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Petition to Amazon
hands if ANY officer is killed due to this merchandise. Get it down now. Read more

Anna HarringtonPort Jervis, NY, United States
125,163 supporters
Created June 7, 2020
Petition to Hot Topic
It's incredible how many people, including myself, are interested in Twilight merchandise. The only bringing back Twilight merchandise would really make people happy, as well as save them money and wouldRead more

Amy CastroWest Covina, CA, United States
1,309 supporters
Created August 12, 2021
Petition to Sycamore Partners, HOTTOPIC inc, Mandy Reaver, Steve Vranes
Hot Topic is a chain mall retail store that sells merchandise related to pop culture. Hot Topic has movie.  Although Hot Topic's merchandise revolves around what's "in," a lot of us agree it should, please sign and leave a comment suggesting merchandise Hot Topic should bring back or create. Read more

Samantha CrabtreeBatavia, OH, United States
9,564 supporters
Created January 3, 2021
Petition to Nickelodeon
would it would be awesome if Nickelodeon made merchandise of the loud house like figures,plushs,jewelryRead more

Luna loud Biggest fanUnited States
293 supporters
Created November 20, 2016
Petition to Tiffany Bourré Director
is to ask Canada's iconic department store, the Hudson's Bay Company, to take all Trump merchandiseRead more

Deborah BlytheMontreal, QC, Canada
8,025 supporters
Created December 21, 2016
Petition to Amazon.com
Amazon has joined the growing number of organizations who have supported the sale of anti-Israel clothing. Amazon is selling items, which include hats, shirts, and pins featuring clenched fists and the Palestinian flag. This anti-Israel propaganda should not be sold at this online retail store. One shirt demanding “Free Palestine” features a drawing of Palestine which includes all of Israel. After facing harsh criticism, both Sears and Walmart have discontinued to sell “Free Palestine” products. Selling these anti-Israeli products is supporting the idea that Israel is non-existent and supports Palestinian violence. We must put an end to this nonsense and hatred toward Israel. Join the American Jewish Congress in condemning Amazon in their sale of anti-Israel products.Read more

Sarah CrockettAustin, TX, United States
225 supporters
Created June 15, 2017
Making a living from music is hard, and, for most artists, selling merchandise at live shows is a commission fees, the venue will make more money from merchandise sales than the artist themselves! In on merchandise sales Artists should be offered the option to staff and operate merchandise to the venue - rates must be agreed up front Every show must be open to negotiation on merchandiseRead more

The FACLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
2,687 supporters
Created July 10, 2023
Petition to taylornation , Taylor Swift, Taylor Nation
when I order merchandise that doesn’t even arrive? For example, I ordered the Capital One Blanket, hopefully Taylor, or her merchandise management can improve this.  The merchandise is also really lowRead more

Metzli FloresIllinois, United States
635 supporters
Created December 19, 2020
Petition to Ace Hardware
There are several Ace Hardware franchise locations selling merchandise that is promoting white participants in the attack on the U.S. government on January 6, 2021. Any flag, t-shirt or other merchandise where all people have the right to shop. The very presence of this merchandise tells people that Ace sign this petition asking Ace Hardware to remove this merchandise or cause to have removed fromRead more

Lori ShieldsParadise, CA, United States
3,876 supporters
Created February 1, 2021
Petition to @mrbeast
Please help the #DogeArmy notify @MrBeast to begin to #AcceptDOGE for his Merchandise and Products. Read more

Chad paxtonJackson, MI, United States
143 supporters
Created June 20, 2021
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