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Petition to David Davis
The people have voted in a General Election, saying, "We don't want Brexit negotiations conducted by one single party." The General Election result, delivered just under one year after voting to leave the EU, did not give any one party a majority, nor a mandate to negotiate the terms of Brexit that will affect everyone for generations. Weak Government needs strengtheningThe election was called to strengthen the hand of the British Government at the negotiations. At her speech on 18th April, announcing the General Election, Prime Minister Theresa May said, "The country is coming together, but Westminster is not." But the British people voted for a hung parliament, and the Government's hand is weaker. The only way to face the other 27 EU leaders with any credibility is to demonstrate that Westminster has united and is fairly representing the will of the British people. A negotiating team to reflect parliamentWe demand that the Brexit Secretary involves other parties in the Brexit negotiations, putting together a cross-party team to reflect the make-up of parliament. Here are three reasons why: 1) We will all have to live with the outcome of Brexit negotiations for much longer than one parliamentary term.  They shouldn't be conducted along party lines. 2) It will strengthen our hand in the negotiations because our team will reflect of the will of the British people. The current arrangement does not represent the country, and the other leaders will exploit that. 3) It will unite Westminster.  If Westminster was divided before, as Theresa May said, it is even more so now. In the current stormy political seas, this is your chance to steady the ship, and ensure politicians work for the people, instead of their party. To shape the future for our country, please sign and share this petition now.Read more

Stuart RadcoxEpsom, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created June 10, 2017
Petition to Animal Welfare board India, Prevention of cruelty to Animals Act
A new emerging trend of dragging stray animals behind vehicles using rope is getting popular in India to get popularity in social media by certain individuals. These kind of activities are executed during broad day light out in the public main road and Streets. Such horrific incidents are seen and ignored by few passerby's and hence are set out of control. It's too late now, however every single life matters. We a group of individuals are writing this once and for all to amend the law governing protection of stray animals. We are looking forward over million people to sign this irrespective of your nationality, race, religion or gender. We want humanity to stand and exhibit our persona of kindness towards stray animals and try to make their short lives beautiful.  Animals have served in various therapy for humans. Animals have served in armies in protection to their countries. Animals have served protection to women who have walked during nights. At the least, animals have been the most loyal companion. Keeping all these facts in mind, we demand enforcement of strict laws governing their protection with immediate effect. Kindly do not forget to sign this petition at bottom of the page        Read more

Mackline ViegasMangalore, India
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Created April 29, 2021
Petition to celine dion, https://www.celinedion.com/
would agree that fashion and beauty should never involve cruelty and exploitation. I ask you, withRead more

Lise DoucetMoncton, Canada
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Created November 17, 2019
in place to involve their community's residents before development decisions are made. Sign below involve residents in the development of their community.    Read more

Evelyn MiksChicago, IL, United States
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Created March 31, 2022
Petition to fredallen99@comcast.net
1. Animals spend 96 percent of their lives behind bars.The average circus travels for 48 weeks of the year, and during this time, the animals are all confined to tiny cages, only just big enough to stand and turn around in. Statistics show that the average time that the animals are caged for is in excess of 26 hours, and in some cases it was as long as 75 or 100 hours. In the wild, an elephant can walk up to 30 miles each day, highlighting the immense disparity between their cruel circus lifestyle and their natural one. 2. Babies are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth.Elephants, lions, tigers, and chimpanzees are all very social animals by nature, yet in the circus, these animals are taken away from their mothers at a very young age and brought up in a solitary environment where they cannot exhibit many of their natural behaviors. It is very common for these animals to develop stress related illnesses, depression, anxiety, and extreme frustration when they are deprived of companionship. 3. Physical punishment is the standard method of training.The training of circus animals is a dark and disturbing world which is hidden from the public eye. However, many investigators have been able to film secret footage of the horrific ways in which trainers force their animals to learn the tricks they perform on stage. Bull hooks, whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, and other barbaric tools are used to physically punish the animals until they learn to get it right. Bleeding, bruising, and even broken bones have been witnessed by investigators. 4. Partial starvation and dehydration is commonplace.As well as using direct physical contact to make the animals learn tricks, they are often forced to go without food and water for prolonged periods when they haven’t performed well during training sessions, as well as during travel periods. According to the ASPCA, the deprivation of these basic necessities combined with the long term physical mistreatment and abuse of these animals is done in order to keep them afraid and submissive. 5. Animals can develop long-term disabilities.The captive state which these poor animals experience often leads to shorter lifespans, mental disorders, and physical disabilities resulting from a lack of any natural exercise and the extreme daily confinement. Joint problems are particularly common among elephants, lions, and tigers as they would naturally roam for miles, something which circus animals never get to experience. The unacceptable use of animals in circuses is on the decline worldwide with many countries choosing to ban it outright or impose very tight regulations. Although the U.S. does offer protection for circus animals under the United States Animal Welfare Act, there are only 100 Department of Agriculture inspectors assigned to monitor 12,000 circus related facilities, leaving many animals vulnerable to widespread abuse.  Read more

