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Petition to Vertex CEO Jeffrey M. Leiden
My life changed for the better the second my son Eli entered my world. But shortly after his birth, we learned that Eli had cystic fibrosis, a fatal genetic lung disease. Without the right drugs, his life could be cut drastically short. So when I found out Vertex Pharmaceuticals had finally developed two Cystic Fibrosis drugs that could help extend his life, I was thrilled. But then I heard their price tags -- the cheapest one costs $286,000 a year. I was dumbstruck. How could my family -- how could any family, for that matter -- ever afford them? What’s worse -- supporters of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF), like myself, have donated more than $75 million dollars to Vertex to fund its development research. We thought it was a partnership. We thought we were working toward the same goal -- to find a cure for a deadly disease. But I, like others who had been praying for these types of drugs, now feel betrayed. I am asking Vertex CEO Jeffrey Leiden to reconsider these unconscionable prices for drugs literally developed on the backs of the patients they claim to want to help. Vertex would not have discovered these drugs if not for the help of the CFF and others who cared about finding a cure. But now they have turned around and decided to charge more than the cost of a house for just one year’s prescription of this potentially life-saving medication. I am not the only one crying foul. In fact, a group of prominent cystic fibrosis doctors are urging Vertex to stop its “egregious” pricing. These drugs have the potential to treat tens of thousands of people, but they are priced for millionaires, people like Vertex CEO Jeffrey Leiden who earned almost $46 million dollars last year.   We are grateful to Vertex for creating invaluable medicine that will help our loved ones live longer, more fulfilling lives. But if we cannot afford it, it's as if it doesn’t exist at all. These prices strain taxpayers and the healthcare system, keep drugs completely out of the hands of those suffering from CF in developing nations and hold the potential to bankrupt families. It’s time for Vertex to switch to common sense pricing so that we can all have a chance at a healthy life. Please consider signing my petition on behalf of my son, Eli, and the up to 100,000 people around the world who share his lethal illness. And please share and urge your friends to sign through social media. Thank you, Juliana KeepingJournalist, blogger and momwww.hithisiseli.com@hithisiseliRead more

Juliana KeepingSilver Spring, MD, United States
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Created Oct 29, 2015
Petition to Administration of Bradley University, Provost of Bradley University
The Provost and other Bradley University administrators have recently proposed the merging and elimination of certain departments within the university, one of which is the Theater Department. They are recommending that the department be dissolved within a four year time period. The future of the Theater Department of Bradley University is at stake. In making such a proposal, the leaders of the university are not only doing a disservice to the students and faculty members but also, recanting the university motto "Mid-sized big difference". The Theater department epitomizes this value in fostering close relationships with peers and professors and has cultivated an increasingly strong program that ensures success for all students. It is a place where students are challenged not only on an artistic level but on a personal level in gaining new perspectives, breaking down superficial barriers, and developing empathy-real world skills that make the department exceedingly unique and necessary. Please sign this petition to support Bradley University's art lovers, artists, and art.  "The object of art is to give life shape." -Jean AnouilhRead more

Gabrielle CadieuxPeoria, IL, United States
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Created Jan 30, 2020
Petition to Publix Super Markets
I decided to start this petition after learning from Compassion in World Farming that Publix is one of the few remaining supermarket chains without a cage-free egg policy. I was raised in Lakeland, FL, home of Publix headquarters. I even went to George Jenkins High School, named after the founder of Publix. Some of my relatives have worked for Publix. As a father of three, it’s where I do most of my family grocery shopping.As a loyal Publix customer, I was discouraged to hear Publix still sells eggs from hens kept in cages so small they have less space than the size of an iPad. Laying hens spend their entire lives in these battery cages, unable to stretch their wings, perch, or do anything else chickens were meant to do. Publix is a multi-billion dollar company with more than 1,000 supermarkets across the South, and I know they care about their customers. Please join me and Compassion in World Farming in asking Publix to commit to 100% cage-free eggs! Consumers have made it clear they expect better for animals. In fact, Target, Kroger, Albertsons, Food Lion, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and many other grocery stores have publicly pledged to stop selling eggs from caged hens in response to consumer demand. Huge restaurant chains including McDonald’s and Taco Bell also announced plans to ensure eggs from hens raised in these conditions will be phased out of their supply chains. Companies including Kraft-Heinz and Nestle also say they will not use the product of such terrible suffering. There is simply no excuse for Publix to continue to sell eggs from hens confined to cages. Is it too much for Publix to ask its suppliers to give birds enough space to spread their wings and walk around? On the Publix website you can read how much they care about their commitment to being responsible in the community. You can see they say they will never knowingly disappoint customers. Well, I am a customer. And I was deeply disappointed when I learned Publix still supports cruel, outdated cages in the egg industry. A 2014 social and environmental responsibility report from Publix goes into detail about steps they’re taking for the environment, including a more sustainable seafood supply. I would expect a well-respected company like Publix to include removing cages from its supply chain as part of its self-stated responsibility to the community. That same report concludes with CEO Ed Crenshaw writing that the main focus of Publix “is on delivering premier customer service, but let there be no doubt that the impact on this planet we call home is always on our minds.” Let’s tell Publix that its customers in Florida and beyond do not want eggs from a hen who spent her life crammed in a cage. Because Florida is a big tourist destination, please keep this petition in mind when you visit our great state and make your own shopping decisions, too! Animals deserve better, and Publix should take this issue as seriously as its competitors in the grocery industry already have. Please sign the petition!Read more

