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Petition to All citizens of israel, קק"ל
send a message to the world.We want to invite you all to make a massive plantation of native treesRead more

Julia ChudTel Aviv, Israel
85,618 supporters
Created August 23, 2019
Petition to Animal Welfare Board of India, Prime Minster of India, primeminster of india, Prime Minister of India
25th September 2015.... our city and country will be witnessing mass slaughter of Sheeps. ...... do we need to celebrate..... with due respect to all the religions..... Why this humanitarianism.... cattles, sheeps,Goats, are bought and sold in the market... as if they are brought to this world by us..... who gave the right to kill..... God.....??? we see this kind of slaughter in all the religions... Hindus do in the name of god....other religions in the name of festivals.....  If i can ask GOD.... i want to ask..... DO THEY DESERVE THIS.... I want to ask our Government..... can this kind of buying and selling can be avoided.... Just cannot look into the eyes of these creatures.... they will be looking into their buyer eyes thinking he will be there new owner who will feed them and take care..... but they dont know they are well fed only to feed on them.... Could not take pic and post it here as I didnot want to show how unkind mankind is...  request the Government to cut down these open markets... which will be a bad influence to children and future generation... who may take killing animals as birth right....  Lets respect all the creatures... specially these cattles.. they work for us...they share their life with us.... dont sacrifice their life... before doing so... look into the eyes of poor animals... and question do they DESERVE THIS!!!!  If you think They dont deserve this.... Pls sign this petition......Read more

suchitra lBangalore, India
665 supporters
Created September 24, 2015
Petition to Doug McMillon
are asking you to call on Whole Foods and Walmart to help stop massive food waste by agreeing to sellRead more

Jordan FigueiredoCastro Valley, CA, United States
110,486 supporters
Created July 12, 2015
Petition to Daniel Andrews, Richard Wynne MP, Lily D'Ambrosio MP, Martin Pakula MP, Greg Hunt MP, Sussan Ley MP, The Ross Trust
, small mammals and plants, is at risk of being destroyed by a massive new open pit quarry. The Ross win this fight is if we can demonstrate a groundswell of opposition to this massive new quarryRead more

Mark FancettAustralia
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Created June 28, 2018
Petition to Jeff Bezos, Jonathan Wilkinson, Benoit Charette, Steven Guilbeault
>> Version française << Hello, I'm Carole G. I've been interested in ecology for several years now, notably thanks to documentaries by the Greenpeace association, Équiterre, Nature Canada, David Suzuki Foundation, Green Action Centre & more... I saw a CBC News:Marketplace report about the destruction of millions of unsold items a year by AMAZON. I was profoundly shocked!When we've been asking the citizens of the world for years to watch out for waste, we learn that the world's largest corporation is destroying 3 million items in Canada, and not only does it not recycle them, but it landfills its unsold items! In France, Amazon changed its policy for a similar reporting that forced Amazon to change its ways. In this CBC News report from October 2020 we learn that Amazon has set up a system for the mass destruction of hundreds of thousands of new products! This is not the first time that Amazon has made a name for itself with its non-ecological policy. Indeed, in a report by M6 France "Capital" and in a report on the programme "Frontal 21" on the German television channel ZDF, broadcast last June, Amazon employees explained that they had destroyed products in perfect working order or with slight defects. This system once again pushes over-consumption which is gradually destroying our planet! The world's most powerful multinational destroys US$400 million in new products in Canada every year! Amazon's practices are unacceptable and dangerous when we know that the manufacture of these products accounts for nearly a quarter of French greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore a matter of life and death for our planet. The CBC News television team has tracked down partner companies using the platform who would be forced for economic reasons to destroy their unsold products! Please sign for the government to finally force Amazon (and many other companies) to stop their destruction and to redistribute all their unsold goods to associations!Read more

