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Petition to Mendeley
Mendeley is currently the only references manager which allows synchronisation of PDF files and annotations across Android, iOS and desktop operating systems. Many students and researchers alike use the platform for their daily workflow. Mendeley announced recently that all mobile apps (Android, iOS) will be removed on 15/03/2021. In a time where many people study or do research from home, having mobile apps is absolutely essential. Mendeley recently announced that they listened to customers and want to focus more on core functionality. We ask Mendeley to listen more carefully and reconsider their decision on dropping mobile apps, as we see it as a core functionality.Read more

Daniel BurgarthSydney, Australia
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Created Feb 17, 2021
Petition to Jane Neary, James Stirling, Hannah Blandford, William Hollyer
We are unhappy with the planned change in Ethos opening hours (closing 3 hours earlier than normal) over the 'holiday period' (summer, Easter and Christmas). We understand that the closing time will be shifted forward 3 hours to save costs and to account for lower attendance, but Ethos is a core service of Imperial College London. It should prioritise its quality of service to its users over profit margins. This change will make it even more congested during after-work hours. President Gast often reflects that the pursuit of excellence is what characterises the Imperial community. This does not occur between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00. The newly proposed opening hours specifically disenfranchise the research community, whose work traditionally requires them to work longer hours. Exercise is vital to stress management, health and well-being. We call upon the College management to maintain the original opening hours (7 am to 10 pm on weekdays) and (7 am to 8 pm on weekends) throughout the academic year. Read more

Joseph YaoUnited Kingdom
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Created Jun 21, 2017
Petition to Chief Justice India
To The Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India Re: Recent Order of Varanasi Court on Gyanvapi Mosque Respected Sir, This is a petition from concerned citizens of India whose signatures are appended herewith for your kind intervention on the recent order of a civil court in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, regarding the well-known Gyanvapi Mosque situated within the precincts of Kashi Viswanath Temple. We are shocked and disturbed to note that in this order, the court has given the direction inter alia for the survey of the mosque by the Archaeological Survey of India to ascertain whether it is situated on the same spot where a Hindu temple had existed earlier. We fail to understand with what purpose the ASI is being asked to undertake such a survey and fear that if undertaken, it will threaten the status quo of the mosque and create an atmosphere of fear and disharmony in the area. The order is in direct contravention of the Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991 which enjoins the maintenance of such status quo. We hold that this is a matter of concern for all citizens irrespective of their religious belief and we are appealing to you as the highest custodian of our law to intervene suo moto into the matter and nullify the order of the lower court. Yours sincerely,Read more

Punarnaba HrfIndia
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Created Apr 15, 2021
Petition to Mayhew’s Carols at Christmas, Pets for vets, Merlin’s kids, Shelter to soldier, Can do canines
Port Louis, Mauritius – International Animal Rescue (IAR), together with PETA UK, has released shocking eyewitness video footage (available here) in which workers from the government-funded Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) hunt down, catch, and kill a large number of dogs. In spite of years of international outrage over the Mauritian government’s inhumane treatment of its dog population – and despite repeated offers of support from international animal-welfare groups – the country is still using a barbaric and ineffective method of dog control. At the shelter in Port Louis, as many as 20 dogs are killed in full view of each other: while one worker throws the dogs to the ground and stands on them to hold them in place, another administers a hit-or-miss lethal injection through the chest in an attempt to puncture the heart. The dogs then stagger around and eventually collapse, while the remaining ones try desperately to escape by climbing the gates and walls of the kennel. Mauritius promotes itself as a ‘paradise island’ for international holidaymakers, but it is a veritable hell on Earth for dogs.” “One minute a dog – perhaps even someone’s pet – is seen lying in the sun, causing no harm or nuisance to anyone”, Knight continues. “The next moment, the dog has been caught in a net, flung into the back of the van, and carried off to a slow and painful death. The only civilised and effective way to curb the population of stray dogs is to prevent more puppies from being born in the first place by implementing a comprehensive spay and neuter programme – which is precisely what we’re calling on the Mauritian government to do. And if dogs must be euthanised, the very definition of that word is ‘kind death’, yet the killing methods we’ve found are absolutely cruel.”Read more