Sarah SpradlinNorth Little Rock, AR, United States
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Created October 22, 2018
Petition to Government of Canada, Government of British Columbia
This petition is initiated by the Arrow Lakes Caribou Society (ALCS). The ALCS is a non-profit organization based in Nakusp and supported by the local and regional governments. It is composed of local groups and organizations who use the backcountry and/or are dependent upon access to the backcountry for their livelihood. Membership includes representation from hiking, biking, ATV, snowmobiling, hunting, trapping, forestry, heli skiing, and mining. The goal of the ALCS is to build and maintain a local area organization; to facilitate information sharing and involvement during the development and implementation of caribou recovery efforts and activities; and to advocate for ongoing, transparent, and meaningful community and stakeholder communication, consultations and involvement in the federal and provincial governments caribou recovery efforts and activities. The federal and provincial government are developing caribou recovery strategies across BC using a flawed process that is being rushed, is fundamentally wrong and is disrespectful to the citizens affected by the plans. Government can no longer be relied on to act by itself in our interests or the interests of caribou. Government needs to step back and recognize that we, as citizens of BC, have rights to due process and meaningful consultation and involvement with the development and implementation of recovery plans that affect our way of life. Therefore, we ask that you please read the background information, sign, and share this petition. We need your support so that we have a greater collective voice, which governments can no longer ignore. Please do not hesitate to contact us at: al.caribou.society@gmail.com with any questions. This is a serious issue that will ultimately affect communities and families in this area. We expect that all negotiations and recovery planning stop until the federal and provincial government: 1) Respect the rights of the local communities and stakeholders affected by caribou recovery efforts to be involved in the development and implementation of caribou recovery plans; 2) Consult openly with all users, stakeholders, businesses, and local government affected by caribou recovery plans; 3) Conduct a socio-economic impact analysis on the Kootenay region before approval of any recovery plan, and share the results with the communities affected; 4) Provide community stakeholders with base line data on populations and access to relevant science based studies that support recovery plans.   Background Information In the northern part of the province the provincial and federal governments drafted an agreement between them and first nations. The agreement set aside large tracts of land from development and public access. Communities and stakeholders who depend on access to these areas were not consulted or involved in developing the strategy. No socio-economic impact of the strategy was conducted. Only after the negotiations were concluded did the government decide to meet with the communities, stakeholders and families affected. A similar process will likely occur for the Central Selkirk (Nakusp) herd. Currently, it is unlikely that communities and stakeholders affected by a recovery strategy will be involved with recovery planning other than token community meetings. This is a repeat of a similar process a decade ago. In 2006 caribou populations were in decline. A science team identified management strategies (e.g., management of recreation, primary prey, caribou population, habitat and predators) that if fully implemented would have a realistic chance for successful recovery. In 2008, the provincial government recovery effort in this area was primarily limited to setting aside 220,000 hectares of forested land for caribou habitat. Identification of these areas was done without community or stakeholder involvement, without input by local herd experts or local knowledge, and without discussing the significant socio-economic impacts of the habitat management strategy. Unfortunately, other than habitat management and some recreational management (largely initiated by the recreational users themselves) government did not implement the rest of the science team strategies and the populations continued to decline - locally, regionally, provincially (including in parks) and globally. Now, at the eleventh hour, government is proposing additional restrictions on the land base by restricting activities in the Matrix Habitat. Matrix habitat refers to areas outside of the existing caribou habitat set aside where conditions drive predator-prey relationships that influence caribou population dynamics. In this area, matrix habitat is all low elevation forests, primarily operable forest. Matrix habitat between Nakusp, Trout Lake and the Fish River account for an additional 70,000 hectares of forested land that may have industrial and recreational restrictions placed on it. Government has not defined what restrictions will be placed on the matrix habitat but expect us to provide input into its recovery plans. Without knowing what the matrix restrictions and other management strategies are, government will not be able to conduct a socio-economic analysis or reasonably assess the probability of success of recovery plans. The federal and provincial governments need to step back and recognize that we, as citizens of BC, have rights to due process and meaningful consultation and involvement with the development and implementation of recovery plans that affect our way of life. Image Description: Map 1:  Central Selkirk Population comprised of the Nakusp and Duncan herds. The existing caribou habitat is shown in grey and brown, the matrix habitat is shown in pink. Please note, when asked to donate you are not donating to Arrow Lakes Caribou Society - you are donating to change.org and it is not required.Read more

