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Petition to MP Theresa May , Boris Johnson MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP
STEVEN WOOLFE MEP LEADS CAMPAIGN FOR ALFIE’S LAW London, UK. Parliament Street today launches the ‘Alfie’s Law’ campaign with Steven Woolfe MEP for a change in the law to bring an end to the tragic strongly believe it is time for a change in the law to re-empower parents to have a say in the in the law to restore the rights of parents in such decisions. All parents should be allowed an through the struggle and torment the Evans family have. It’s time for Alfie’s Law.”Read more

Wendy StegglesHelston, ENG, United Kingdom
101,692 supporters
Created April 26, 2018
Petition to Houses of Parliament, Matthew Hancock MP
minutes and this be a violent public disorder? The law needs to changed around theses cases, and a higher sentence given. I want the government to put Simon’s Law into place. Simon’s Law will state that Simon alive and well enough for him to return home a year later. Simon’s Law will support any individual, and our emergency services who are also on the receiving end of these crimes. Let's put Simon’s Law into place.Read more

Nicole DobbinUnited Kingdom
291,347 supporters
Created August 21, 2019
Petition to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok
Every year, thousands of people take their life because of online abuse. A life is worth so much more than a nasty comment. Following the death of Caroline Flack and so many others who have suffered at the hands of trolls online, I am inspired to encourage a real change so that this doesn’t have to happen anymore.  So many people are growing up only knowing social media and being exposed to this kind of behaviour from such an early age can cause mental health problems, identity issues and low self esteem. We should all be able to express ourselves in a constructive manner without having to degrade somebody else in the process. Today I am asking social media companies to help me bring this change. First things first. We need to make it ILLEGAL to abuse people online. You wouldn’t be able to go up to someone on the street and abuse them without consequence so, why is it that social media and the wider internet has become a safe haven for this to happen.  Second of all, we should make it a requirement that people signing up to create social media accounts online should have to provide ID to prove who they are and how old they are. This can help social media companies tailor the type of content people see in order to protect them and in addition, enable people to be held accountable for their illegal behaviour online. Finally, in order to keep our young people safe I am requesting that anybody who has committed sexual offences or has been forced to sign the sex offenders register should be forced to declare this when signing up to social media. My reason for this is that people are more accessible online than they may be in the real world therefore it makes them more vulnerable to being targeted. Implementing these measures will keep them safe.  If you have any questions about this petition or want to discuss it with me, contact me on Instagram @nohun_ Until then, I hope you will join me in making social media a safer and more accepting place for all.Read more

Raurie WilliamsBirmingham, United Kingdom
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Created February 15, 2020
be named STEVEN'S LAW. We cannot let the anguish that we feel, be wasted as frivolously as was myRead more

Jess MarshallWollongong, Australia
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Created April 17, 2023
Petition to Tennessee State Senate
report her missing causing major issues in the investigation. We want to pass Evelyns Law to make itRead more

Hayley SperowUnited States
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Created February 21, 2020
Petition to British Government, Boris Johnson
This petition is to highlight and change the fact that animal on animal attack is not classed as serious enough by the Police to prosecute irresponsible animal owners.  At the moment they can only be fined.  My lovely cat, Daisy (11 Years old) was viciously attacked on our doorstep (private property) TOTALLY unprovoked by two dogs (not on leads) on the Monyhull Hall estate, KINGS NORTON, B30 on 9/6/2020 at around 2.05pm. The woman walking the dogs (3 in total) refused to give her details after the attack and walked off saying that she had no money so I couldn't sue her and she didn't care. Daisy was critical in ICU for 6 days then her condition worsened. We had to make the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep. I have since posted this attack on various social media platforms to try to locate this woman, to get justice and in doing so it has come to light that this isn't the first time that her dogs have attacked and one other cat that I know of has been killed (attack witnessed) and smaller dogs chased, mothers moving their children away from the dogs and cyclists have had their ankles nipped at.  The owners response is always total contempt and not interested in leashing or muzzling her animals. She was fined £200!! THATS IT!! Do we have to wait until these attacks turn on a child ? Lets make a difference, PLEASE SIGN!! Thank you.Read more

Vicky BrennanBirmingham, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created June 14, 2020
Petition to No more second chances, Butch Otter, Mike Crapo, James Risch, Raul Labrador, President of the United States, Barack Obama
My name is shasta groene. I am 19 years old and i am seeking out a way for not only my voice to be heard, but other victims. When i was 8 my mother, step father and 13 year old brother slade were murdered, and my brother dylan and i were kidnapped from our homes by a level 3 sex offender named Joseph Edward Duncan the 3rd. He was charged many times before my situation and was let out again and again. I would like this petition to change that. 1 strike for a violent sex offender should be enough! Never let them back on the streets to reoffend. I understand that there are some cases where people have to register as a sex offender but it wasnt exactly fair, those people arent included. This is for offenders who take other peoples decision to choose THIS isnt a disease! Its a sick twisted person who cannot be helped or fixed. The system failed me and my family and im going to do whatever it takes to put an end to the psychos running the streets.Read more

Shasta GroeneNampa, ID, United States
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Created October 24, 2016
Petition to United States Congress
minorities living in fear of law enforcement across the United States. Until American police officers are investigated for their crimes, things will never change. We need a law to hold them accountable momentum to draft and pass a law for the good of our citizens, and the generations that follow. We are therefore asking for Congressional support, to help draft and pass comprehensive law enforcement use of force in law enforcement cases that result in the discharge of a firearm or death/seriousRead more

Robert SalernoIllinois, United States
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Created May 29, 2020
Petition to Senate, Illinois State House
but the lives of hundreds of American citizens is Casy’s Law. This act provides a means of. This law will allow parents, relatives, and/or friends to petition the court for treatment on behalf of the person who is substance abuse impaired. This law allows for involuntary treatment which hands of the dreadful disease. Please help me get this law passed in the state of Illinois where it we want to get the Illinois House, Senate and Governor to see how much this law is needed in Illinois.Read more

Renee PortokalisChicago, IL, United States
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Created November 4, 2018
Petition to Blanco County Precinct 3
there isn’t a leash law. The pit bulls now have puppies and 8 of them are running up and down our pit bulls. We need lots of signatures to try and pass a leash law for Blanco County. Please help share and sign our Petition. Thank you! Read more

Wendy BrunnerRound Mountain, TX, United States
60,253 supporters
Created July 15, 2020
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