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Petition to To All Members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives
Veterans should never be victims of Capitol Hill inaction. One bill can guarantee veterans their benefits – no matter what. But Congress must act by year-end. Help us bring this vital measure to a vote, before time runs out. Many of America’s veterans and their families depend on monthly Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) benefits. Yet inaction and prolonged government shutdowns could cut them off cold, leaving millions of Americans waiting. Help urge Congress to act today by voting yes to the Putting Veterans Funding First Act (S. 932 / H.R. 813). This bipartisan bill will guarantee veterans receive their disability compensation, pension, education and rehabilitation benefits on time, without delay. The Putting Veterans Funding First Act protects veterans against government shutdowns, bad politics and partisan gridlock by ensuring the VA's budgets are fully funded before the beginning of every year. The legislation was already approved overwhelmingly by both the Senate and House Veterans’ Affairs Committees, yet the bill has stalled. This bill does not ask for additional funding. It simply guarantees veterans get the benefits they were promised. That’s all. In the Senate, this bipartisan legislation has the support of Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders and Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray, and Majority Leader Harry Reid has promised to hold a vote on the bill this year.  In the House, Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan both support the bill, yet nothing has moved forward. Join DAV, VFW, VVA, MOPH, VetsFirst, NAUS, BVA, NGAUS, CPOA, and many other veterans organizations to help protect veterans’ benefits by asking your senators and representatives to keep their promise and put #veteransfundingfirst.Read more

Crosby MarketingAnnapolis, MD, United States
42,836 supporters
Created Nov 21, 2014
Petition to Nancy Fletcher
We, the undersigned, believe that any firearm advertising that uses Christmas themed messaging is patently offensive and incompatible with community standards. These ads market guns, ammunition, and silencers through the use of verses from Christmas carols and cartoon images from children’s stories. They disrespect families, mock Christian beliefs, and flout the norms of common decency. With all due respect for First Amendment free speech rights, we ask that you insist that all billboard owners who are members of your organization abide by the voluntary Code of Industry Principles of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and reject these ads in 2018. We request that you make an appropriate change to your Principles statement that reflects this position, and specifically state that holiday themed advertisements for firearms are offensive to many people and should not be allowed.Read more

Gareth FenleyColumbia, SC, United States
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Created Dec 13, 2017
Petition to Li Keqiang
Many endangered animals such as sharks and tigers are killed in the most excruciating way just so people can have medicines and unnecessary food. These animals may no longer be around us if we don’t take action. They were here before us so why should we ruin their chances of a living? China are one of the biggest culprits. Tigers are slaughtered alive and their bodies get taken apart. Sharks have their fins’ cut off then they are thrown back in the sea unable to swim, and defend itself. They soon die. It may be illegal but nowadays, it’s so hard produce proof of this cruelty, barely any benefit comes from it; whether you’ve seen it or not. Do we want our ancestors to live a life where there are no animals left? Many people have taken proof and cases to court yet the government in that country does nothing. Absolutely nothing. We need to help these poor creatures. I certainly can assure you that none of us humans would like to be murdered alive, then sold for people’s greed of more, more, more.  Despite many protests against it, they have continued to take wonderful animals lives~ will you be the one to help? Read more

Holly WelsbyMorecambe, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 9, 2020
Petition to Victoria's Secret
as pledge to not use such harmful marketing in the future. Tweet #iamperfect to @VictoriasSecret to' across models who have exactly the same, very slim body type. This marketing campaign is harmful. It and pledge not to use such marketing in the future. Join us in telling Victoria’s Secret #iamperfectRead more

Frances Black, Gabriella Kountourides & Laura FerrisLeeds, United Kingdom
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Created Oct 23, 2014
We’re calling on the WA Environment Minister to exempt all kids' unofficial sports in public parks and playgrounds from noise regulations during daylight hours. The Department of Water and Environment Regulation (DWER) drafted guidelines that would have effectively shut down basketball courts in public parks across Western Australia in an attempt to reduce noise. This would have effectively deprive kids from getting outside, being active and playing with their friends. Basketball WA estimated that at least 75% of current basketball rings breach the proposed guidelines and only 3% of WA public parks would have been eligible to have new courts installed. Over 12,000 Western Australians made their voices heard loud and clear by signing this petition against the Government's bizarre noise guidelines on outdoor basketball courts. After the overwhelming public response, the government was forced to walk away from their own guidelines. The State government now needs to solve this problem once and-for-all. We need to give basketballers, families and local councils certainty that courts in parks won’t be ripped out because of a few unhappy residents. Let’s keep the pressure on to make sure it’s sorted once and for all. Sign the petition today.Read more

Libby MettamAustralia
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Created Feb 21, 2023
Petition to Google, Google, Inc
for advertisers.  Thank you for your consideration & support, The Marketing O'Clock Team Greg FinnChristine ZirnheldMark SaltarelliJessica Budde  Read more

Marketing O'ClockBuffalo, NY, United States
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Created Sep 9, 2020
Petition to care@easemytrip.com , minister-ca@nic.in
Data is cheap. But privacy shouldn't be. How many of us get dozens of marketing messages from? Especially if EaseMyTrip.com has been setting their alarm clock twice weekly and marketing to me without fail. As if they weren't seeming shady enough, I got ANOTHER marketing message after asking right to know how our information is being sought out for marketing.Read more

Ruth DCostaMumbai, India
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Created Aug 3, 2018
Petition to The Committee of Advertising Practice, The Advertising Standards Authority, SugoiJPN restaurant Chain
represent Japan on their company logo and branding and marketing. I have added the below link to an articleRead more

Yujin ChoiUnited Kingdom
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Created Jan 29, 2021
Petition to Unione Europea, European Commission, European Parliament
Migliaia di prodotti che acquistiamo ha imballaggi più grandi di quanto serva solo per illudere di vendere più prodotto. Questa pratica crea spreco nella produzione, trasporto e smaltimento di tantissimi oggetti. Chiediamo di tassare la parte eccedente degli imballaggi! Tutto lo spazio che non serve a proteggere e trasportare i beni deve avere una sovratassa del 20% in proporzione al volume di aria creato, tale tassa deve essere utilizzata per progetti di riforestazione. _______________________________________ Thousands of the products that we buy have oversize packaging that is needed to fool us that there is more product inside. This practice creates waste in the production, transport and disposal of many objects. We ask to charge the excess part of the packaging! Any space that is not used to protect and transport goods must have a surcharge of 20% in proportion to the volume of air created, this tax must be used for reforestation projects.Read more

Antonio FurciItalia
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Created Dec 1, 2020
Petition to Steve Ells
ProblemChipotle is currently marketing their meat products as having "no animal cruelty" involved as consumers to let them know that their misleading marketing is distasteful and should absolutely, regardless of their species.A lot of people that respond favorably to the kind of marketing that Chipotle customers) that have expressed their displeasure in the marketing. I'm not sure if a petitionRead more

Greg McGonagleRichmond, VA, United States
1,262 supporters
Created Nov 12, 2018
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