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Petition to ExxonMobil, United steel workers, USW13-243
families, and the local community. Union representatives tried to negotiate a one-year extension to demanding Exxon Mobil negotiate fairly with the USW local 13-243 elected committee.  We only want aRead more

Jace RetherfordLumberton, TX, United States
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Created Jun 11, 2021
Petition to Richard Davis
everything. Please sign this petition to demand Richard Davis, CEO of U.S. Bank, negotiate with Monique to find a way to stay in her home.Read more

Nick EspinosaMinneapolis, MN, United States
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Created Nov 7, 2011
Petition to Professor Edward Byrne, King's College London Management
We, the undersigned, are students from King's College London standing in solidarity with the striking academics on our campuses. We believe that academics are justified in striking over the £200,000 in lifetime pension cuts they will be facing on average as a result of unnecessary “reforms”  by Universities UK. These strikes are collectively the fault of all Vice-Chancellors and Principals who have opted for a “fight to the death” over pension cuts. We refuse to be victims of this unjustified and unnecessary action by university management, and we are holding you to account. To us, it is clear that it is in the interest of universities, as well as staff and students, to avert a strike. We also believe that no student should face financial pressure to cross a picket line, or to pay for an education that we do not receive or cannot receive in good conscience. UCU Secretary-General Sally Hunt has stated that she is willing to reopen negotiations or talk through conciliation service Acas, but the employers of Universities UK are not. It is clear that if Universities UK reopens negotiations with the UCU and retains a decent defined benefit scheme, this strike and the disruption that results from it can be averted. As students standing in solidarity with striking academics, we urge our principal Professor Edward Byrne AC to do two things: 1.Publicly call for UUK to reopen negotiations on the strike, with the aim of retaining a decent defined benefit scheme and preventing the strikes from becoming necessary. 2.If the strikes do go ahead, issue a full tuition refund to all students for each day that academics are on strike. Your sincerely, The undersigned  Read more

Yuting PanUnited Kingdom
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Created Feb 8, 2018
Petition to Donald Trump, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate
and Congress that Medicare should negotiate lower drug prices for patients and taxpayers. SincerelyRead more

Cody SibuloLa Crescenta, CA, United States
8,780 supporters
Created Apr 7, 2017
Petition to Mal. Adamu Adamu, Prof. Emmanuel Osodoke
the minister of education Mal. Adamu Adamu to negotiate the demands of striking lecturers that haveRead more

7,777 supporters
Created Mar 1, 2022
Petition to St. Mary Providence
CNA ST. MARY RNs:  CHANGE IN ATTENDANCE POLICY PETITION To Senior Leadership at Providence & St. Mary: We, the undersigned Registered Nurses, sign this petition to oppose the proposed attendance policy, set to be implemented on November 1st, 2021.  This change represents a unilateral change in our working conditions; we oppose it because it is punitive, egregious, and will exacerbate existing staffing shortage at St. Mary Medical Center. A change in our working conditions needs to be negotiated with the nurses per our Collective Bargaining Agreement. We believe that our patients deserve top-quality patient care. Our hospital’s recruitment and retention issues must be resolved collaboratively with nurses in order to do so. We demand that St. Mary leadership honor our union contract by negotiating a reasonable attendance policy that preserves our dignity and recognizes our hard work.  Read more

Kenia RiveraCalifornia, United States
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Created Oct 27, 2021
Petition to Theresa May MP, Justin Trudeau
Negotiation of a Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the United Kingdom Petition to UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Whereas: The United Kingdom has been a valuable ally and partner to Canada in various multilateral organizations – including the Commonwealth and NATO;   Both Canada and the United Kingdom share common legal and political traditions that uphold individual human rights and participatory democracy;   Canada is currently in the latter stages of concluding the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) which will create free trade conditions with the European Union;   According to Statistics Canada, in 2015, more than 40 percent of Canada’s exports to the European Union are destined specifically for the United Kingdom; and   Britain’s decision to leave the European Union will significantly reduce the potential market for Canadian goods and services under the CETA; and,   The United Kingdom recognizes the value of the Canada-UK relationship and has indicated its willingness to enter into negotiations. We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada and the United Kingdom, request (or call upon) the Government of Canada and the Government of the United Kingdom to begin the process of negotiating a successor Canada-UK Free Trade Agreement that will extend the terms and conditions of the CETA to the United Kingdom once it is no longer a party to that agreement.  Read more

