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Petition to Governor Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
. Driver's tests- unavailable. Due to Covid-19, our Governor has closed all Penndot locations, deeming them non-life sustaining. Without these locations operating, many vehicle services are now Pennsylvania's DMV locations are closed "until further notice" Yet, Fast food restaurants are OPEN reopening all physical locations is acceptable, ONLY if all services can still be properly fulfilled. Read more

Kassidy AthertonMill Creek, PA, United States
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Created Apr 6, 2020
Petition to Google, Inc, Apple
THE PROBLEM Within two seconds, with your cell phone, you can find the closest Starbucks, including directions, maps, pictures and more. But if someone collapses from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and when every second counts, why can't I use the same technology to find where the closest Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is located?  Google My Business listings will tell you if a location has WiFi, Free Parking, Handicap Access, and much more. Why can't an AED be on that list? If I am in a shopping area and someone collapses, I should be able to ask Google or Siri and instantly know the location of the closest AED.  This feature has the potential to save thousands of lives, and over time, tens of thousands of lives, or more.  (UPDATE: Here's a news story about our petition that aired last night.)   THE SOLUTION How do we make this happen? Is it Karin on the 7th floor in the Maps Department? Is it legislative? Is it public pressure? As I start this, I have no idea and need help with guidance and ideas.    HOW CAN YOU HELP If you have any insight or ideas on how to make this happen, please connect with us directly. If you agree with this initiative, please: Sign up to keep in the loop Post this campaign on your social media pages   WHY IS THIS MY MISSION? This is my mission because my wife Julie, had a cardiac arrest. When she collapsed, she was not breathing and her heart was not beating. Within 45 seconds of her collapse, she was receiving CPR. Within 2 minutes, she got a shock from an AED, followed up by a second shock. Three minutes after her collapse, the ambulance arrived. By that time, she already started breathing and her heart started beating again. Today she has fully recovered because of the quick actions of those around her and because of the AED.  Watch this video for Julie's story.  This technology has the potential to save thousands of lives, if not tens of thousands of lives over time.    SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST STATISTICS Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death in the United States, killing nearly 300,000 every year. SCA can strike persons of any age, gender, race and health. An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a device used to administer an electric shock and restore the heart's normal rhythm. The survival rate for SCA is less than 5%. This is due to limited AED accessibility. If an SCA victim receives defibrillation through an AED within the first minute, the survival rate is 90%. For every minute that passes without defibrillation, survival decreases by 7 - 10%. 30% - 50% of SCA victims would survive if AEDs were used within five minutes. If defibrillation is delayed by more than ten minutes, the survival rate is less than 5%. Read more

Greg CoonPlano, TX, United States
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Created Apr 7, 2019
Petition to Chancellor Thomas Keon
In 2016, two campuses 45 minutes apart became one university, Purdue University Northwest (PNW). Since then, the administration has consistently held at least one commencement ceremony per-campus per-semester in order to appropriately accommodate all students. This year, less than 5 months before the spring 2020 commencement, the administration announced a change: spring commencement ceremonies will be held in Hammond, IN and fall commencement ceremonies will be held in Westville, IN. While this change may be positive for the hard-working staff that put together the ceremonies, this is a gross injustice to the students. Students that have spent their entire academic career on one campus, perhaps commuting over an hour to get there, now have to travel significantly farther, to a campus they have never visited, if they wish to walk for commencement.  The ramifications of this change are far-reaching. The PNW Academic Calendar, as posted under the Office of the Registrar currently (1/14/2020 @ 9:06 am) states that spring 2020 ceremonies will be in Hammond on Friday, May 8th, Saturday, May 9th, and Westville on Monday, May 11th. This has been on the website for several months, and students have planned accordingly. Families have flights booked, parties planned, and vacation days scheduled. The failure of the administration to give adequate notice for this change is inconsiderate and inappropriate. The failure of the administration to widely seek student, staff, and faculty input before making the change makes it clear that we are not a priority to the administration of Chancellor Thomas Keon.  Commencement is an important day to students that have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours in pursuit of a degree. A degree that comes from a school we will be proud to be alumni of: Purdue University Northwest. We, the students, want to take photos in front of landscapes that have come to feel like home, with friends, family, and faculty that supported and guided us along the way. Please, do not rob us of this opportunity by only offering a ceremony on one campus per semester. We are asking the administration to hear our voice and reconsider holding at least one ceremony per-campus.Read more

PNW PRIDEUnited States
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Created Jan 14, 2020
Petition to Snapchat
We want the photo sharing app company Snapchat to remove schools from their searchable locations situations.  Snapchat must remove schools from locations to search.Read more

Catriona MackenzieUnited Kingdom
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Created Jan 21, 2018
Petition to IUPD
IUPD is no longer listing the specific locations of reported campus sexual assaults on the publicRead more

