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Petition to Los ciudadanos / Citizens, Los políticos / Politicians, Los Medios de Comunicación / Media
. English Televisión media, and the like, are in the habit of offering images, for example, in the in a constant and repetitive manner. This measure should also affect all media (national, regional avoid the ability to misrepresent the information by the media.  Read more

Alfonso A Rojo RamirezEspaña
83,696 supporters
Created Dec 16, 2019
Petition to Teenagers, School Children
Opening of schools in July will be the worst decision by the Government. It's insane. It's like playing with fire when we ought to douse it with full force. The parents should fight against this stupidity with tooth n nail, not a single child to be sent to the schools for their own safety. The current academic session should continue in e-learning mode. If the schools claim that they are doing a good job via virtual learning then why not continue it for the rest of the academic year. I am not sure who would send their kids to the school no matter what the school says in terms of measures they want to take like social distancing, sanitiser, etc. They are least bothered for the risk of the kids. Sad state of affairs!! Stand with us, as we raise our voices for the safety of our children. Sign and share this petition asking for no school for children.Read more

Marvel MediaFaridabad, India
99,865 supporters
Created Jun 6, 2020
Petition to Newsnight
I was approached by the BBC to be interviewed on Newsnight to talk about what it's like being a working mum struggling to pay rent and housing costs. Of course I was happy to do it, being a working mum is something I’m proud of. It hasn't always been plain sailing. But I did not expect to be personally scrutinised, have judgements made about my choices and asked why I chose to have my child - a beautiful, sociable and happy three year old girl. I have done my best for her and wanted to bring her up independently. But the BBC has humiliated me and I want them to apologise for portraying me and my family in this way. Please sign my petition to ask for an apology from Newsnight. Read more

Shanene ThorpeLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
27,167 supporters
Created May 25, 2012
Petition to Eric Garcetti
Change must start from with it. Step by step. During a live broadcast Police Chief Moore said “the blood of George Floyd is on the hands of the protesters” this is a clear indication of how he and most police offers are trained to view the general public. “Us vs them” we need to take a stand to make change. Together we can. Step one by removing police officers who may carry the same “gang member mentality” Read more

Very Rare MediaCalifornia, United States
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Created Jun 2, 2020
Petition to AGCOM , B & R Foundation
AGCOM Mettiamo un freno a tutti gli abusi e la 'munnezz' che dobbiamo vedere o leggere nei mediaRead more

Aniello BarraEboli, Italia
877 supporters
Created Jun 16, 2018
Petition to Tiktok , Google, Inc
Perez Hilton is a dangerous presence on the internet. 08.10.2022 edit: Hey y'all thanks for signing :D follow me on insta : @delarapanahii Read more

Delara PanahiUnited States
227,524 supporters
Created Apr 18, 2020
Petition to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Chief Justice of Pakistan, PEMRA Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority
PEMRA should take an initiative to stop promotion of violence against women though media. TheyRead more

Habiba RanaPakistan
281,316 supporters
Created Jan 23, 2017
Petition to Twitter, Google Inc., Twitter, Inc, Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Google, Inc, Google
permanently suspended from (and/or otherwise permanently censored by) Big Tech social media for over 2 years Conclusion: The bans of social media accounts are thereby censorship. The question must permanently be settled and the social media companies must unban the accounts of everyone they've suspended. Just assume this means NO ONE SHOULD BE SUSPENDED PERMANENTLY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA FOR ANY REASON, as paying for social media with your tax dollars. You pay for government operation of those public TwitterRead more

Craig R. BrittainScottsdale, AZ, United States
17,584 supporters
Created Jan 13, 2019
Petition to UK Media, Independent Press Standards Organisation
We the undersigned ask that the UK media stops providing an uncritical platform for the contentious organisation LGB Alliance. LGB Alliance face criticism for being transphobic The UK media, as such any discussion in the UK media should frame them with respect to how they are perceived byRead more

David PaisleyLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
42,008 supporters
Created Dec 12, 2020
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