our last chance. We can change this - just with a click. Maybe, the numbers on this petition will convince them?Read more

Amur AmurovichOhio, Соединенные Штаты Америки
9 supporters
Created February 18, 2022
Petition to Change.org, Twitter, Inc, Twitter
female’s on how they should look body wise, V.S should pay attention to natural and obtainable body types instead of just one specific shapeRead more

Tashonna BenjaminUnited States
47 supporters
Created December 3, 2017
Petition to Canadian Healthcare Providers
For many women, IUD's are a very achievable and successful form of birth control!  They can be used for almost everyone, even those who cannot have the extra hormones that generally come hand in hand with taking a form of contraceptive such as the pill, injections or implants, to name a few.  Though there are many benefits to this form of contraception, it does not come without one major downfall...the pain.   If you ask any woman who has had an IUD inserted she is likely to say it was one of the most painful experiences of her life.  In other countries the use of general anesthetic or stronger medications are frequently used during these procedures as it is known among many healthcare professionals to be an extremely painful experience and would be unethical to perform without some kind of medical intervention.  In Canada, most women are not even informed to take a dose of Advil before their appointment.  In Canada there certainly are the means to make these invasive procedures more comfortable for those who undergo them.  For many cosmetic surgeries that are completely elective, the means of pain control and complete pain avoidance are well known and extensive, but for something that can so easily help better a woman's health or even be her last option to a form of contraceptive more needs to be done and can be done to ensure a higher level of comfortability.   Read more

Holland VanderscheldeLondon, Canada
66 supporters
Created October 28, 2021
Petition to www​.​apha​.​gov​.​uk , www​.​gov​.​uk/gld
not obtainable To Ms MacDonald’s legal team nor permission for a private post mortem to be granted transparent and obtainable. Geronimo was today, a victim of Government bureaucracy. We may not haveRead more

Angie ParryBorehamwood, ENG, United Kingdom
6,427 supporters
Created August 31, 2021
Petition to Netmarble Company, Netmarble Games
jean gray only obtainable with other 5 characters in t2, that was acceptable, then we get an update ofRead more

Alberto MonroyMéxico
9,434 supporters
Created November 28, 2017
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