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Petition to Jordan Cunningham, Gavin Newsom, Salud Carbajal, San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors, Lynn Compton, John Peschong, Bruce Gibson, Adam Hill, Debbie Arnold
There is a  directive in SLO County to prohibit the performance of live music, even when performed outside with established health precautions, that severely limits local musicians from earning a sustainable living. It hurts the profitable operation of businesses that are able to safely host live music entertainment according to the established precautions and that also prohibits the citizens of the San Luis Obispo County from participating in a safe and mentally and physically healthy outdoor recreation. We recognize Covid-19 as a serious and legitimate community health issue that requires comprehensive action. At the same time we are in opposition to the San Luis Obispo County Directive that prohibits all forms of live music entertainment in the county, even if performed outside and with established precautions being followed.  We maintain that with proper and established mitigations, live music can be performed safely and enjoyed by the citizens of San Luis Obispo County; much the same as outdoor dining is permissible. Therefore, we request that the county change this directive to allow for live music to be performed outside when proper distancing, masking precautions and venue compliance and enforcement of the agreed regulations are in place. We request guidelines for the safe operation in SLO County of outside music performance as soon as possible.Read more

James ScoolisSan Luis Obispo, CA, United States
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Created Jul 23, 2020
Petition to Ecomare
Nederland Zafar was een solitaire dolfijn. Hij kwam ons geregeld opzoeken bij de Bretonse kust. Bij deze ontmoetingen ontwikkelde hij een aparte relatie met ieder van ons. Soms knuffelend, soms eisend, maar altijd vernuftig en ongebonden. Ten gevolge van de corona crisis konden wij hem niet opzoeken en verliet hij onze kust in het kielzog van de ’Tres Hombres’. Zijn leven eindigde (hoogst waarschijnlijk) als bijvangst in een sleepnet voor de kust van Nederland. Eco Mare, dat al geraamtes van dolfijnen exposeert, zal dat van Zafar krijgen. "Het is beetje gek om het nu zo te zeggen, maar het is wel een buitenkans," aldus Eco Mare. Aan de directrice/directeur van «’Eco Mare, Wij zouden het op prijs stellen, dat, als u het skelet van de dolfijn Zafar tentoon zou stellen, dat hierbij zijn geschiedenis vermeld wordt en dat hij niet enkel een buitenkansje’ is, mogelijk gemaakt door bijvangst in een sleepnet, gevolgd door de gruwelijke verminking van het afhakkem van zijn staartvin. _____________________________________________________ France Zafar était un dauphin solitaire. Il avait pris l’habitude de nous retrouver régulièrement en Bretagne. Au cours de ces rencontres, avec chacun d’entre nous il avait su développer une relation particulière. Parfois câlin, parfois exigeant mais toujours inventif et libre. A la suite du confinement il est parti dans le sillage du Tres Hombres et a terminé sa carrière à la suite (très probablement) d’une prise accidentelle dans un chalut sur les côtes des Pays Bas.  Le musée Ecomare qui expose déjà des squelettes de dauphins va recevoir celui de Zafar. "C'est un peu étrange de le dire maintenant, mais c'est une excellente opportunité", a déclaré Ecomare. (https://www.nhnieuws.nl/nieuws/267225/tuimelaar-zafar-aangevaren-door-schip-skelet-gaat-naar-natuurmuseum-ecomare  Monsieur le directeur d’Ecomare  Nous souhaiterions, si vous deviez exposer le squelette du dauphin Zafar, que mention soit faite de son histoire et qu’il ne soit pas uniquement une « excellente opportunité » rendue possible par une prise accidentelle dans un chalut suivie de la cruelle mutilation de sa nageoire caudale.  __________________________________________________ English Zafar was a friendly dolphin. He used to meet us in Brittany on a regular basis. He had the capacity to develop with every one of us a special relationship. Sometimes cuddly, sometimes demanding but always inventive and free. Because of confinement, he left in the wake the Tres Hombres and ended his life (most probably) after a bycatch in a trawl on the coast of the Netherlands.  The Ecomare museum which already exhibits skeletons of dolphins will receive that of Zafar. "It's a bit strange to say it now, but it's a great opportunity," said Ecomare. (https://www.nhnieuws.nl/nieuws/267225/tuimelaar-zafar-aangevaren-door-schip-skelet-gaat-naar-natuurmuseum-ecomare  Mr. director of Ecomare  We wanted, if you were to expose the skeleton of the dolphin Zafar, that mention be made of its history and that it is not only an "excellent opportunity" made possible by a trawl bycatch followed by the cruel mutilation of its tail fin.  Read more

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Created Jun 8, 2020
Petition to Scott Morrison, Greg Hunt, Mark Speakman
, at Pancreatic Cancer Matters, are purely advocates - hoping with heart in hand, that no otherRead more

Megan BarnesSydney, Australia
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Created Jan 13, 2019
Petition to Kementerian Pendidikan, Ministry of Education, Malaysia’s prime minister, IPG , Teachers, World Health Organization, WHO, Parents, Students
Since the pandemic, one of the most effected groups are the students. Not only they were stopped from going to school, but were also forced to join online classes which is obviously less effective due to many issues. This brings along many more problems with it including Mental Health. However, none of this were issued LOUD ENOUGH. So how in the world could ‘future leaders’ make a change in this world if we are being told to just “DON’T SKIP ONLINE CLASSES” when there’s so many other things behind our screens? Read more

Nana AdrianaMalaysia
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Created Mar 23, 2021
Petition to Government of the world research is needed for Ovarian cancer.
cancer and their supporters should be supporting each other. The CAUSE is what matters and officials this disease matters. Contact your local media and share your stories. Ovarian cancer can need to update these stats and get the message out that it can happen at ANY age.   OVARIAN cancer it matters !!  Read more

