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The public purse should not fund inquiries for politicians or parties that act in questionable circumstances.Read more

Malcolm AnleyUnited Kingdom
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Created March 3, 2023
Petition to Apple, Google
The app Absher (MOI Inquiries Saudi Arabia) is a digital prison and is used to control and monitor petition to demand Google and Apple to abolish the app Absher MOI Inquiries Saudi Arabia For more readingRead more

Iselin SæterdalOslo, Norway
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Created February 17, 2019
be fully independent, public inquiries into each and every person who died on our streets so that justice is served.     Please sign this petition Read more

Peter Dooleydublin, Ireland
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Created April 20, 2022
Petition to Storyful , Storyful Press, Storyful Inquiries
(Red links are live)(This petition is not raising funds, please do not donate.) See a quivering bunny being forced into a frightful dangerous position gripped by the throat/neck and back legs where struggling could result in a broken neck or vertebral fracture resulting in death or paralysis.  The careless way of (unnecessarily) trimming hair could also result in stabbing the neck, cutting the skin or over stressing the rabbit into a serious medical condition.  Rabbits are the quintessential prey animal, timid and startle easily, their adrenaline response to any perceived threat is very high. Improper handling can result in increased stress can result in shock or injury to the animal.  A sudden frightened kick with its hind legs is all it takes to snap the rabbit’s backbone and render a rabbit paralyzed.The owner sold the rights of this video to Storyful to make a profit, in turn Storyful made a profit also. They have no regards for the animals they are using for profits as seen in previous videos.  It’s videos like this that encourage others to learn or practice dangerous acts to animals.  The lack of common sense just for entertainment and wow factor is despicable.  Sharing them is just as wrong. No reason for a baby rabbit to have its hair cut, let alone cutting a rabbits hair from its stomach.  Rabbits normally do not need groomed unless they have long hair and prone to mats, or have health issues.  Necessary trimming would never involve the dangerous act seen here.Promoting dangerous acts to animals for profit is not cute! It is unethical. Baby Bunny Wheels - pimped out for profit with a broken back on a skateboard, resulting in death. Dog Is Less Than Impressed With Energetic Rabbit - what starts out to be playing fun, turns into a predator attack which was terrifying to the baby rabbit (prey animal)  easily to result in fatal injuries, shock, illness or death.Storyful Facebook Page Storyful Contact PageRead more

Linda SueFlorida, United States
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Created August 22, 2018
'My son could have lost his life' | Inmates record horrific beating, stabbing inside Georgia prison cellFour inmates recorded the beating and stabbing of inmate Troy Castleberry in Smith State Prison. "Nobody deserves to be treated like that. Yes, he has done wrong. He's not... an angel, but he's not a monster either," Antonette said. In the one-minute, 18-second video you can see Antonette's brother, Troy Castleberry, sitting on the ground, next to a bunk in shorts– with no shirt on and his hands bound behind him. Troy appears to be disoriented and already hurt when the recording starts inside the cell.  During the video, you see Troy, punched, kicked and slapped in the face, throat and chest. You can see four inmates in the cell at the time of the attack. Three inmates surrounded Troy while a fourth inmate recorded the video.  During the video, the person recording the entire attack also takes part and splits open Troy's chin. After the beating stops, at about one minute into the video, the last 12 seconds show Troy being stabbed by an inmate with a shank. The first four stab wounds are to his shoulder and upper arm. You then see the inmates roll him over on the floor, onto his stomach and he's stabbed seven more times in his back. The video cuts off as you can see the inmate continuing to stab Troy.  "My son could have lost his life," explained Dorene Castleberry, Troy's mother. The video is heart breaking. Troy is currently being treated by the prison medic. Once healed, he is expected to be released back to the same community that tried to beat him to death. The warden of the prison was arrested in 2019 on Rico charges so the prison does have a history of crooked employees. This was a modern day (attempted) murder at a high security prison. Troy was just moved to this prison 1week ago and had told family members there was more security and that it was a better prison. The prison informed the news outlet they’re investigating however, many are well aware of their awareness. Troys life is a stake. And I do truly believe if we don’t act quick enough this prison will let it’s inmates finish the job. Please take a moment and sign this petition to have him released. Every signature counts. Call the prison to ask where was security when this happened.  Smith State Prison (912-654-5000)Read more

