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Petition to Mark Zuckerberg
sterilized free of germs and infection just like the OR instruments used in Surgery daily.Right now Communities.This will cut the spread of infection by mass numbers. Read more

Chloe lessardEveleth, MN, United States
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Created April 15, 2020
Petition to Sharon Boyle
Im sure after reading this, you would do the same. Please read, and share, this need to be made public so it never happens again!!. My mum died of the 'flesh eating bug' due to admitted hosp failures. 8yrs ago in sept my mum went into Wishaw General Hosp for symptom relief from Ascities.  My mum had recently been diagnosed with a return of breast cancer cells in her abdomen area, this causes a build up of fluid. Her Gp had sent her for urgent ct scan in the April, he actually sent 2 marked urgent, these were never done!  A drain was inserted into my mums left side to drain the fluid, there was no consent form signed. During the time drain was in my mum was alert, walking about & feeling well.  I got a call from my mum to say the drain had fallen out on to bathroom floor and was re-inserted!! I went up to be given bag of my mums clothes & told not to bother washing them but to bin them. After visiting my mum the next aftn, she was well & looking to get home, i went home to get organised for evening visit. Within a couple of hours i got a call. My mum had taken seriously ill and was moved to side room. I rushed up to find my mum sleeping on drips and told they would do everything for her. Few days went on and being told each day could be my mums last.  I walked into hosp one morning to be told i was in for a surprise!! My mum was awake, sitting up, looking & feeling so much better. A couple days later i went in and told to sit in a side room.  In front of my husband, myself, and 2 other witness's i was told by a consultant " we have caused this but we cant solve it". My mum has extensive spread of Necrotising Fascittis-'fleah eating bug'.  I was told she would survive the day. My mum was strong, and was not ready to die, she lived for another 10days. Everyday my mum begged to get out of that room. A week after my mum died the discharge letter came to her address-it was folded wrong should have had gp address in window! It stated my mum contracted ecoli & that progressed to necrotising fascittis. No one told me my mum contracted ecoli.!!  I have read my mum notes-they were a disgrace! I have had numerous meeting with the Hosp board -lead consultant, and hosp general manager. These have all been minuted. They told me the drain was in too long, 4days instead of 6hrs!! They have admitted the drain did fall out & was re inserted. They have made the statement that my mum went in for symptom relief but due to their actions and failures caused my mums death. An ombusmans report also backs all this up. 8yrs ltr im still fighting for justice!! The get out clauses - days are missing from my mums case load, esp ones when drain fell out. No proper policies on drainage procedure, they just said sorry to keep me quiet. I have now got reports from medical experts stating my mum hospital treatment was wrong to the point of nelegect. This is still not enough! How can this be right!! Things  need to change!!  I am fighting for justice for my mum, for those who have no one to fight for them. If wrong has been done & has been admitted then justice need to be seen. My mum should have been able to die in dignity at a time when she was ready to go. Please share this, the more public it is the more changes will be forced to be made.Read more

Sharon BoyleCarfin, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created December 3, 2017
Petition to Government of Manitoba, Government of Canada, Manitoba Health
Canadians have untreated coronal cavities.   Now, if the infection has reached an extensive degree of this level of infection before action is taken?  To have a benefit, covering (potentially lethalRead more

Avery VincentWinnipeg, Canada
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Created February 19, 2021
Petition to DEFRA, NFU, British Horse Society, British eventing, British showjumping, British Dressage, British Equestrian Federation, British Equestrian Ve
The neurological and deadliest type of EHV1 is know spreading throughout the EU.  To protect our equines in the UK we need to have all equine movements into the UK and within the UK halted until we are sure that the virus is under control to protect all of our equines.  Please sing the petition and write to your MP urgently so that we can halt the spread of the virus to the UK.Read more

Peter GreenawayLyme Regis, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 2, 2021
Petition to Oxfordshire County Council
Keeping COVID new infection rates secret will cause many more deaths. Trust in governance and highRead more

