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  I am editing this petition today (11/04/23) as I had a call from the centre regarding my daughters swimming session and have been told that Sachin has left last week and will not come back. However when I went shopping I did bumped in to to Sachin and he told me that he hasn't left and doesn't understand why this has been said. I must indicate that he looked really upset and confused. He said he is unable to tell me why he currently cannot teach. This is disappointing as the centre has already made a decision that he is not coming back. How disgusting and unprofessional is this.  Both of my children go swimming at Cossington leisure centre and this is purely due to an amazing teacher working there (Sachin). He has been teaching at Cossington Leisure Centre for approximately 15 years, as my nephew with special needs has also learnt how to swim with him.  Sachin has always been very approachable both by parents and children. In fact, if anything, I would say he is the most highly-demanded teacher and is very popular among parents and children alike. My children want to go learn simply because of Sachin. He is understanding and most importantly patient.  To further prove my point, anyone can ask any parent whose child is in Sachin's lesson - a lot of parents are not moving their child into the next stage unless Sachin has space in the next stage. Both parents and children are more than happy to wait for weeks to progress forward.  Recently, Sachin's lesson has been stopped, and he is unable to teach. No reason has been given to parents despite their asking. In fact, the leisure centre manager has moved the children's lessons and time without parental consent, which I believe is not acceptable. The new instructors do not know the needs of my children and feel uncomfortable approaching them. I do understand and respect that we are not paying for the teacher, however, we are paying for the lessons and believe we do have the right to select a teacher as long as they have space, rather than just being moved across to another teacher and another time WITHOUT my consent. (I am certainly not paying to be treated like this). Due to my working schedule, I am not always able to attend these lessons and I am certainly not comfortable leaving my child unattended.  My child has learning difficulties and can only learn from certain teachers who understand his needs. His previous teacher had been changed without my permission, and this had caused my child unnecessary distress which could have been avoided easily. The management at the leisure centre is doing this again, without understanding the impact this is having on children and parents. Both of my children have not been swimming for the past 3 weeks and this is building anxiety and a lack of confidence setting them back.  Sachin is simply the best swimming teacher and no matter what level of ability a child has he will always adapt to their level to teach. He has had experience with children who have had different levels of special needs and pays them the right amount of attention and care. We need Sachin back again. If anything needs to be changed then that would be the management, and there system. Who treat staff unfairly and make their life hard so they are forced to leave. This can be proven by looking at the statistics of the staff trun over. Read more

S RajUnited Kingdom
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Created May 10, 2023
Petition to iFly
skydiving instructor and our venues are very similar in nature : we both teach people how to make flight excellence. Many factors play role in what is considered to be a good instructor in both skydiving by fact since I have been working as a skydiving instructor (tandem, AFF, canopy coaching) for quite instructor that happen to work in your location in Paramus. His name is Ilya Vosk. I have knows Ilya for many years. I was his flying instructor when he has started. Ilya is a true dreamer and supporterRead more

Sergey FedotovNew York, NY, United States
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Created June 24, 2019
Petition to MUD board
There has been an extremely upsetting occurrence at the MUD NYC campus regarding an instructor. This situation has led the administration of the school to believe the actions of instructor make him and get to know instructor would like to present this petition to the board as a judge of character to vouch that instructor is not who he is being portrayed to be, and it would be very detrimental lossRead more

guillermo cardenasUnited States
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Created January 29, 2019
Petition to Shikellamy School District
Shikellamy High School JROTC program does not have a new instructor for this year. It is up to usRead more