Molly RossPalos Heights, IL, United States
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Created Oct 4, 2021
Petition to Austin Beutner, George Mckenna, Monica Garcia, Scott Schmerelson, Nick Melvoin, Jackie Goldberg, Kelly Gonez, Richard Vladovic, Angelica Solis-Montero, Michelle Kelrick, Andrew Kin, Susan Gurman, A...
-locations for the 2020-21 school year. Under a California law known as Proposition 39, co-location is is in the process of offering potential new space for co-locations to charter schools. With LAUSD schools closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new co-locations pose an imminent threat to school communities – issue a moratorium on all new charter school co-locations now! To Citizens of the applications for new co-locations for the 2020-21 school year. If you proceed with new co-locations, youRead more

United Teachers Los AngelesLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created Apr 8, 2020
Petition to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment
I'm a freshman in high school who cares a lot about animals, and that's why I think it's so cruel for SeaWorld to force orcas to perform tricks in captivity.  My friends and family know SeaWorld's recent announcement to end orca shows is just a big public relations stunt, but it bums me out knowing that so many other people believe all the propaganda fed to them by SeaWorld. Please sign my petition asking SeaWorld to end orca shows in all their parks!SeaWorld is ending their orca shows in San Diego only and has no plans to take those animals out of cruel captivity. SeaWorld will also hypocritically continue orca shows in San Antonio and Orlando! SeaWorld keeps orcas in an unnatural environment, surrounded by concrete walls, confined to a tiny space when they should be swimming miles and miles in the open ocean. They are separated from their family, left lonely or with other orcas that are strangers, are fed dead fish, forced to perform stupid tricks while loud music is blasting and become sickly, bored and depressed. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty miserable to me!Just recently, SeaWorld announced an end to orca shows in San Diego because they are going with “a conservation theme in a more natural setting.” If they admit this is a more natural way to treat amazing animals, that means they also know the shows are not about conservation and not natural! They are caught up in their own hypocrisy where money rules over common sense. Last year, I convinced my school to cancel plans to visit SeaWorld because kids like me are against animal cruelty. More and more people are becoming educated and understand the reality of captivity for profit so I know the fight against SeaWorld is getting stronger. I've been to protests against the Taiji dolphin capture and slaughter, too, because these types of shows from SeaWorld send the world the wrong message that it's ok to capture and abuse wild animals for the entertainment industry.I am positive SeaWorld will come around as the Ringling Bros circus did when they decided to take the elephants out of the circus. The fact that SeaWorld is a much larger company with shareholders to answer to means public pressure and financial pressure are that much more important to stop these orca shows at all SeaWorld parks.Please sign my petition telling SeaWorld to stop orca shows at all their parks. Orcas are intelligent, magnificent animals, and they are not here for our entertainment.Read more

Phoebe Goldsteinboulder, CO, United States
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Created Nov 19, 2015
Petition to Woodbridge Mall
country.  SeaQuest has already failed two animal welfare inspections in Colorado and other locationsRead more

Whitney MalinMaplewood, NJ, United States
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Created Dec 30, 2019
Petition to https://support.occupationalenglishtest.org/hc/en-gb/requests/new
مرحبا تعرفون حضراتكم انه ال GMC مؤخرا قبلت امتحان الOET كبديل للايلتس للاطباء الي يريدون يحصلون الرجستريشن بس للاسف لا يوجد مركز للامتحان في العراق ، بالتالي راح يكون الموضوع اصعب و اكثر كلفة للاطباء العراقيين انه يمتحنون بغير دولة فمن هذا المنطلق ، هذا الاستبيان صار حتى نلفت انتباه القائمين على الامتحان الجديد لعمل مراكز في العراق بالتحديد ببغداد و اربيل مثل مراكز الايلتس لطفاً همتكم بتسجيل الاصوات لزيادة الفرصة لفتح مراكز الامتحان بالعراق شكراموفقين جميعاً Hello everybody, Nice greetings , You know that GMC UK had recently approved Occupational English test (OET) exam as an alternative to IELTS for verifying English quality of candidates who are outside UK and willing to get GMC registration OET has many centers over the world , but unfortunately It didn't has any center in "IRAQ" which make it difficult for candidate who are willing to take it , with more financial burden when they try to take it in a nearby country which has OET centersSo in order to get attention of OET authorities , we should provide them with our opinion and essential need to open an OET Center in IRAQ specifically in Baghdad and Erbil governorates , Similar to what exists for IELTS .Please, Your help by voting to make these centers happen  Best regards Read more

ali fadhilIraq
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Created Feb 13, 2018
Petition to Asa Hutchinson, John Thurston
We are calling for the removal of the Confederate Soldiers Monument and Monument to Confederate Women at the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock. The statues foster division in our community and State. We should instead promote unity, diversity, and inclusiveness among residents and visitors to the City of Little Rock, the State of Arkansas, and the United States of America. The confederate statues should be moved to a more appropriate location for historic relics, such as the Oakland-Fraternal Cemetery where other Civil War inscriptions are kept.  The Governor, Secretary of State, and Legislature should act to move the statues now. Historians agree that the statues were erected well after the Civil War in 1905 and 1913, and were about making social and political statements for the time in which they were erected: https://encyclopediaofarkansas.net/entries/monument-to-confederate-women-7592/  https://encyclopediaofarkansas.net/entries/confederate-soldiers-monument-13209/  Read more

Chris BurksLittle Rock, AR, United States
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Created Jun 4, 2020
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