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Petition to 核保有国首脳 , 岸田総理
JP :: video message  March 1, 2022 As a former mayor of Hiroshima, Japan, I call for PresidentRead more

Akiba Tadatoshi日本
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Created Mar 2, 2022
Petition to The Scottish Sun
As people may know, the 2020 Stonehaven rail crash was a disaster for those travelling, their families & friends and the country as a whole. Whilst journalists have the right to report, we at least expect them to do so with dignity where required. The headline "DEATH EXPRESS" to describe the incident is extremely disrespectful to all those involved. We ask the Scottish Sun to do more than apologise on Facebook, but issue a full formal public apology for all offence and hurt this has brought.Read more

Paul RowlandBlyth, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Aug 13, 2020
Petition to To anyone with a heart for my special nephew Rueben on his 17th birthday today!
Hey all, My beautiful and very special Nephew Reuben turns 17 today! Reuben has been checking his mail box about 3 times a day. Today is his birthday and he has received just 1 card in the mail. It is my wish that he gets birthday greetings today on change.org to make him smile!. If you have a heart for Reuben please send him a birthday greeting - he would really love that. His favorite fun is to watch Disney movies like Planes, Cars and How to train your Dragon and Mary Poppins.Read more

Tamara AllinghamMount Nasura, Australia
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Created Jan 19, 2016
Petition to IMDB, Col Needham
I'm making this petition to save the message boards of IMDb. They recently came to a decision to close all message board functions. They will close February  20th 2017. The message boards are a keyRead more

Dan JonesWorcester, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Feb 3, 2017
Petition to Mayor of Mississauga
Dear Mayor Bonnie Crombie and The City of Mississauga, We would like to show our gratitude and support during these difficult times regarding the decision made to support the Islamic call to prayer. We appreciate the decision made by the City of Mississauga to pass the bylaw that would allow the Muslim call to prayer to be made once daily during the holy month of Ramadan. We cannot thank you enough. We feel that this decision not only benefits Muslims but it also shows that the government cares about the religious communities of Mississauga, addresses the issue of racial supremacy and shows that the government firmly stands for the rights of religious freedom. This decision can help foster a peaceful society and create better understanding between different communities. This is why we support this decision.  Firstly, We want you to know that we fully support your decision to allow the Muslim call to prayer once a day and do not feel that it is disruptive to our communities. This is because it is only made once in the evening and lasts only for a few minutes. We feel that the decision to support only this community is fully justified as well as this community is faced with tougher challenges compared to other communities. It is the holy month of Ramadan where Muslims fast, socialize and visit the mosques for prayers and events much more than usual. Since this all shut down due to the current crisis, the decision made by the city will boost the morale of our Muslim brethren and also shows that the government cares not only about the Muslim community but also other religious communities that may be impacted similarly in the future. Secondly, there is a lot of misunderstanding in our societies about what Islam is and who Muslims are. This decision not only addresses this challenge but also helps people learn more about the Muslim call to prayer and what it means.  People who are willing educate themselves on the meaning of the words in the Muslim call to prayer will learn what Islam really teaches and this can help communities learn more about who Muslims are. Such decisions can, eventually, eradicate Islamophobia and it makes Muslims and foreigners, alike, feel welcome into the Canadian society which can boost the social and economic well being of our city and our country. We believe such bold and timely decisions need to be made by our governments in order to establish a peaceful and productive society therefore we fully support this decision. Lastly, we do not believe that this decision is a violation of human rights and religious freedom as mentioned in another petition to revoke the decision. In fact, we believe that this decision is clear statement of the government's stand on religious freedom. This decision clearly shows that our government is open to different faiths and spiritual identities, unlike the many political powers in the world today which persecute different cultures and religious minorities. Corporations and organizations create many events where loud music and mics are used. This is not regarded as disruptive and for this reason, out of many, we do not believe the decision to allow a simple two minute call to prayer during the evening for a few weeks must be revoked. The decision by the City of Mississauga to allow the Muslim call to prayer is fully supported by us and these are the decisions that we, the citizens, need in order to support each other, create better understanding between each other and foster peaceful and more productive societies. Thank you for making this decision!Read more

Mirza BaigMississauga, Canada
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Created May 1, 2020
Petition to All Australians
To All Australians, their governments and industries As nations worldwide pause economic activity to battle the coronavirus, it’s time to change direction so that humanity can survive and thrive far into the future. We cannot go back to business as usual.The coronavirus crisis, with its economic and social impacts, can be seen as a dress rehearsal for what awaits us. Unless we take unified preventative action urgently, we will continue to be caught napping by ten catastrophic threats, including destructive changes in climate, serious shortages of water and other critical resources, pervasive pollution, the growing danger of nuclear war and the mass extinction of species.The world, its governments, corporations and people, are unprepared for these risks because we have constantly ignored, in some cases for decades, well-substantiated warnings about them from science. As a result, as surely as the coronavirus followed last summer’s bushfires, we face crisis piling upon unanticipated crisis at an ever-increasing rate.This MUST change. Hoping to relax back into the way we were is not an option. Societies have already demonstrated unexpected willingness to adjust behaviour, in ways they probably never imagined, in response to the pandemic.The catastrophic risks we face, the policy pathways we must consider and some of the solutions to individual risks are described in the report “Surviving and Thriving in the 21st Century” by the Commission for the Human Future.We call on all governments, industries and people to join together in developing a national dialogue, sound policies and a concrete plan for surviving and thriving amid the mounting dangers that beset humanity.We can and must move in a new direction to ensure a positive future for our children and theirs.Yours sincerelyRead more