Jose LopezNorthumberland, PA, United States
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Created May 23, 2019
The Oxnard Scholars After School Program, previously the Star Program, is a grant funded program through the City of Oxnard. The Oxnard Scholars After School Program staff are here to try to change the wage of the instructors that work for the program. The recent climate of the program has been unstable. The current staff still in the program stay in the program mostly for the love of the program and the programs students. After creating a social-emotional connection with many students, it becomes hard to leave the position. Although many previous employees have moved onto to higher paying jobs. The current wage of all of the instructors is at minimum wage ($15). Our job responsibilities include being a mandated reporter, teaching art, engineering, literacy, math and holistic wellness lessons, creating a rotation system within the program and completing required trainings such as CPR, Concussion, active shooter and lockdown trainings. Now, if you initially read the job responsibilities alone without reading the job title you would assume the job is a teaching position. Would you have expected this type of position gets paid minimum wage? We are here to fight for a pay increase. Our program runs until 6pm and after 4:00pm every office personal from every school will clock out. This leaves the program staff as acting nurses, counselors, principals and teachers. This issue has been made clear to our higher-ups, although we continue to be ignored and belittled. Our higher-ups say that people don’t want to work and we are told to work harder. There are separate programs that work within our After School Program, who get paid far more than our actual staff. These external programs that have been hired to help in our After School Programs, have less responsibilities than our Oxnard Scholars staff. We as instructors ask for the help of our local Oxnard community to come together and vouch for the instructors who teach your students during the After School Hours in achieving an increase in pay.Read more

Joey PerezOxnard, CA, United States
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Created August 26, 2022
  December 24, 2022   To: The Board of Trustees, Hamline University   We are an international group of scholars and students, Muslim and non-Muslim, specializing in Islamic History, Islamic Studies, History of Art, Islamic Art History, and allied fields in the arts and humanities writing to express our outrage that Dr. Erika López Prater was dismissed from her spring teaching at Hamline University for having included in her class discussion a medieval Islamic painting of the Prophet Muhammad receiving Qur’anic revelations, which is included in a manuscript copy of Rashid al-Din’s "Compendium of Chronicles" made in Iran during the early 14th century.    This masterpiece of Persian illustrated book arts is considered an authentic, rare, and priceless work of global artistic patrimony. It is well studied and published, and professors often include its text and images in classroom discussions in order to teach Islamic history, the biography of the Prophet Muhammad, the nature of Qur’anic revelations, and religious iconography, including how notions of the prophetic and divine are represented in various religious traditions across the centuries. Some of us also show the manuscript’s paintings in our lectures in mosques, while others are tasked with displaying such paintings in museum galleries or preserving these types of paintings and manuscripts in libraries.   It is our understanding that Dr. López Prater noted in her syllabus that such images would be included in the course, that the visual exercise and discussion were optional, and that she gave verbal cues both before and after the image was shown in their online class. The student who complained about its inclusion in the course was thus given not one but several opportunities to not engage with the image (and it should be noted that a number of faculty do not include such warnings or options to disengage from historical evidence in their courses).   Without allowing Dr. López Prater a platform or forum to explain the classroom exercise, she was dismissed from her spring teaching. David Everett, Hamline’s Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence, never spoke to her but nonetheless went on the record as stating: “It was decided it was best that this faculty member was no longer part of the Hamline community.” Due process appears to have been entirely suspended, thus raising serious concerns about faculty governance and rights at Hamline University.   Additionally, Hamline’s student newspaper The Oracle labeled the teaching of an Islamic painting of the Prophet Muhammad in the classroom an “incident of hate and discrimination." AVPIE Everett also sent an all-employee email describing the Islamic image and classroom exercise as “undeniably inconsiderate, disrespectful and Islamophobic.”   Moreover, The Oracle subsequently published and, two days later, pulled down a scholarly essay explaining the incident and Islamic stances towards figural imagery written by Prof. Mark Berkson, Professor and Chair of the Department of Religion who teaches courses on Islam at Hamline University. A day after the censorship of Prof. Berkson’s Letter to The Oracle, Hamline President Fayneese Miller and AVPIE Everett declared in an email sent to all Hamline employees that “respect for the observant Muslim students in that classroom should have superseded academic freedom.” The censorship of a professor’s scholarly essay and the declaration that academic freedom should be invalidated in deference to one particular group of individuals seriously undermine freedom of speech and academic freedom, both keystones of American and university life. They set a dangerous precedent should future students request that the university “ban” the teaching of other art historical materials—such as Byzantine icons of Jesus Christ, figural statues of the Buddha, Jewish depictions of Moses at Dura Europos, etc.—on campus. Beyond undermining diversity and inclusion, therefore, Hamline University is imperiling equity in education for all of its students, regardless of faith, creed, origin, and identity.   Additionally, among its diverse student population, a number of Muslim students on campus who wish to be taught the historical nuances and complexities of the Islamic faith and its various artistic legacies are now too fearful to speak up, lest they be accused of hate and discrimination as well. Their access to academically sound, non-partisan information has been robbed from them, their views on the subject marginalized and repudiated by two of Hamline’s top administrators. The university’s statements and actions in effect privilege a small group of individuals while silencing and possibly discriminating against many faculty, staff, and students, both Muslim and non-Muslim. Last but not least, the university’s position runs the risk of endangering rare and valuable Islamic paintings preserved in museums and libraries worldwide.   Since these events involve top administrators at Hamline University, above all President Miller, AVPIE Everett, and Dean Kostihova, we call upon its Board of Trustees to launch an independent, outside investigation into this series of incidents, above all the processes and mechanisms by which one of its faculty members was dismissed without access to due process. As these events also raise broader concerns related to freedom of speech and academic freedom, we also ask the Board to carefully assess the current state of faculty rights at the university.Read more