Business InquiriesUnited States
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Created April 8, 2023
Petition to California State University Fullerton
We, as students of Cal State Fullerton, are calling upon President Framroze Virjee to address the Titan community and offer transparency regarding the CARES Act Tier 3 disbursement. We feel severely unsupported in our efforts to obtain a clear understanding about whether we even qualify for this particular aid, as well as when we can expect it to be distributed if we do. We were initially told disbursements would take place at the end of June, and now we are being told by staff in the Financial Aid Office that this information, which is listed on the CSUF CARES Act website, is incorrect. If this is the case, we would like to be made aware of that. We are simply requesting that President Virjee be made aware of our frustration at the overwhelming uncertainty we have been subjected to. While we completely comprehend that the transition to a remote platform has incontestably made things substantially more difficult, we are coming together as students to implore our President to take accountability for the serious lack of communication that has now unfortunately become our standard. We have come together to demonstrate self-advocacy for ourselves as students, and request that President Framroze address us and provide us with an update that contains these much needed answers.As students, these disbursements have the power to ultimately determine the many difficult choices we are now compelled to make in the face of this pandemic. We ask that our administration demonstrate some consideration for our situations by simply providing clarification about the manner in which the CARES Act Tier 3 disbursement will be issued. Read more

CSUF StudentsUnited States
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Created June 29, 2020
Petition to Ginette Petitpas Taylor - Minister of Health
, including you & me. While Health Canada has been having inquiries on neonicotinoids, they do not haveRead more

Charlie WongMississauga, Canada
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Created May 29, 2018
Petition to Timothy McGinty
My cousin Tamir was only 12-years-old when he was shot and killed last year by a Cleveland police officer as he played in a park with a toy gun. Timothy Loehmann, an officer in training, shot and killed Tamir within two seconds of arriving at the park. The police car hadn’t even fully stopped before he began shooting.He shot my little cousin so quickly it would have been impossible for him to tell Tamir to drop the toy airsoft gun, much less for Tamir to respond to them.Tamir’s killing was captured on camera. That should have been all that was needed to charge the officer. But next month marks a full year since his death and the County Prosecutor, Timothy McGinty, has still not even presented this case to a grand jury to determine if charges will be filed against the officers.This is unacceptable. Timothy McGinty needs to be replaced with a special prosecutor, who are used in high-profile cases, to ensure that there isn’t bias.Our family believes that McGinty is clearly biased and in favor of the officers. This week he released two “expert” reviews which sided with the officers even though neither of the review writers had even interviewed the officers.Please join Tamir’s family in calling for a special prosecutor to be appointed to this case.Read more

LaTonya GoldsbyCleveland, OH, United States
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Created October 16, 2015
Petition to Premier Gladys Berejiklian
runs the system. This system has had so many inquiries, reviews & commissions yet nothing hasRead more

Rebekah KingSydney, Australia
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Created June 17, 2015
Petition to Gavin Williamson, Amanda Spielman
We are four 15 year old school students who are deeply concerned about the damage we’re doing to our planet and how it will affect our futures. Climate change is the biggest issue of our time, and it must be a part of our education if our generation is to understand it and help us to combat its effects. That’s why we want climate change to made a core part of the national curriculum. Throughout the year we've walked out of school along with thousands of students throughout the UK to protest against the government's lack of action in tackling climate change. It showed society that we have a voice. We don’t want to be left with flooding, wars, famine and climate breakdown just because our governments value economic growth over the wellbeing of our planet. We want change. We’ve barely learned about the climate crisis at school, even though it’s supposed to be part of Geography and Science. If young people like us are going to have any kind of future, the climate emergency must be a central, core part of our compulsory curriculum. We strongly value our education, and that’s why we desperately need you to help us make a change in the way things are run. We also want schools across the country to be run sustainably and for this to be a part of school inspections. That way, we will learn about the climate crisis and be part of an institution that is setting an example to us by being run in a sustainable way. Please sign our petition to help give us the voice we need to ensure our education prepares us for the unstable future that we face as a result of climate change. Yours sincerely, Izzy Lewis (15), Kamila Chamcham (15), Rasha Alsouleman (15) and Lucy Gibbons (15) - Cheney School, Oxford #youthstrike4climate  Read more

Izzy LewisOxford, United Kingdom
94,852 supporters
Created March 1, 2019
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