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Petition to Daniel Andrews, Scott Morrison, Martin Foley - Minister for Health, VARTA varta@varta​.​org​.​au, Greg Hunt, James Merlino, David Coleman, Georgie Crozier MP
COVID19 continues to wreak havoc on the lives of many. For 2 years now, Victorians have been in and friends. During these 2 years, infertility treatments have been threatened to stop and many peoples cycles have been cancelled. This is a devastating blow to the many people out there experiencing the trajectory of their lives. This isn’t just about missing out on having a baby, it’s potentially lunch with, no one to visit you in the retirement village when you’re grey and old. For many, IVF is theRead more

Kate ElleryAustralia
139,630 supporters
Created January 6, 2022
Petition to Chris Geith, District Manager, Barnes and Noble, cgeith@bn.com
that show you how to build your own AK-47 rifle, how to master alternative shooting positions and so, maybe they will follow suit and just stop selling those magazines. We have contacted the upperRead more

steven 4socialjusticeArmed Forces Pacific, United States
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Created May 8, 2018
Petition to nsw
what happened in my home was different to any other family home, as a child how could I have known any better? My three brothers,mother and I just accepted the ongoing abuse (whether it be verbal,emotional or physical) , I wanted help ,but didn't know how to get it. If I had known any better, my that's when i realised how serious domestic violence is. I began to develop major  mental illnesses such as;Bulimia , Depression,Anxiety ,dissociating issues,  and many more.My mum had been dealingRead more

Josie __Australia
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Created April 11, 2015
Petition to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
telephone companies get their way, they will dictate what, how and when to browse the internet. And consumers choose how they want to use Internet. If thousands sign my petition, we will make waves inRead more

sandeep pillaiKollam, India
373,068 supporters
Created December 24, 2014
Petition to United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, American International Group - AIG, Papa Francesco Bergoglio, The British Council, World Bank, Bank Of America, Council of the European Union, The Walt Dis...
to afford such huge money. I just request please do some work for patients.please help them as how politic or economic or any other thing. I just want say most of our drugs which are about traetmtre of in months ,he buy just once and continue his life with pain. You know there are some skin diseases you familiar with SMA1 diseas and do you know it's treatment cost???in Iran many children have it and only treatment way is applying for foreign hospitals and getting its cure. In 2018 many childrenRead more

26,306 supporters
Created January 12, 2019
Petition to President Cyril Ramaphosa
. Today. Now. We need you. This country needs YOU to step up & help us be safe again. How many more; children are being kidnapped. But that was just today. The crime and poverty and lack of leadership inRead more

Brent LindequeJohannesburg, GP, South Africa, South Africa
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Created September 2, 2019
Petition to Department of Education
kilometers, cross dangerous rivers, or seas just to reach their school. Do you think these students have internet or how can they fit into the novel system of digitalization in education? Please think very well for every stake holder. With the covid19 crisis so many people have been financiallyRead more

Ramon ValeraMarikina City, Philippines
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Created May 30, 2020
Petition to President
) fluctuate and should not be used as the sole determination for diagnosis. There are many things thatRead more

Malea WilsonRound Lake, IL, United States
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Created January 17, 2014
Petition to U.S. Senate
people, some who were freshman just starting their second semester of high school, others seniors who just committed to the colleges of their dreams. He took away their hopes and aspirations. He should worrying about how much money they will make or whether they will be re-elected. Innocent people are DYINGRead more

Anisha SaripalliParkland, FL, United States
461,826 supporters
Created February 15, 2018
Petition to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Eyes taken, skin ripped, and loss of extremities are just some of the things animals suffer when artificial human skin? Nowadays with the advances of technology many ways to replace animal testing have been that we have ran out of excuses to keep killing and torturing animals just for hiding a pimple or and the results are given within days.  And this is just the beginning, technology evolves faster breath and eat just like we do? Having a voice does not come along with having power over others, andRead more

abril gargiuloBuenos Aires, Argentina
8,155 supporters
Created January 29, 2018
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