Christiane GruberAnn Arbor, MI, United States
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Created December 23, 2022
English instructor at Gothenburg High School in Nebraska. He has shown me that school is so much us.Unfortunately, we find ourselves fighting to keep him as our instructor due to decisions beyond our control. This petition aims to retain Mr. Garrison as an English instructor at Gothenburg HighRead more

Zariah SedlacekGothenburg, NE, United States
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Created October 7, 2023
Petition to Ban Larissa Vassilenko ( Literature Instructor), Lebanese American University
Bad education ,  injustice  lack of profession  Very subjective in correcting exams , doesn’t know to explain the course in a proper way  Read more

Anthony SalamounBeirut, Lebanon
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Created March 27, 2018
Petition to Phillip Mills, Jackie Mills, 186 Victoria St W, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
in turn has put the burden again on the instructor to have constant internet connection and the mostRead more

Thomas HSan antonio, TX, United States
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Created June 22, 2017
Petition to UC Berkeley
In a public Facebook post from 2012, violinist and teacher Dan Flanagan, a current UC Berkeley employee, wrote of fellow violinist Lara St John "she's a beast...and she ought to be euthanized. And contrary to popular assumption, she's not pregnant." According to St John, Flanagan subsequently attempted to pass off his comments as being written on a satirical review page, despite it being posted publicly for several hours on his profile. When St John contacted Flanagan's then-employers, UC Davis, no action was taken, and he also continued to perform for several years with the California Symphony Orchestra, despite the orchestra's conductors claiming that he would no longer be hired. As a proud Berkeley alumni and music major, I'm appalled that this person was hired to teach at such a respected university. There should be zero tolerance toward such misogynistic and dehumanizing language at any institution, but especially one like Berkeley that claims to be focused on gender equality. We, the undersigned, demand that: Dan Flanagan must be removed as soon as possible from his position at Berkeley, not only because of his own behavior, but because of how it can affect the young people he teaches - especially female students. The Berkeley music department will not be a safe place for anyone as long as he remains there. If this behavior was already known when Flanagan was hired, an internal review must be conducted to determine why that decision was made and ensure that it never happens again. Pranav Sivakumar, Berkeley '21, B.A. Music (composition) M.A. Composition student at Estonian Academy of Music and TheatreRead more

Pranav SivakumarTallinn, Estonia
222 supporters
Created September 9, 2022
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