Eliza HiltonOxford, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created June 30, 2020
Petition to The European Association of Urology
constant pain, depressed and suicidal. Research has confirmed that infection can become embedded infection becomes difficult to treat, and the immune system response is ineffective. Patient quality of life is significantly impacted when chronic infection occurs, including impact on ability to work antibiotic approach aimed at eradicating embedded infection over the course of 6-12 months. This methodRead more

Pia LarssonSweden
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Created July 24, 2023
Petition to David Aderhold, EdD, Dr. Pamela Nathan, Dr. Pamela Nathan, James Earle, Dr. Lee McDonald
Each morning we, parents of children attending schools in West Windsor-Plainsboro, wake up with a sense of dread, feverishly checking stats on new COVID-19 cases. And each day the newly infected people appear closer and closer to our school district, unnerving us all. States are getting more test kids, allowing for more testing to be conducted. It is reasonable to conclude that the expanded testing for COVID-19 will reveal more cases of infections, and where is the guarantee that we will not see infected people right here, in our township? If there is a fair chance that this possibility exists, adults who care about the well being of children, should do all that is possible to protect them.  It is well known that asymptomatic individuals infected with COVID-19 are highly infectious during disease incubation period, and able to transmit virus via droplets while coughing and sneezing, with the range of up to 7 feet, according to some studies. This persistent virus can survive on surfaces for up to 2 weeks, the fact which ensures that if even one student or teacher in school is infected, most of those others who are in contact would get the virus as well. We, parents of WW-P students, understand and value the importance of education, but faced with this unprecedented crisis, we would like to join many parents of other school districts and ask WW-P school district administration to protect our precious children and our teachers and reconsider keeping our schools open, instead opting for temporary measure of conducting the education of our children through online classes, textbooks and/or learning aids. We are asking you to make an expedited decision to close schools before situation becomes more grave.Read more

Mira BalteanuPlainsboro, NJ, United States
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Created March 4, 2020
Petition to Matthew Hancock MP, Boris Johnson, Patrick vallance, Christopher Whitty
infection risk for COVID which is why there is special aerosol proof PPE in hospitals for staff when dealing similarly dangerous outside of hospitals. In fact the importance of aerosol airborne infection and theRead more

Charlotte FowlerLondon, United Kingdom
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Created March 11, 2020
Petition to Minister Simon Harris
Thousands of women across the world have reported complications after procedures involving the use of vaginal mesh. In Ireland, a support group for affected women has more than 450 members.  Check our Mesh Survivors Ireland on Facebook and on Twitter @meshsurvivorire  Vaginal mesh devices are used in operations to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP); two conditions women can suffer from after natural childbirth or in their later years. Irish women who have had surgeries using these implants have reported complications like chronic pain, reduced mobility and recurrent infections. Many have spoken of an inability to be intimate with their partners and some have had to have multiple surgeries to remove parts of the mesh after it eroded or moved inside them.  Once again many Irish women have had to travel to the UK to have removal surgery, a pattern that is often repeated when it comes to Irish women's health. Transvaginal mesh was suspended by Minister Harris in July 2018 following the lead of the England and Northern Ireland who suspended on the basis of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review (IMMDS) until a set of conditions are met. Minister Harris based the “pause” in Ireland on the same terms of reference as the IMMDS review. Since the suspension however the terms of reference of the IMMDS were updated to include a review for the science to prove the device is safe for use. This action was taken to protect women from being used as Guinea pigs yet the terms of reference in Ireland have not been updated. The HSE are hoping to have the “pause” lifted in the near future. I ask that you sign our petition insisting that the pause should be conditional upon the science proving the device is safe for use. This makes far more sense than the Russian Roulette with women’s lives. I am worth more than that, the women of Ireland deserve more than that.    Read more

Tina TierneyDublin, Ireland
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Created November 25, 2018
Petition to UK Parliament
Parliament to protect the right of burial for any Muslims who pass away due to Covid-19 infection. IRead more

Naveed AnwarPeterborough, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 21, 2020
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