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After the love that Mattress Mack has given this wonderful city over the years, and now he is fullRead more

Dean LankfordHouston, TX, United States
110,065 supporters
Created Nov 3, 2022
Petition to Consumer Product Safety Commission
play yard mattress pad to sleep, as they had many times before. But this time, Abigail slept stomach against the mattress pad. Doctors tried to save her, but it was too late. That was six years ago, and her loss still haunts us. It turns out there are no laws requiring mattress pads for babies to be mattress pads for babies to be breathable. In our tests, some play yard mattresses proved very when it chose to hold the mattress pad’s manufacturer accountable for Abby's passing, will resultRead more

David KarowSan Carlos, CA, United States
176,218 supporters
Created Mar 18, 2016
This petition is in the name of health most notably Steven Hills health. Due to a mattress.  Please all sign this petition to make him realise he needs to change his mattress. And #mattressgate #stevoseoRead more

Billy WhiteGillingham, United Kingdom
5 supporters
Created Feb 25, 2023
James Franklin McIngvale, aka "Mattress Mack" is a Houston icon. He opened Gallery Furniture's, I humbly bring before the kind and reasonable citizens of Screwston this petition, that MattressRead more

Go StrosHouston, TX, United States
6,865 supporters
Created Nov 3, 2022
Petition to Sylvester Turner, City of Houston, Houston Astros
Jim McIngvale, aka Mattress Mack, is an honest, caring, and hard-working man of God. He served day use my work to bless my city like Mattress Mack has. In the meantime, I think it would be comments section below. Please sign, share, and share again! May God bless you greatly Mattress Mack! -JR AlvarengaRead more

JR AlvarengaHouston, TX, United States
3,820 supporters
Created Nov 2, 2017
Petition to Ted Cruz, John Cornyn
It's time to formally recognize Jim McIngvale, also know in the Houston area as "Mattress Mack" ofRead more

Kat SpencerAustin, TX, United States
2,537 supporters
Created Aug 30, 2017
Petition to Chicago Northsiders
There are already four mattress stores on Broadway between Foster and Granville. Now, a fifth (Mattress Firm) could be opening at 6034 N. Broadway across from Whole Foods. Sleepy's and Mattress Firm American Mattress, Bedding Experts, Back to Bed, Relax the Back, and Discount Mattress.  Let's send a message to the mattress franchises that are driving up commercial rent rates on the north side and let them know that we've had enough. Please don't open any more mattress stores in ourRead more

Thomas WheatleyUnited States
9 supporters
Created Jul 23, 2015
Petition to Mayor Sylvester Turner, The people of Houston
an award. While he was shutting the doors of his mega church, another man, Mattress Mac, was prepping his team and his establishment to rescue the people of Houston that got flooded.  Mattress Mac" as shelter only after all the other shelters were filled to capacity.  Mattress Mac was one of the that we the people do not support his decision to award Jeol Osteen with this award.  And that Mattress Mac should be the one receiving this award.Read more

M FloUnited States
154 supporters
Created Aug 15, 2018
Petition to Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale
of Houston.  If there was a ANY sort of disaster, you can guarantee that Mattress Mack would be there to help!Read more

Ismael FloresHouston, TX, United States
65 supporters
Created Feb 19, 2021
Petition to President of the United States
recognize his accomplishments and the support he has provided to millions!!!!  Mattress Mac as we know himRead more

Diana DavilaUnited States
277 supporters
Created Feb 20, 2021
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