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Petition to Minister of Agriculture in Egypt.Dr Hamid Abdel and 1 other.
Egypt authorities insist Killing hundreds of Straydogs every day with STRYCHNINE poison thats forbidden all over the world.What Egypt government is committing at this time is GENOCIDE,a decision that will be tagged and remember as MASS MURDER by future generations:much like the GERMAN NAZI'S DID TO JEWS. If you are raiding this,you are one of the people who believe that we are not the owners of the planet,that every living being has the right to breathe on its surface ; YOU NOW THAT WE ARE THE PROTECTORS OF THE PLANET AND ALL LIVING BEINGS.Read more

tina corthalsheppen, Belgium
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Created October 28, 2018
Petition to Gil West
Delta recently amended its service and support animal policy and is "no longer accepting pit bull type dogs as service or support animals," effective July 10, 2018. The notice fails to define "pit bull type dog" any further, and states one of the reasons for the policy change is a "direct result of growing safety concerns following recent incidents in which several employees were bitten." The "recent incident" they are referring to is when passenger, Marlin Jackson, was mauled by an emotional support animal aboard a Delta flight in June 2017. However, the Washington Post reports that the animal was a Labrador mix, not a pit bull terrier. As the proud caretaker of a "pit bull type dog," I find Delta's newest policy discriminatory, highly subjective, and ignorant. Trying to exclude "pit bull type dogs" from flying is as vague as trying to exclude "people with big heads." In a study published by the National Canine Research Council, Dr. Victoria Voith concluded that visual identification of dogs, even by professionals, is often wrong. Dr. Voith found in almost 88% of adopted dogs, breeds identified by DNA analyses were not the breeds stated by the adoption agencies. The University of Florida reported similar findings when it had a research team consisting of 16 shelter staff members, including 4 veterinarians, with at least 3 years of experience, perform breed assessments of 120 dogs. Dogs lacking any genetic evidence of relevant breeds were labeled as "pit bull type dogs" 0 to 48 percent of the time. If animal experts cannot be accurate in their visual analysis of dog breeds, how can Delta enforce a policy dependent upon the general knowledge of an airline employee? People in need of service dogs and emotional support animals have enough to worry about without the added stress of having to defend or figure out whether their animal fits into a subjective category. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) states, "Laws that ban particular breeds of dogs do not achieve these aims [to help reduce the risk of harm to people and other animals], and instead create the illusion, but not the reality, of enhanced public safety." If Delta wishes to increase public safety aboard their flights, they should begin by examining how animal passengers are secured in cabins and training their staff to respond to problematic situations effectively, not include a discriminatory blanket-statement ostracizing something based on its physical appearance. Our family dog, Biggie, the Notorious D.O.G., is a rescued stray who is smart, affectionate, and outright goofy. On behalf of Biggie, and all of the other misunderstood "pit bull type dogs" out there, shame on you, Delta.  Read more

Amie ShaferOak Hill, VA, United States
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Created June 22, 2018
Petition to Snapchat
Snapchat has taken it to themselves to update their system without consulting its users. They have completely disregarded the needs of their consumers and disrespected their wants, leaving us, the loyal users and consumers of Snapchat, upset and unsettled. We wish for change. Change, BACK to the Snapchat of the 8th of January 2018. We reject this new update and would like it to revert to its original form (pre 08/01/2018). Just as it's users were getting comfortable and starting to accept Snapchat's last round of updates, Snapchat completely uproots everything their consumers know and flip it on its head. With stories in the wrong places and and the disorientation of a friends list. As we continue to use it, who knows what 'new-fangled' changes we will discover?  All we are asking is that Snapchat starts listening to it's people and start respecting their wishes and desires. All we ask is that they take back this update so we can put this momentary lapse of judgement behind us. Please support this endeavor to bring happiness back to the users of Snapchat.Read more

Osibi AAustralia
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Created January 9, 2018
Petition to Vue Cinema
Sending love to all those involved in yesterday’s violence at star city in Birmingham. It’s truly unfortunate that a small group of people can ruin it things for everybody blue story is a film about love not violence it’s unfortunate, but I hope that the blame is just placed with the individuals and not the indictment of the film it’s self I pray we all learn to live with love and treat each other with tolerance and respect #rapman #getbluestorysback Read more