Abigail MbulaMauritius
13,033 supporters
Created Dec 13, 2018
Petition to The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia
education provides numerous benefits to the public, including but not limited to: maintaining and increasing the proficiency of accurate and efficient assessment techniques, maintaining andRead more

Paul StephenVictoria, Canada
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Created Oct 16, 2016
Petition to Rick Miller, Lois Kolkhorst, Phil Stephenson, Pete Olson
Regarding the proposed Fort Bend County Women’s Center, through Magnolia Partners I, LP, rental housing development at the northeast corner of Skinner Lane and West Bellfort/0205 R Hunter, Tract 1 and 6, we the undersigned are firmly opposed to such low income property at this location, for the below listed reasons. Fort Bend County Women's Center is planning to build a 104 unit low income housing project.  This matter was not brought to the attention of area residents until right before deadlines for the proposal was looming. Issues that have not been addressed by the Women's Center: 1. Zero data on this type housing project. 2. Only about half of the units are for the women and children. The other half to displaced agencies from Houston, based on income. 3. The lack of public notification and no noticeable posting of the land use. 4. Size of the development is misrepresented and still not disclosed. 5. Overcrowded schools – Adolphus elementary is already at capacity. 6. Overcrowded roads with Skinner and (part of) West Belfort being one lane. 7. Too many apartment complexes being built in the area that are not fully occupied. 8. Low income housing being built next to a toll road. 9. No specific set of rules stated for residents already drafted and no punishments for violation for said rules. 10. Flooding of the area and nearby roads. 11. Lack of transportation, sidewalks, and mass transit. 12. It is a disclosed location where abusers will know where their victims are which could cause security and safety issues for our homes, children, and community. 13. The only people that will benefit from this are the developers. 14. Danger to the children in the neighborhood from the extra traffic from husbands/spouses searching for their families. 15. No such low income rental properties are currently in the nearby surrounding area. Properties fronting the east edge of the existing tracts are deed restricted, acreage lots with property values up to approximately $750,000. Larger acreage lots are along the western edge. This high density project would negatively impact the country aspect along Skinner Road. 16. Concerns about future expansion or other support for low income families. 17. Deterioration of our LMF community and the decrease of property values is a valid concern.Read more

Frederick WatsonRICHMOND, TX, United States
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Created Jul 1, 2016
Petition to Teachers, Students, Parents
Restrooms or also known as comfort rooms are one of the important things that a school have aside from the quality education. This place inside the school should be the cleanest place because it does not only represent the school’s cleanliness but it has a major effect on students' and teachers' health. However, based on our group’s observation and experience, the school’s restrooms are not that clean as we expected. Sometimes the cleanliness is not maintained which may cause different illness on a person’s health. Our group, the propreté, aims to create several projects and petitions to help promote the awareness of people involved in this problem that our school is facing. The goal is to improve and maintain the cleanliness of our restrooms here in our school.Read more

Lianne Tizonlaguna, Philippines
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Created Nov 12, 2016
Petition to Importance person like Government or Jab Pendidikkan
It is still impact especially in the future. Furthermore, maintaining Bumiputera is reallyRead more

Norfa LavenderMalaysia
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Created May 29, 2018
Petition to Doug Ford, Mayor's Office, City of Toronto
Our public transportation system is long overdue for a complete overhaul. The buses never come on time for the schedule. The subway stations are always dirty with broken facilities as well. We need to make a change and stop this from happening. Instead of using the expansion of public transportation as a way to gain votes on elections, we need to focus more on the maintenance. We want these things to happen: Expansions need to happen quicker instead of being empty campaign promises. More effort on supervising and keeping things on schedule. Please sign this petition to get our voices heard.Read more

Hendry HuCanada
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Created Dec 7, 2019
Petition to Jeffrey Schoonover
Based on the recommendation from the Somerset School Administration, a scheduling committee has made the decision to remove the Performing Arts (Strings, Bands and Chorus) from the regular school curriculum. The performing arts programs will be considered an extra curricular activity being offered before or after the regular school day. Please consider signing this petition to show your support for the Performing Arts Programs and ensure they remain part of the curriculum during the school day.  “Music can change the world because it can change people” - BonoRead more

Jennifer LazaroSomerset, MA, United States
2,869 supporters
Created Feb 7, 2019
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