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Petition to North Carolina State House, North Carolina Governor, Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, Joe Sam Queen, George Holding, Patrick T. McHenry, Mark Walker, Harry Brown, Jim Davis
These trucks blind people with their headlights pointed to the sky and show zero care for others safety, they also pose a danger to passengers in cars by having the nose of their trucks pointed up, causing a side collision to flip a passenger car or truck, their steering is off balance, their trucks braking power is worse. All drivers usually cut off their catalytic converters causing pollution to the enviroment! There is supposed to be a law stating a front bumper shouldn’t be so high but it’s not enforced! This law needs to be done so that lifts on trucks don’t allow a front bumper to go above a standard cars trunk lid and to not allow just the front of a Truck be raised up to cause an unbalance in the trucks suspension and safety issues for others in the community!!!  Read more

Rick TUnited States
72,169 supporters
Created September 30, 2020
.  All these modifications combined must meet all current vehicle requirements (disregarding the oldRead more

Joel SBrisbane, Australia
5,717 supporters
Created November 27, 2022
Petition to North Carolina State House
People made a petition to get sqautted trucks illegal cause they don’t like it or think it looks dumb but us Carolina boys made this petition to keep it legal cause we like it and if it a tooted up we don’t want it. from theborayce Read more

Rayce BeauchampUnited States
25,374 supporters
Created October 19, 2020
Petition to Google, Inc, YouTube
for private citizens who want to make illegal modifications to otherwise legally-available semiRead more

62,314 supporters
Created October 2, 2017
Petition to Geraldine city council
I would like to petition the fact that Geraldine police department harassed car enthusiasts and other vehicle owners with modified exhaust and modified vehicles. This is not California we do not need exhaust and vehicle regulations allow people to do what they want to their cars and trucks. We would like our voices to be heard in our community as car enthusiasts,truck enthusiasts and everyone else who wants to modify their exhaust and vehicles. Read more

William SmithGeraldine, AL, United States
76,805 supporters
Created September 14, 2021
Petition to Eric Garcetti
modifications, by limiting access to members, providing time slots to avoid over crowding. We are considered a for modifications on gyms and can ensure that we will proceed forward safely and with caution. AlsoRead more

ZOO CULTUREUnited States
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Created May 27, 2020
Petition to Pennsylvania General Assembly
which forbid any citizen of Pennsylvania to make modifications to their vehicle. I would like to petition for the following modifications to be considered legal on non-commercial vehicles; under glow with these specific modifications mentioned above. Owners of these vehicles take pride in their the modifications above is a hobby many take pride in. Driving a vehicle with these modifications is why other states in our country have made a variety of these modifications legal.  As you readRead more

Micah CostaUnited States
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Created July 19, 2021
Petition to Board of education, School
. small modifications such as crop tops being 2-3 fingers above the waistline, leggings as long as coveredRead more

Anonymous UserUnited States
456 supporters
Created August 18, 2021
Petition to Residents of East York Against Dieppe Park Modifications
The City of Toronto recently announced proposed modifications to Dieppe Park (HERE), which will see the proposed modifications. The solution to the physical inactivity crisis plaguing Toronto (and itRead more

Aaron DanielsToronto, Canada
1,247 supporters
Created May 4, 2015
Petition to Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Support the modifications of Beach Jetty making it accessible for all. The jetty is on Sorrento heritage site, nor one of historical significance in its current state. All modifications are being madeRead more

Pauline DownesBlairgowrie, Australia
952 supporters
Created July 16, 2020
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