Nina FarleyPortsmouth, NH, United States
115,822 supporters
Created Mar 7, 2016
Petition to SGI
...And how authorities are trying to remove them... As a lot of you may have read my Facebook post regarding my recent interaction with SPS and SGI, I am asking any concerned parties to pledge their support here.  We have to protect our rights and to be able to enjoy our car hobbies.  This not only impacts our personal connections but also business entities as well.  We want to keep our cars on the roads that we have been driving on for years and are an important aspect of our daily lives.  Your support is greatly appreciated! Update: First I would like to thank all of the car enthusiasts that have signed. We are blown away by the support. The car community is huge and we want to just be able to enjoy our cars without being singled out and put under a microscope.I have had discussions with government,media,business owners,police officers and car enthusiasts.We have lived in Saskatoon most of our lives and have registered too many vehicles through SGI to count (both classic and regular). The Falcon has been registered and plated for 38 yrs with not one accident claim and was "allowed" on the road all that time until now.. When you get pulled over and issued a ticket you don't think you deserve is one thing. You have a choice to pay it or go to court, but when they proceed to look at your car (without permission) then give you a piece of paper that invalidates a person's lifetime investment and hard work that is another. And deems it unsafe for the road.Classic modified vehicles are everywhere. When done properly, modifications improve the safety of the vehicle. As time goes by, replacement parts become limited or unavailable. Many of our cars need these modificiations so we can continue to drive them. But once again, it doesn't impede the safety of the vehicle. There are car families, car clubs,car shows, automotive businesses and functions(including charities) that have been ongoing for years, focused on the love and enjoyment of cars, trucks,bikes,etc.  When people are motivated to create something unique, they shouldn't be harassed. I have been reading lots of great comments and this one sums it up... "IT'S NOT JUST A CAR!" I am reminding all petitioners to please refrain from using abusive or derogatory comments. This is about making things better for our hobby.           Read more

Stephen BetkerCanada
35,471 supporters
Created Jun 5, 2020
Petition to South Wales Police
CONVICTED Greg Phillips, 40, of #Glynneath, South Wales – caught on dashcam repeatedly punching a cocker spaniel Dashcam footage showed Phillips grabbing hold of the unnamed dog as she jumped out of his car when he went to put a crate of beer on the back seat. He then punched her several times, before throwing her into the boot along with other dogs, and then striking her again. Passers-by can be heard hooting their car horns and shouting at him to stop. RSPCA Inspector Keith Hogben said: “In broad daylight and with people all around, this poor dog was beaten by his owner, who clearly had no regard for his legal responsibilities towards his animal. “Fortunately, the dashcam footage helped us to identify this individual and ensure we could take action. “Clearly, this is no way to treat an animal, and thankfully, the vast majority of people across south Wales and beyond will be shocked by this footage, and the beating this poor cocker spaniel was subjected to.” Sentencing: 150 hours of unpaid work; a total of £390 costs and charges. No ban or deprivation order. https://thecrueltylistuk.com/glynneath-neath-port-talbot-greg-phillips/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-53996009Read more

Rachael SharpUnited Kingdom
34,328 supporters
Created Sep 3, 2020
Petition to Kelly Yandell
We desperately need a crossing put in by Foxholes Farm after yet another child was hit by a car this morning. Where the children from Hertford Heath walk to Simon Balle there is no safe crossing. The traffic needs slowing down and the children need a safe place to cross. The buses are unreliable and not enough spaces so a large amount of children walk. This also includes children walking to Richard HaleRead more