Arrow Lakes Caribou SocietyCanada
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Created April 7, 2019
Petition to Illinois General Assembly and Governor
According to Newsweek magazine, "cops get away with rape". In recent years, cases exposing officer involved sexual assault have made national attention, including former officer Daniel Holtclaw and Dominique Heaggen-Brown State Representative Litesa Wallace has proposed legislation to help victims feel empowered to report sexual assaults and rebuild trust between police officers and the communities they serve. HB 270 has passed committee, now we ask that the Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois Senate vote to get the bill to the Governor's Desk and we ask that he sign this legislation into law. Read more

Citizens Against Sexual Assault IllinoisUnited States
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Created April 2, 2017
Petition to Spanish Tourism - Ireland
Bullfighting involves horrendous cruelty to animals. Bulls are painfully tortured with lances and spiked spears before the bleeding and wounded creatures are killed with a sword into the heart. As a grisly trophy for the matador, the ears and tail are cut off (sometimes when the bull is still conscious). This barbarism should have no place in modern Spain. By trying to lure holidaymakers into the blood-soaked bullrings, the Spanish Government's tourism body is complicit in the continuation of this cruelty. As a majority of Spaniards no longer have any interest in bullfighting, it is in many cases the tourists who keep bullrings afloat. If tourism authorities and travel agents stopped pushing tickets on tourists, it would surely spell the end for many bullrings. On the Spain.info website, Spanish Tourism states: "Come to Spain and discover the world of bullfighting - you are sure to have fun." It is not only encouraging people to attend bullfights but to also participate in the barbarity, saying "there are many companies in Spain that prepare everything necessary for you to bullfight young cows and bulls". In a world where most people oppose cruelty to animals, it is unwise of Spain's national tourism body to present it as a holiday attraction. By doing so, they risk alienating many potential visitors who view bullfighting as the abhorrent and unacceptable obscenity that it is. ACTION ALERT Contact your local Spanish Tourism Office and make it clear that, as one of the majority opposed to animal cruelty, you find it very offensive that they are actively promoting bullfighting and bullrunning. If their promotion of animal cruelty would make you chose an alternative holiday destination, please point this out in your correspondence. Gonzalo Ceballos, DirectorSpanish Tourism Office in Ireland1-3 Westmoreland Street, Dublin Tel: 01-6350200 Email: dublin@tourspain.es, munich@tourspain.es, frankfurt@tourspain.es, berlin@tourspain.es, guangzhou@tourspain.es, beijing@tourspain.es, londres@tourspain.es, nuevayork@tourspain.es, milan@tourspain.es, prensa@tourspain.es, roma@tourspain.es, viena@tourspain.es, spaininfo@tourspain.es, duesseldorf@tourspain.es, losangeles@tourspain.es, chicago@tourspain.es, oetmiami@tourspain.es, copenhague@tourspain.es, paris@tourspain.es, info.tokio@tourspain.es Tweet to @Spain @SpaininIreland Leave a comment on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spain.info.ieRead more

Irish Council Against Blood SportsMullingar, Ireland
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Created July 23, 2015
Petition to You
Welcome, after becoming a widow at the age of 23 due to a tragic accident, I started to see a trend. Traumatic   photos that shouldn’t be shared. When my loved one died in a fiery head on crash the last photos of him were the truck that he died in. Photos that nobody should of seen- instead of grieving I was given the task of calling news stations and asking them to please remove the photo, they saw nothing wrong with it. They saw a news story. While I agree it’s a story that needs to be covered I asked why they couldn’t use a photo of him alive or even a clip art photo like the one pictured in this petition of lights showing that the article is about a wreck, they simply had no words other than “we aren’t changing it”. Now 2 years later all I have to do is Google his name and you can see his gravesite. For his friends and family that is deeply traumatizing. I have seen a trend since then- traumatic photos of accidents with no warning whatsoever of fatal accidents, a trend that I am here to stop.  This includes motorcycles-boats-cars-bicycles any accident that involves a fatality  please help me give myself and these families a voice and let’s make a change.   I introduce to you “Thomas’s law”Read more

Stevie Walkerquincy, IL, United States
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Created May 31, 2022
Petition to PA chief of conviction lisa lazzari-strasser
the FBI get's involve so they can see that Allentown and Lehigh county are still in corruption and need to be stop. So please help this petition pass so not only my friend get's justice all involve payRead more

melmarits alveloOrlando, FL, United States
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Created April 21, 2019
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