Brent CameronGodfrey, Ontario, Canada
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Created Jan 18, 2017
Petition to "Brexit Secretary David Davis"
    A recent petition urging yet again a one-sided opinion of what is the will of the majority concerning the Brexit negotiation, and then providing a misguided road-map of how those talks should proceed. Well, whichever way you voted, instead of opinions let us examine the facts. Without doubt the people of this country have had their say; firstly voting to leave the EU in last year's referendum, then again, during the recent election when the overwhelming vote was for the two parties clearly supporting the referendum result for Brexit. It is also very clear that the electorate significantly abandoned the parties opposed to Brexit, with many of their verbally prominent  MP's losing their seats. Now, if for example the Lib Dems and SNP had done well in the election, they would most certainly be saying it was a vote to overturn or water down Leaving the EU. - That was not the outcome, but be in no doubt they will continue to deceive on the democratic will of the people. Some suggest there are different kinds of Brexit, but that is deliberately  misleading since we cannot pick and choose the treaty elements we like without remaining part of the EU, which means continuing to be governed by Brussels. The people of this country do not need or wish to hear endless debate on the decision they have already made. All the projected fears and scaremongering did not prevent the peoples explicit decision, the Country now requires our democratic result be implemented. Sensibility dictates that there can only be one main negotiator from our side, namely the Brexit Secretary, backed by a competent team representing the government of the day. He and they must ultimately and firmly adhere to the fundamental  principles as set out and democratically agreed (twice) by the people. Those principles being the control, of our borders, our money, our law making and our democratic sovereignty.   The vast majority of people understand that it would be impossible (unwise even) to know all the details of the Brexit negotiations beforehand, but they have faith it will provide a good outcome for the whole of our country. Moreover, it would now be most helpful if those with doubts could value the significance of democratic behaviour and realise the profound importance of adding their support to those complex negotiations. Sadly, even now you will notice the undemocratic minorities are making the most noise, in constantly revisiting the same debate, but to go on arguing amongst ourselves only strengthens the EU's hand, perhaps effecting our resolve to obtain the best possible deal. Please show united support for our negotiating team over the coming months, by signing this petition.   Read more

Edward DentyWatford, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 18, 2017
Petition to Government of India, Common People of the Society
Women's rights. Feminism. Women Empowerment and Equality. These are some words that we hear often in our society now. Many people are there who SAY that they support women empowerment and equality and feminism and so on, but the number of people, who actually are WILLING to bring about a change, are very low. On 11 April, a female Safdarjung Hospital employee was allegedly stabbed atleast 40 times by her estranged husband, who suspected that she had an affair with someone at her workplace. The man also said that he had a problem with her because she worked at a hospital. The 1 minute and 41 seconds CCTV footage shows the man stabbing the woman multiple times, and threatened the few people who came to rescue her from him. Some people stopped in their paths, but instead of helping her, they took out their phones to record the brutal murder. Most people did not even respond, as it was merely an INTERNAL AFFAIR between a husband and wife. When a young lady, married or unmarried, returns home even a bit late at night, the neighbours are the first ones to raise questions about where she works and why is she late. That matter, then, ironically, becomes an EXTERNAL AFFAIR. She has to bear the false assumptions and trash talks and allegations regarding her job and clothing and character in the society. She is mentally abused and she has to face even domestic violence at her home...Seriously, where ARE we heading? To the bright future where every gender is treated equally everywhere? Or back to the Dark Age, when men dominated at every strata of the society and women were treated in the most oppressive manner, where women equality was completely UNKNOWN? It is our duty to rise up and STOP this right now. If we do not protest and take the right measures ourselves to stop these, then the BATTLE FOR WOMEN EQUALITY, that had started, with great dreams for the future, will be lost. Stricter laws promoting equality for women need to be passed by the government immediately. The orthodox and still-backward mindset of most of the people of the society needs to change right now. If we do take the right actions NOW, then we will win the war in the near future, and that is for sure. Every sign and share this petition receives, brings us one step closer to a brighter future, where gender equality won't be a dream, but a reality. Every sign and share this petition receives, brings us one step closer to VICTORY.  I request every reader, to sign and share this petition, to bring a CHANGE, a change for a better future for all of us.Read more

Sukrit BeraKolkata, India
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Created Apr 16, 2021
Petition to UK Parliament, Theresa May MP
The 2016 Referendum demonstrated that a small majority of the UK public were in favour of leaving the EU. The consequences of leaving were not clearly explained, largely because the type of EU departure was not given and thus the complexities were impossible to evaluate. The UK voted in good faith, but ultimately what they voted for is unknown. Reports suggest immigration, sovereignty of Parliament and the Judiciary, economic benefit, desire for a change and simple Patriotism all played a part in shaping the voting intention whilst some have suggested a protest vote may also have occurred. We recognise that the British people have genuine concerns about our current EU membership, but also understand the benefits of EU membership. The people feel let down by Government and Parliament who appeared to promise benefits that now do not seem to be able to be delivered. We want our Government to rescind Article 50 and begin discussing with the UK Public, to better understand what changes are required in our relationship with the EU. At the appropriate time we then require the Government to take the negotiations to the EU and return with a set of changes that can be laid in front of the UK public to decide upon at a General Election.Read more

Christof SchwieningCambridge, ENG, United Kingdom
4,420 supporters
Created Dec 14, 2018
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