Latest DripUnited Kingdom
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Created November 24, 2019
Petition to Department of immigration and, Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australian Government, Malcolm Turnbull, Malcolm Turnbull MP, Liberal Party Australia, Barnaby Joyce
Dear Prime Minister,   We, the undersigned, respectfully disagree with the following matters raised in the proposed citizenship laws: Firstly, the retrospective enactment is contrary to the Australian values that they seek to preserve, which is fairness, democratic consideration and equality of opportunity. It is in fact grossly unfair to existing migrants who have already made life-changing decisions to relocate, work or conduct business in Australia relying on the current rules.  Next, there is no reasonable evidence that four years on a permanent residency visa enable better social contributions than the current General Residence Requirement. Unless further evidence is provided to the contrary, there is nothing to show what can be gained on a PR visa cannot be gained on a temporary visa. When it comes to social obligations, permanent and temporary residents are subject to the same regulations. There is no issue taken at all with the position that Australia continues to accept temporary residence periods towards the qualifying periods for citizenship.      We, who have already lived, worked and integrated into the social norms of Australia for many years, respectfully request your reconsideration of these laws.Read more

Emma O ConnellSydney, Australia
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Created April 20, 2017
Clash Royale recently added an update that turns the strategic game into a random draft. This was done on the legends path, known for the competitive side of the application. SuperCell now boasts random choice of cards over carefully selected decks. Moreover, the process of finding and finishing a game is now a lot longer since: 1. People dont want to play mega draft in ranked, 2. It taks 3 minutes just to pick some cards, and 3. People leave during the draft selection process (because nobody likes it). Also the cards are no longer capped or at the same level which incites players to invest more and more money into the game just to get all the cards at an ‘enjoyable’ level that’s balanced: you end up playing lvl 5 goblin barrel vs lvl 14 hogs. I hope its evident that the changes are anti-competitive and only provokes this consumerist society. The game is now dull and boring and needs to be reverted to its previous glory!Read more

Andrei SimionescuNetherlands
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Created April 3, 2023
Petition to Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine
For years of waiting for the final Detox album which was officially scrapped by Dr. Dre in 2015 after the release of his grand finale "Compton". One track which was leaked via a mobile video recording of a record possibly named "Young World",  keeps gaining the attention of being released some day as it has become the fans favourite. Please Dr. Dre, release this track. Thanks Your Supporters!Read more

Latest DetoxLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created August 4, 2017
Petition to The Seattle City Council
On September 7th, Chris Hansen released a new and improved arena plan to bring back the Sonics. Hansen has offered to 100% privately finance three new venues: the SoDo Sports Arena, the Seattle Center Concert Venue, and the Seattle Center Amphitheater.  For nearly a decade the Seattle arena discussion has been focused around the future of KeyArena. "If Hansen builds in SODO, what happens to the Key?" The City now has the perfect solution: a 100% privately funded plan that will bring back the Sonics in SODO and build a world-class music/entertainment venue in Seattle.  Many cities across the nation would kill for this type of investment. Hansen's plan will bring back the Sonics (via a conditional street vacation), attract world-class entertainment personalities to Seattle, and completely prevent any disruption to the Port's operations (Lander Overpass = funded).....and this is coming all out of his own wallet.  The City of Seattle deserves this. This region deserves this. Our children deserve this. Let's bring back our Sonics.  We respectfully urge the Seattle City Council to consider Chris Hansen's updated arena plan. Read more

Evan HillUnited States
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Created September 11, 2017
Petition to Kelly Susewind
Washington state is going on a killing-spree of endangered wolves, and it must be stopped. Over Labor Day weekend in 2018, a helicopter sniper gunned down the sole adult male wolf of the Togo pack. He was the devoted father to two pups. In a sick twist, the state admitted that killing him could force the remaining adult female to hunt livestock to feed the pups. In effect, the state has set her up to have conflicts with livestock, knowing they could kill her and the two pups next. Just weeks later, a sniper in a helicopter shot and killed a five-month-old wolf pup from the Old Profanity Territory pack. These wolves are living in the exact territory where the state slaughtered seven wolves from the Profanity Peak pack in 2016 – leaving just one female to fend for herself with three pups. Killing a pup is grotesque and inhumane — and a clear sign that the state's ramping up its campaign to kill wolves at the behest of special interests. The Old Profanity Territory pup whose life was taken only weighed 50 pounds and was still developing his canine teeth. It was nowhere near ready to hunt on its own. Time and again Washington's spineless state officials bow to the interests of a powerful few by putting the profits of the livestock industry above the well-being of wildlife. The state has killed 16 state-endangered wolves from four different packs, all at the bidding of a single cattle business. Another three were killed for other livestock operations. It's a bloody legacy that can't continue. The Center for Biological Diversity is fighting in the courts and the streets to end this brutal slaughter of wolves for good. Our activists were at the Washington state capitol protesting and we won’t let up pressuring the state to stop this wolf-killing spree. We're fighting for each and every wolf and each and every pack. Sign the petition to tell Washington wildlife director Kelly Susewind to stop killing endangered wolves to line the pockets of just a handful of cattle businesses.Read more

Scott GilmanUnited States
659,266 supporters
Created September 18, 2018
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