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Petition to Principal Stanley
Majority of students at Westlake Girls High School like to wear jewelry to express themselves many of these items of Jewelry have a sentimental meaning.The schools rules are too strict now and taking this rule too far . We as students should be able to wear whatever Jewelry we like as we pay Jewelry and many reasons are cultural or sentimental values. All staff are allowed to wear jewleryRead more

❤️ �New Zealand
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Created May 25, 2017
The CNM Bench Jewelry Certificate Program is a staple in the Art and Jewelry industry in New Mexico. Trained jewelers are in high demand, and the CNM Bench Jewelry Certificate Program is one of the only community colleges that offer an intensive jewelry program that directly leads to jobs with local jewelry manufacturers, International jewelry suppliers like Rio Grande Jewelry Supply company, andRead more

Marco RiveraAlbuquerque, NM, United States
1,490 supporters
Created April 10, 2022
Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services, Starbucks
United States Department of Health and Human Services has some jewelry guidelines regarding food have partners wear their religious articles of jewelry.Read more

Gurjot KaurSouth Carolina, United States
9,143 supporters
Created August 30, 2021
Petition to Paparazzi, LLC., Trent Kirby, Misty Kirby, Chantel Reeve, and Ryan Reeve, Attorney General Rob Bonta (California)
Demand consumer safety! Join our petition to compel Paparazzi Accessories, a popular jewelry brand samples of the jewelry sold to them by Paparazzi Accessories, LLC. The reports from the laboratories regarding the contents of Paparazzi jewelry. Paparazzi Accessories meets applicable safety laws and consumer laws in the United States, even though some jewelry may contain trace amounts of lead and nickel. The metals found in Paparazzi jewelry pieces are primarily made of iron and include otherRead more

Bling AuntieSAN JOSE, CA, United States
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Created June 19, 2023
Petition to Hard Jewelry
Hard Jewelry® was started with the idea to create custom jewelry for the younger people so they out there on display to let you know anything is possible Hard Jewelry® should make MORE face masks , they already have the hardest jewelry in the game, why not be able to match a facemask with my Cuban and pendants to be even harder. Read more

Kyle BergerChicago, IL, United States
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Created February 13, 2021
Petition to All
                                          Inspire Your Jewelry 17 Great Ruby Band Ideas That You In Love With Ruby Birthstone Jewelry | ruby birthstone jewelry Kenya affairs to advance amount You Are In Genuine Ruby Jewelry | genuine ruby jewelry Authenticating affluence items like jewelleryRead more

Andrew BomellMiami, IN, United States
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Created July 27, 2018
Petition to Nirmala Sitharaman
scenarios such as attending Indian weddings and festivals, it is customary to wear gold jewelry. Although with this import restriction in place, NRIs cannot additional gold jewelry as only a pair implemented to allow NRIs to bring jewelry for temporary visits. When Indian residents travel outside of India, they use an export certificate to declare their jewelry/expensive items. These same items can then NRIs can bring more jewelry into the country during their temporary visits. This will help NRIs participate in Indian festivities thoroughly.Read more

Sudheer VemulaCupertino, CA, United States
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Created December 26, 2019
Petition to indigenous peoples, Natives, Allies
The danish owned company Pilgim Jewellery have created a collection called “Native Beauty”, advertising it as Nordic vibes and Nordic Native. In their collection they are using our sacred Traditional Inuit Tattoo patterns. Inuit are Indigenous Peoples from the Arctic and our patterns are sacred. This is cultural appropriation and exploitation of Indigenous culture.Read more

Seqininnguaq PoulsenNuuk, Greenland
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Created August 21, 2021
I think jewelry making would be a great club for phms and we should conciter it being a club forRead more

jena richFrisco, TX, United States
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Created October 4, 2022
This is a petition to have will make a limited edition promise rings I’ve been asking every days for weeks I’ve been being bake in the comments it’s time for us to have our voices heard we just want promise rings will cmon don’t make us do this the hard way Read more

Roman LeyvaChula Vista, CA, United States
16 supporters
Created October 21, 2021
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