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Petition to Qld State Government, Qld health, Brittany Lauga
such a facility. We are urging the State Government however to find a more suitable location thatRead more

Mary-Louise MedlinRockhampton, Australia
3,860 supporters
Created Jul 9, 2019

Liza BerishaAlbania
486 supporters
Created Jun 2, 2022
Petition to Election Commisson of India, Sunil Arora
kilometres to cast a vote in the UP elections. It would have been a lot simpler if the location of aRead more

The Times of IndiaIndia
670,285 supporters
Created Jan 14, 2019
Petition to The City of Cambridge
offered by Conestoga College is inappropriate and a less than desirable location to effectively the sole property of Conestoga College. Whereas the geographic location of the land offered is not search for a more central location with better community access and consider opportunities to revitalize the city.  Read more

Bill KirbyCambridge, Canada
2,092 supporters
Created Jul 13, 2015
Petition to Bethesda Game Studios
ProblemShirley Curry is an 82 year old grandmother who runs her own channel on YouTube (with the help of her grandson). Shirley plays The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as well as other first person RPG’s in away that is often received as fresh and gentle as well as entertaining and thoughtful. Sadly, the next Elder Scrolls game won’t be released until Shirley is 88 years old, which means that unfortunately, she may not get to play it. As Bethesda has demonstrated with another fan named Erik West, they are willing to include dedicated fans of their series into their games.SolutionSign this petition to get Bethesda to notice and consider our proposition!Read more

Nick PoppGrants Pass, OR, United States
49,170 supporters
Created Nov 23, 2018
to Tengah and become a Co-ed school. With a huge change of location, from the Barker Campus, which there. Not only with the change of location, Anglo Chinese School (Primary) will also be changed to feelings we have towards its heritage and location. This is why we should stop this change and allow the ACS tradition to carry on, not only it’s history, but also it’s location, which many of us hold dear in our hearts. By signing this petition, you hope to stop ACS ( Primary )’s change of locationRead more

Anonymous .Singapore
6,857 supporters
Created Feb 9, 2023
Petition to City of Edmonton
, abused, and injured animals find a loving home. We have a storefront location in Edmonton Alberta, on 124th street. We adopt many animals out of our location, and it allows us to help more animalsRead more

Maretta WalkerCanada
4,955 supporters
Created Feb 14, 2020
Petition to Faculty, President of University, Students
For years Saint Peters University has held their commencement ceremony at the PNC Bank Arts Center, but recently news had broke amongst faculty that this year commencement ceremony has been relocated to the University's gymnasium. We have created this petition in hopes of getting the commencement committee to reconsider its recent decision of changing venues. Please support our journey by signing and sharing this petition. Read more

Breanna CoatesUnited States
1,957 supporters
Created Feb 27, 2020
Petition to Commonwealth Zoning Board, CNMI Office of the Governor
current location in As Gonno, and by that decision are forcing SCA to stop all operations by January 31-homed. SCA is currently working on getting a lease signed at a new location. However this land is notRead more

Kayla BrinNorthern Mariana Islands
8,125 supporters
Created Jan 22, 2022
Petition to Locals, Community, Government, Mayor
Not against the organisation - against the LOCATION. We believe this is disgustingly inappropriateRead more

anonymous .Nelson, New Zealand
1,598 supporters
Created Nov 4, 2020
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