Kelly YandellHertford Heath, ENG, United Kingdom
3,441 supporters
Created Jan 21, 2019
Petition to residents of stamford, stamford government
  Terry Conners Rink is an ice skating rink located in Stamford, Connecticut. The city’s board of finance wants to cut the budget for the rink in half, so we need your help to prevent this from happening . Our goal is to collect signatures to show how many people care for this rink.             This rink is a second home for many people. It’s the rink where hockey and figure skaters alike spend their hours practicing. They’re here everyday, sometimes at 5am and as late as 10pm. In addition, it is home to the Southern Connecticut Synchronized Skating Teams, a group of over 40 figure skaters who travel to competitions around the east coast.             Cutting funding for this rink would mean that it would not be able to open until next year. This would mean no summer camp and clinics for skaters. The summer camp is where around 450 kids aged 4-15 learn how to skate, play games outside and on the playground, go to the Cove beach/park, and exercise. As one of the older campers myself, this camp has been a great experience for me in both meeting friends and preparing for the upcoming synchro season.              The rink also hosts the annual Terry Conners Synchro Open which happens in early December every year. It’s a competition where over 1,000 skaters from up and down the east coast come to compete. The Open provides money for the city of Stamford through hotels, restaurants, and more, thus a reason why they should keep it open for that event.             Another reason Terry Conners Rink should stay open is because of the endless opportunities presented to the kids who go to the summer camp and learn to skate programs. Terry Conners provides a learning experience for older skaters on teaching younger kids how to skate. We are able to learn how to become a leader, and help the beginner skaters learn a new sport. Later, this skating experience will provide us an opportunity to have a job at the rink as well, during the winter seasons.            Cutting funds means there will be no summer camp, synchronized skating, hockey, or any other form of skating programs this year. Because of all the lost practice time, skaters will begin to lose many of their hard-acquired skills since there is no perfect alternative to ice. If Terry Conners Rink loses funding from the city now, it may be prone to being budget-cut again in the future which will make it much harder to stay open. Please help our rink — our second home — stay open by getting the funding it needs and signing this petition.  thank you,  written and edited by: Sarah Maitland, Anastasia Ladyka, Emily Seligson, Julia Peldunas Rebecca Middlen, Caitlyn Foster, and Sarah Boside.Read more

Sarah MaitlandGreenwich, CT, United States
6,530 supporters
Created May 8, 2020
Petition to Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP
I was racially assaulted on the 24 bus in London in March. I was punched severely on the right side of my body and had abuse shouted at me for being an African-Caribbean woman. No witnesses stepped in to my aid or checked if I was okay. The driver simply closed the doors as my attacker fled. Since it happened I have tried to get justice. But because of a bus company policy the CCTV footage has been destroyed and I have been left with no evidence and no way for the police to find my attacker.Straight after the incident I panically reported it to 101 via an online form, noted the bus number, location, and my Oyster card. 3 days later, I was assigned an officer to handle my case. Unfortunately they made a mistake taking down the details of my case. It meant that the CCTV footage was requested wrongly, delaying the process.It turns out transport companies set their own timeframes for authorities and individuals to collect their CCTV footage. In my case on an Metroline bus, only 10 days was given to retrieve footage. By the time, the police error was realised, the timeframe was missed and the footage had been lost.Without this, I’ve been left with no case. No way to get justice. Only a shoulder injury which I may require physiotherapy for and the knowledge that my attacker is still present near my place of work.Even if there hadn’t been an error, a timeframe like 10 days is not enough. Giving victims such a small window to come forward, given emotional or physical trauma they may face, gives barely any time for recovery. It shouldn't be a choice between recovery and justice. And as paying customers of these networks, we need to be ensured that we are safe.I’m calling on the Transport Minister to make big transport companies across the UK - like Arriva, Stagecoach, Metroline and London Underground store CCTV footage for 30 days.Limits like these mean communities especially BAME communities lose faith in their local police forces when justice does not prevail. Police forces too are left powerless to gather the evidence needed. I hope this petition will assist the many other victims of violence to secure justice.Read more

Makedah SimpsonLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
150,000 supporters
Created Mar 22, 2018
Petition to Facebook, YouTube
If you submit a video to Facebook or YouTube, explaining it's animal abuse in every form, neither platforms will do anything. Facebook, won't even let you explain anything in the report and YouTube, doesn't take the animal abusers channels down. Even telling them who they are and what they do to the monkeys in Cambodia. This has been an increasing problem with particular animal abusers in Cambodia and Vietnam. The Authorities won't take all their monkeys away and won't give them a fine. So they continue to abuse the monkeys. Reporting these abusers, do nothing on Facebook or You Tube. Goes on deaf ears. Facebook needs to let people free hand the problem with the abuse videos and both need to tell why it doesn't go against Community Standards. What is Community Standards to abuse? Facebook and You Tube need to quit playing games and stop monetizing these people with monkey abuse videos. Also, if they see a channel has been set up from Cambodia or Vietnam, where it's illegal to even own monkeys, they need to remove it indefinitely. Quit looking at the bottom line of making money. Save these poor monkeys from the ongoing abuse of these people! They have no voice, we are their voice.  Read more

Janet BaronReno, NV, United States
95,945 supporters
Created Mar 24, 2021
Petition to RSPCA
West Ham football player Kurt Zoila has been filmed drop kicking his Bengal pet cat and slapping and hitting it in his home. There is no excuse for abusing animals no matter the apology or context. He must be held accountable for his actions and we urge the RSPCA to act, investigate and remove the animals from his home. We also encourage prosecution. This must be an opportunity to set an example that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated and to set the right example to football fans around the world that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable.  Please sign this petition. Read more

Clare WigginsLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
49,989 supporters
Created Feb 8, 2022
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