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Petition to David Baszucki, Merely
In recent changes to the ROBLOX site, They changed it so that game instances viewed only shows servers your friends are in. Personally, my friends and I are very annoyed by this as we could join smaller servers and such. The old server list showed all the players inside the game rather than just server friends are in. They could have made this exclusively for those with a certain privacy setting on, but instead, they forced it upon us to only see where friends are and not see any other servers. Fellow Robloxians, I have seen the forum posts you have made and I don't think that will be enough. Sign this petition and hopefully, we can make a change to get the server list we all knew and loved.Read more

Nathan AnonymousCanada
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Created Jul 20, 2017
Petition to Activision Blizzard
, per realm in World of Warcraft Classic (see: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/new-instanceRead more

Matukas FeralUnited States
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Created Jun 16, 2020
Petition to Tribunal de grande instance d'Amiens
AnnuléeRead more

Lughnasadh BULL'S PITTFrance
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Created Feb 22, 2015
It’s time. Stand up for what you believe in and help us as a progressive nation rid ourselves of the long overdue “R.I.P.” phrase. Much too long, too complex, we need simple things in this complex world. Be the change. Oof. Oof is the future. Read more

Lochlin PetersWhiteland, IN, United States
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Created Feb 27, 2018
Petition to Brian T Moynihan (brian.t.moynihan@bankofamerica.com)
America to take a stand.  For instance, PayPal announced years ago that they would not allow theirRead more

Ward WilcoxThe Villages, FL, United States
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Created Feb 22, 2018
Petition to Ro Khanna, Congress, law enforcement, U.S. Senate, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, California State Senate, Elizabeth Warren, Marco Rubio, Florida State Senate, Dianne Feinstein, Kirsten...
society.  For possession of child porn there will be a mandatory 10 year sentence for each instance sentence for every instance. Engaging in sexual acts with a child will result in a minumim of 50 years per instance. Any pedophilia acts that engage in kidnapping the child will result in mandatory per instance. Finally for the protection of the victims. There will be a mandatory restraining stalking. Charge offenders with a mandatory 5 year sentence for each instance of trying to entice a childRead more

Michelle ArnesonNew Hudson, MI, United States
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Created Nov 8, 2019
Petition to Blizzard Entertainment - A Division of Activision Blizzard
change thinking they would curve botting and instance farming. Realistically this approach does notRead more

Corti BigglesworthCanada
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Created Jun 16, 2020
Petition to Monsieur Le Procureur de la République Tribunal de Grande Instance 67 rue Servient 69003 LYON
Le 7.03.2017 Dans une maison isolée sur la commune de Saint Martin en Haut, La SPA et les services administratifs procédaient à la saisie de 53 chiens, au sein de l’association 4 pattes tendresse. Tous ces chiens ont croisé à un moment de leur existence l’association 4 pattes tendresse, sa présidente et sa garde rapprochée. Pendant de longs mois, puis d'infinies années, tous ces amis d’infortune vont essayer de survivre dans LA MAISON DE L'ENFER.  Dans cette prison,  ils ont connu des moments de désespoir où la mort rôdait et enlevait les plus faibles les uns après les autres par manque de soins et de nourriture,  Mais aussi d’espoir quand la vie était est plus forte que la mort.  Le 7 Mars 2017 lorsque la porte s’est ouverte et que la lumière a inondé cette prison, enfin le mot « LIBERTÉ » a pris tout son sens.  Ce 7.03.2017 lors de la saisie, une personne qui intervenait le jour de la saisie a confié  : qu’une petite chiennes légère comme une "plume",  qu’elle avait dans les bras dans un état d’urgence absolue, avait eu la force de la lécher comme pour la remercier, lorsqu’elle était sortie de cet enfer sur la terrasse à la lumière du jour.  Nous vous demandons de peser de tout votre poids pour que plus jamais ces chiens retournent au sein de cette association de malheur.  Il est important que ce cas fasse jurisprudence en effet ce type de maltraitance se généralise et il est important qu’une réglementation se mette en place rapidement.  En effet au début du mois juillet la SPA avait autorisé au terme de la saisie l’adoption des chiens et les avait validé, seulement la DDPP a bloqué la sortie des chiens.  Nous demandons que le Procureur de la République et la DDPP autorisent ces adoptions sans délai.  Pour tous ces chiens, il est urgent d’autoriser l’adoption ou le placement en FA, en effet certains ont de grosses pathologies et il est urgent qu’ils soient pris en charge. Il faut trouver une solution au plus vite. JE VOUS DEMANDE DE SIGNER CETTE PETITION ET DE LA PARTAGER Patrice PRESSARD - Vice-President Association HUMANI       Read more

Association HUMANIBrienon sur Armançon, France
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Created Jul 28, 2017
Petition to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Chief Justice of Pakistan, PEMRA Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority
related to it, for instance, glorifying rapists, and blaming the victims in any way. Read more

Habiba RanaPakistan
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Created Jan 23, 2017
Petition to John Horgan, Doug Donaldson, Catherine McKenna, George Heyman
Did you know that one of Canada's oldest, most pristine forests is at risk of destruction? In the Central Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, the region’s last surviving stands of old-growth Inland Temperate Rainforest are in danger of being lost forever to clearcut logging. The resident herd of endangered Mountain Caribou is crashing due to loss of old-growth forest. This is why the Valhalla Wilderness Society has proposed the Selkirk Mountain Caribou Park. The park proposal includes the primeval Incomappleux rainforest, a forest that’s been growing continuously for thousands of years, with trees up to 4 metres in diameter and 1,800 years old. Despite numerous studies that have revealed its exceptional biodiversity, it is covered by a current logging permit and could be logged at any time. About half of the 156,000-hectare park proposal has been reserved from logging by the BC Government, to provide habitat for the Mountain Caribou; but this forest is protected only as long as the herd thrives. Elsewhere in the park proposal, BC Timber Sales is starting to log caribou habitat, even while the herd is down to 25 animals, from 89 in 2008. If the Mountain Caribou herd is lost, the forest reserves will be lost, putting in jeopardy at least 40 other recognized forest-dwelling species-at-risk. Existing parks in this area are too small and isolated to protect biodiversity. This includes the existing Glacier National Park, as well as Goat Range and Bugaboo Provincial Parks. The Selkirk park proposal would connect these parks, providing travel corridors for Mountain Caribou, Grizzly Bears and many other species. Please sign this petition to urge the BC Government to create the proposed 156,000-hectare Selkirk Mountain Caribou Park. Visit vws.org/action.Read more

Kathryn SemogasToronto, Canada
42,381 supporters
Created Nov 8, 2016
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