Carole GILLANTBrossard, Canada
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Created November 22, 2020
Petition to The governments of Egypt, Germany and of other European countries and to the EU-Commission
Slaughter of migratory birds on the shores of Egypt140 million birds killed every autumn A disturbing picture presents itself along the Mediterranean coast of Egypt: Journalists of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR) have documented continuous nets along 700 km of coast, recalling a picture know from ball fences around sport courts. But here the nets are used to catch birds at an unimaginable scale, to offer them later as delicacies on the markets and in the restaurants across the country.Two billion migratory birds are currently making their way from Europe to their wintering grounds in Africa. For 140 million of them the deadly final stop is called Egypt. One in seventeen of all European migrant birds gets caught in what is the largest bird trap in the world! Along 700 kilometres the fine trapping nets are stretching along the entire Egyptian Mediterranean coast from Gaza to Libya. 700 kilometres of gapless doom.Some birds are flying up to 1,000 km a day, without resting even once. They accomplish incredible performances – every autumn anew. But instead of respect and recognition for their unique achievements it is agonizing death that is waiting for them. Since the „Arab Spring“ and especially since the unrests earlier this summer, due to the crisis of state and economy, the hunt for birds has gone completely out of control. This unrestrained poaching is largely illegal – but nobody cares about the rules. Too tempting is the profit of the cruel deed: For a single quail the men get five Euros!The trapped birds are being brutally mutilated, stuffed into tiny cages, slaughtered on the markets and sold – as precious delicacies. Nightingales, bee-eaters, red-backed shrikes, corncrakes, golden orioles,…What is more is this: Many of the trapped bird species are red-listed in Europe. Many are facing extinction anyway and are being protected and nurtured in Europe with great expenditure.We have to put an end to this insanity. Stop bird slaughter and cruelty to animals, protect the life of our migratory birds – together with NABU! Please sign this petition! NABU is not going to watch this drama without doing anything. With your help, we will act:•    In November we will submit this petition to the Egypt government and to the German government.•    With the help of our partner network of BirdLife International we are putting pressure on Egypt via  national and international institutions.•    We are supporting our partners and responsible government bodies in Egypt with advice and financial resources, to help them improve and enforce their hunting laws to put an end to this bird slaughter. Egypt needs a new start. Let’s make a start by tackling illegal bird slaughter.•    We will prompt the German and other national European governments as well as the European Union to direct aid money especially to projects that are contributing to an end of the bird slaughter.Read more

Michael DommelBerlin, Deutschland
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Created September 23, 2013
Petition to The Government of Ontario
be isolated and who can work. The WHO and almost all credible authorities recommend a massive amountRead more

Greg GarvinCanada
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Created March 30, 2020
Petition to South Korean Supreme Prosecutor's Office, Mayor Kim Jun-Seong, 김한종 , 구복규 , 김성일 , 강문성 , 강정희 , 곽태수 , 김경자 , 김기성 , 김길용 , 김문수 , 김복실 , 김용호 , 김정희 , 김태균 , 김희동 , 나광국 , 문행주 , 민병대 , 박문옥 , 박선준 , 박종원 , 박진권 , 사순...
massive injuries!! Please sign the petition urging the prosecution of the person who dragged a dog, causing massive injuries in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do Province, South Korea. Amid the pain and angerRead more

KoreanDogs​.​org TeamSunnyvale, CA, United States
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Created April 12, 2022
Petition to Ministry of Health Malaysia, Prime Minister of Malaysia, goverment of malaysia, The people of Malaysia, Malaysian Medical Association
MORE DEADLY THAN WAR: COVID-19, A GLOBAL PANDEMIC; A Call for Massive Testing Its an unfortunate that needs to be asked at this point, is it enough? Why NOW is the Crucial Window to Push for Massive massive testing urgently and we cannot do it without the help of our government and people. MassiveRead more

Dr. Anita Codati .Malaysia
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Created March 22, 2020
Petition to Guillermo Pacheco Pulido, Lupita Daniel, Josefa González Blanco Ortiz, @ClaudiaRiveraVivanco , Victor Manuel Toledo, Mario Delgado
://goo.gl/maps/kmcQ8KMFqvx Stop the Massive Felling at Santa Cruz! The citizens of Puebla plea toRead more

Vivero Santa CruzPuebla, México
262,124 supporters
Created September 28, 2018
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