Susan GlynnSt. John's, Canada
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Created May 26, 2019
Petition to United Nations, Greenpeace USA
idea of coming home and be able to get that calm feeling that the place has to offer. Trees mattersRead more

Michelle Ann JarminCagayan de Oro, Philippines
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Created Oct 23, 2019
Petition to Mwila Miniver Monde, Jasmine Banda
instabilities because generally we are not sensitized on these matters.  A child today is being bullied,a supportive unit for our country. Let us sensitize our people on matters such as theseRead more

Paula ChamaZambia
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Created Oct 8, 2018
Petition to Judge C, Higgins
THE STORY... Niko has been locked up in Virginia for 18+ months. One day Niko escaped from his yard..his owner noticed right away and chased after him. Toni did catch up to him in a neighbors yard. It was discovered the neighbors cat was dead in the yard. The cat was found in the front of the house, Niko was found on the side of the house. The cat had no blood on it ...Niko had no blood on him. The cat was never taken to a vet to determine the cause of death. So now Niko sits and waits to die... Toni(Niko's mom) now has a wonderful lawyer working hard on Niko's case. No one has ever called her back. Niko's life is one the line for something he clearly DID NOT DO!!! Niko and his mom need your support. Niko has a wonderful sanctuary in NY where he can live out his days safe . All who are involved in saving Niko realize he cannot return back home to where he belongs. Please spare his life and release him to a sanctuary. Niko's facebook group --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/prayersforniko/ Niko's facebook page --> https://www.facebook.com/NikosLifeMatters/?ref=bookmarksRead more

tammy stalsedmonton, AB, Canada
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Created Jun 28, 2016
Petition to Alameda County Board of Supervisors
The boundaries of the five Alameda County Supervisorial Districts will be redrawn in 2021 and we respectfully ask the Board of Supervisors to establish an equitable redistricting plan with robust public outreach. We appreciate the Board’s dedication to inclusion and civic engagement. As such, the redistricting plan should include sufficient time and funding to engage communities in an inclusive manner. Meetings should be held at diverse times and days, before and after district maps are drawn. Communities should be empowered to provide input through various platforms and technological portals that allow real time engagement with draft maps. Leveraging the recent network developed to support the Complete Count as well as the Municipal Advisory Councils (MAC) can advance voting rights through civic engagement and ensure broad outreach throughout the county. In this way, the County district boundaries can be redrawn to ensure that representation is spread evenly.  In addition to signing this petition, we ask that you get involved with this effort via: www.alcoredistricting.org   Why does this matter? Now that the 2020 Census has been completed, the Board of Supervisors will redraw (redistrict) the boundaries for the five Supervisorial districts. With a budget of $3.5 billion per year and 1.7 million constituents, Alameda County has considerable influence and impact. The county budgets reflects $2,000 per resident/year to be spent on social services, critical infrastructure like public health and safety, and other community needs. The partitioning of election districts determines how our communities are represented on the board, how many votes a particular area has on issues, and which communities are divided or consolidated. The final maps approved in 2021 will be in place for the next 10 years. Until recently, there were few requirements that redistricting be fair and transparent. Historically, marginalized communities had little engagement. In fact, the 2011 county redistricting had significantly less public engagement, i.e. fewer meetings, and less transparency, than it did in 2001. Consistent with the letter* submitted in 2020 by the League of Women Voters, we see an opportunity for the 2021 redistricting, to engage more deeply with marginalized communities. A new law (AB 849, Bonta) mandates criteria for standardized and fair redistricting. It keeps neighborhoods and diverse communities intact, and prohibits partisan gerrymandering. The law requires local governments to engage communities in the redistricting process, to hold a minimum number of public hearings, and to reach out to non-English-speaking communities. The Complete Count for the 2020 Census has brought together a network of partners and digital platforms for meaningful community engagement that can be leveraged for this effort. We’d also urge the County to adopt the best practices guide** developed by Asian Americans Advancing Justice–Asian Law Caucus, to reach out to all communities, especially historically underrepresented populations. Now is the time for the county to fully embrace the spirit of AB 849 and to be a model of inclusion and transparency. *https://drive.google.com/file/d/1de0KQj7upeowMRqwP9-HASkOuwpA_CDG/view?usp=sharing **https://www.advancingjustice-alc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Guide-to-Districting-Best-Practices-AAAJ-ALC.pdfRead more

Sara LamninHayward, CA, United States
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Created Sep 4, 2020
Petition to Ohio Governor, Innocence Project, Wrongful Conviction Project, Beyond Guilt
My name is Kristoffer Morris.  I am 43 years old and in 2004 I was wrongly convicted for crimes I did not commit.  My friend killed two people and then committed suicide.  All charges were placed on me and I received a sentence of 66 to life for a wrongful theory.  The states theory and my case were that we committed a home invasion/robbery where two people were killed.  That is not what really happened!  It was a drug deal gone bad over an argument about a gun shot that occurred 5 minutes before entering the home.  I know you are saying I shouldn't  have been dealing drugs and I was doing something wrong anyways.  My questions to you are does the truth matter ?  Does my life matter?  The answer to those questions are, YES, because the truth would dramatically lower my sentence which would change my sentence and therefore my life.  I am in prison for the rest of my life based on a lie.  I've always been a gentle and loving person and my heart goes out to the victims in this case.  I've spent my time here in prison bettering myself everyday.  If you are interested in reading more please go to my website for more information at www.kristoffermorris.com Thank you for your time and consideration and any help you can provide me and my quest for freedom.  May God Bless everyone! Have a nice day!Read more

Kristoffer MorrisToledo, OH, United States
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Created Jan 10, 2021
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