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Petition to United States Supreme Court, President of the United States, Pat Toomey, Donald Trump, Mike Pence
remedy is Medical Marijuana, also known as Medical Cannabis. The oils in the cannabis have been found multiple states for both non psychoactive and psychoactive use. Medical marijuana is NOT like those an additional 12 months thanks to medical marijuana. Cannabis oil helps epilepsy patients haveRead more

Mackenzie BealAlabama, United States
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Created Jan 8, 2017
Petition to Joseph R. Biden, Kamala Harris
It’s time that marijuana be decriminalized at the federal level. For far too long it has been used Americans have been and will continue to be negatively affected by the federal prohibition on marijuanaRead more

Jacob SaylorLouisville, KY, United States
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Created Apr 12, 2021
Petition to U.S. House of Representatives
The Marijuana Justice Act was just reintroduced into the House and Senate. It would legalize weed nationwide. If passed, the Marijuana Justice Act would remove marijuana from the US Controlled this country. It would expunge federal convictions specific to marijuana possession and allow individuals currently serving time in federal prison for marijuana-related offenses to petition the court for resentencing. More Americans are arrested for marijuana possession than for murder, rapeRead more

Mariah BoyntonSouthfield, MI, United States
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Created Apr 24, 2019
Petition to Minnesota State House, Minnesota State Senate
It is time we step up and get marijuana legalized. It never should have been made illegal in the first place there are so many benefits to legalizing marijuana it helps with seizures, pains, cancerRead more

Bill TaylorUnited States
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Created May 14, 2021
Petition to Kentucky State Senate, Kentucky State House, Kentucky Governor
legalized the plant. Kentucky is losing a ton of revenue by continuing to prosecute and jail Marijuana. When Mr. Doyle said that "McConnell spent $234 MILLION to look for Marijuana plants in Eastern Ky.", I.  http://www.glasgowdailytimes.com/opinion/letter-to-the-editor-marijuana-should-be-legalizedRead more

Lauren ThompsonGlasgow, KY, United States
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Created Jun 15, 2017
Petition to Idaho State Senate, Idaho State House, Idaho Governor, President of the United States
In this past year, I’ve been diagnosed with a painful form of inflammatory arthritis.  Every day it’s a battle to control the pain and live a normal life.  Every month, I see a wonderful PA who treats and manages my pain with opioids.  They, in that single office, have probably hundreds of patients.  How many of these types of doctors exist in Idaho? This is a huge struggle for those of us managing pain everyday.  In Idaho, we literally have one option.  ONE SINGLE OPTION that comes with many side effects and a horrible chemical dependency.  Opioids are it for us.  That’s all we’ve got here in Idaho. Why can’t we as Idahoans choose what is best for our health?  Why do you politicians make it political or include your religious beliefs in this decision?  Would it not make more sense for everyone to have a natural alternative that is PROVEN to work and get patients OFF OPIOIDS?!  What is really more harmful to our society?  I wish to live in a state that gives me a choice to decide how to best manage my pain.  I’m tired of the chemical dependency and thinking of the damage these drugs are doing to my internal organs is frightening.  There are other options for us.  PLEASE, stop making that choice for us.   To everyone else who’s voting against these propositions, shame on you.  Your ignorance is making the lives of people who suffer with pain even worse.  We aren’t wanting to get “high”.  We want a choice in our medical treatment.  How many more deaths will it take for you to do something?Read more

Amanda PagePocatello, ID, United States
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Created May 12, 2021
Petition to U.S. Senate
The The Marijuana Justice Act of 2017 is a bill introduced to the current 115th Congress on August Sanders. If the bill comes into effect, Marijuana would be legal, decriminalized across the entire nation, and those incarcerated with federal marijuana charges will be granted the process of expungement. 31 states legalized medical marijuana use, and 9 states including the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana use. States that have decriminalize marijuana have seen positiveRead more

Matthew SmithPort Chester, NJ, United States
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Created Nov 25, 2018
Petition to Deborah Leff, President of the United States
for over 12 years. He faces 43 more years. All because he sold small amounts of marijuana and small amounts of marijuana to a confidential informant three times. The informant, who was a childhood marijuana and three guns, one in a locked brief case and the other two in a locked safe. The prison on the marijuana charges. But, to the judge's dismay, he had to sentence Weldon to 55 yearsRead more

Lisa AngelosSandy, UT, United States
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Created Nov 16, 2012
Petition to Joaquín Castro, Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, United States Supreme Court, President of the United States, Texas State Senate, Texas Governor, Texas State House, Louie Gohmert, Alma A. Allen, City of Aust...
We are in a new day and age where marijuana has been proven to cure and prevent cancer, seizures marijuana available to our great fellow Texans who are in need of this plant. So please join me and otherRead more

Francisco Hernandez JrSan Antonio, TX, United States
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Created Mar 3, 2017
Petition to Joseph R. Biden
serving federal time for marijuana drug cases.  Not one person in the history of our nation has overdosed on marijuana.  Cannabis has become a billion dollar legal industry, for some, while others rot in of their state for medical marijuana, but were indicted and convicted in federal court because the Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris indicated that marijuana prisoners should not remain years on 15 year sentence for marijuana. She was out on CARES Act and Bureau of Prisons violated herRead more

Amy PovahMalibu, CA, United States
142,567 supporters
Created Jul 7, 2018
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