Julian CribbFranklin, ACT, Australia
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Created May 1, 2020
Petition to Top shop
TopShop is selling clothing for young women with a negative message telling them they areRead more

Angie LendonHull, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Oct 6, 2017
Petition to Michael B. Hancock, Colorado Department of Health and Environment, Denver City Council
From Allies to Abolitionists Denver is a grassroots movement  demanding the abolition of systemic injustice across our city and state. Below is one account of such systemic injustice for which our community demands justice and accountability. People experiencing homelessness in the city of Denver are being violently attacked and having property confiscated and damaged by your authority. There are not enough sanitation stations and portable restroom facilities for people who are experiencing homelessness in our city. During this pandemic, and the recent spike of cases, we must act now in order to save lives. These are temporary solutions that help mitigate the risk of the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the risk of death among the unhoused.  Therefore, as concerned citizens against systemic violence and criminalization of poverty, we demand that the City of Denver:  1) Immediately direct the CDPHE to terminate all evictions (sweeps) of encampments and cease enforcing the camping ban, and commit to repealing the ordinances that comprise it  2) Make existing public restroom facilities open overnight, and provide additional portable restrooms and sanitation facilities (hand washing stations) available for Denver’s unhoused people  3) Designate safe outdoor space areas for encampments for people experiencing homelessness According to the Center for Disease control, homeless sweeps contribute to the spread of Covid-19, and prolong the need for lockdown:  https://khn.org/news/sweeps-of-homeless-camps-run-counter-to-covid-guidance-and-pile-on-health-risks/  Furthermore, mental health professionals advise that sweeps of encampments exacerbate the traumas and injuries associated with those living outside:  https://denverite.com/2020/08/07/denver-sweeps-of-unhoused-people-often-push-campers-to-nearby-blocks-while-continuing-a-cycle-of-trauma/  We appreciate your earnest effort and attention in this matter.  - From Allies to Abolitionists     Read more

Jeff CampbellDenver, CO, United States
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Created Nov 17, 2020
Petition to David L. Boren
Dear President Boren and Faculty Members, We, as students, believe in the power of the spirit winning the Heisman trophy brings to this university. This power unites us and makes us proud to call the sooner family our home. This monumental moment within the history of this university deserves to be celebrated. With that being said, we, as students, would like to petition for each professor neath' this western sky to gift a 6 point curve toward each final exam in honor of the father of this university's jersey number, #6. We appreciate your consideration and desperately hope you will preserve the spirit of Sooner Magic. Live On University, and may the natty be ever in our favor. Respectfully, The Student Body of The University of OklahomaRead more

Hannah O'BrienOklahoma, United States
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Created Dec 11, 2017
Petition to The Labour Party, The Liberal Democrats, The Green Party
The Left is fragmented and unless we work together we will have 4 more years of suffocating austerity and a HARD BREXIT that may last a lifetime. We must resist this together! The Left is fragmented: we may not all agree on many issues, but what we can agree on is that Theresa May and her Hard Brexit must be stopped! The snap election called by Theresa May seeks to strengthen her stranglehold on negotiations which serve the interests of a select few. Unless we work strategically to prevent her, she will win and the interests of the Left and the Centre will be removed from the Brexit negotiations. These negotiations will directly affect each and everyone one of us for the foreseeable future, and possibly for the rest of our lives. We MUST fight for our voice. We MUST resist together! This petition is calling for an electoral pact between the major progressive parties, the Greens, the Lib Dems, Labour and the SNP. This alliance would be an agreement for progressive parties to field one candidate between them in constituencies in which the conservative and progressive vote is near evenly split. The thinktank COMPASS has identified 47 constituencies where the Centre-Left vote outweighed the conservative vote and a further 41 constituencies where the Centre-Left has only 5% fewer votes. Our system of voting only elects the candidate with the most votes per constituency. It is senseless to throw away progressive votes by splitting it amongst numerous parties. This alliance would combine the votes of progressives in key areas to prevent the election of conservative MPs.  Our system of voting only elects the candidate with the most votes per constituency. It is senseless to throw away progressive votes by splitting it amongst numerous parties. This alliance would combine the votes of progressives in key areas to prevent the election of conservative MPs. It would empower all of our parties: More MPs from each party will be elected this way than if we fight amongst ourselves. It will give us larger representation and power to make Britain a fairer, better place. The Greens and the SNP have already expressed keen interest in such an alliance. Unless we want to be royally screwed for a generation we need to band together, so sign this petition to show the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats that the people want to stand and fight the Tories! Theresa May has already refused to partake in televised debates. This highlights her intention to let us squabble amongst ourselves, while she appears the voice of reason. Let's show her we will not be played like pawns.  Progressives, unite! Sources: https://www.compassonline.org.uk/labour-progressive-alliance-or-annihilation/ https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/apr/19/greens-urge-labour-and-lib-dems-to-form-electoral-pact-to-defeat-tories?CMP=fb_gu N.B. I had to choose 1 organisation to address this petition to so I chose the Labour Party as they are the largest of these parties and as the SNP and Greens are already on board.  Read more

Sam MessageLeeds, ENG, United Kingdom
1,122 supporters
Created Apr 19, 2017
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