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Petition to Historic England, Plymouth council
Cast your mind back to over ten thousand years ago. Woolly mammoths, woolly rhino, wolves and even reindeer were roaming the Uk. Early modern humans took shelter in caves and lived a nomadic hunting lifestyle.  Today, we know so much about our past from archaeological remains and discovering sites of occupation like caves.  In Sherford, Plymouth. A property development company is creating 5,500 houses. However, in their work they have discovered a cave. Filled with signicant ice age remains, like a wolf skeleton, a woolly Mammoth tusk and perhaps even some evidence of human occupation.  For the developers, this is simply an inconvenience. For us, it's our history.  They plan to potentially seal the cave off, by filling the entrance with concrete. In doing so, all that history will be lost forever.  This campaign is a story of David and Goliath. A story of a corporate machine that cares about money. We're not suggesting they stop the development, but simply ask them to #savethecave. Please sign our petition to protect the entrance, and add a unique presence to this new town in Plymouth. Read more

Tara BeacroftDevon, United Kingdom
8,144 supporters
Created Jan 14, 2022
Petition to Prime Minister of India, Chief Minister of Karnataka
incredible beauty of Western Ghats. Well this is all in danger now. Karnataka state govt. has proposed toRead more

Incredible KarnatakaIndia
2,892 supporters
Created Mar 21, 2020
Petition to Cartoon Network
Incredible Crew is a sketch comedy series created by Nick Cannon for Cartoon Network. The show was-action is just awesome because they also aired Cartoons as well. Please help revive the Incredible CrewRead more

Alejandro SandovalSacramento, CA, United States
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Created Aug 25, 2017
   As ordinary Indian Citizens, we have made you. Watching your movies, by buying tickets from our hard earned money. You are what you are, so called stars, because we the people have watched your movies and made you that. We never thought of you as Muslim Actors. We never differentiated you based on your religion, looks, colour etc. WE gave you unadulterated love and adulation. We made you the Badshah of Bollywood. We loved you were the Mr. Perfectionist. But what a let down for us! You guys turned out be Bad Ass and Mr. Imperfect. Your religious or political leanings are your choice. WE never questioned that, never allowed it to come in the way of our adulation to you. But you betrayed the love showered by millions of Indians by mixing your personal choice with the public life. When you said India is intolerant, you are pointing fingers at US. The people who made you. When you said India is becoming communal, you are accusing US, who made you popular. And when you go around the world stating Minorities are not safe in India, you are pointing fingers at us, the people of the majority community. And maligning our name, our country's name internationally..Now it is our turn to show our intolerance towards ungrateful people like you. And we shall show it. By not watching your movies, by boycotting the products you endorse, by socially raising our voice against the dirty politics you are playing with the communal harmony of this country.Read more

Neela RamaswamyDar es salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of
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Created Nov 25, 2015
Petition to Government
because of Hindustan and now he has insulted india. So lets request government of india to remove aamir khan from ambassador of incredible indiaRead more

Gagan DeepBangalore, India
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Created Nov 24, 2015
Petition to Boris Johnson
  First all let me say I am in no way invested or involved in the theatres of our country . I hated Shakespeare at school , I go to see a production infrequently but love it everytime I go , promising myself that I will go more often. Right now I wish I had , because it looks like I might have missed one of life’s great opportunities as the theatres and concert venues close down , sack their staff and go dark for what might be forever as we know it . Due to the way regulations have changed for many businesses they can now reopen .  Unfortunately this does not apply to the amazing cultural life of the UKs theatre and live music .  The net effect , right now , is that many of the theatres are having to make redundant the vast majority of the staff with the knock on effect of all actors , musicians etc etc losing their entire livelihood with no where else to take their rare talents . Not to mention caterers , bar staff , cleaners , painters, carpenters , the list of the ripple effect is endless and spreads wide into the wider world  Most important after that cost, comes that of the cost to our cultural education and the depth of knowledge and enrichment of life that these places provide , from Shakespeare to panto , it could all be lost very very soon . Millions attend performances every year both from here and abroad to celebrate our performances.  It is not frivolous to stand up for our heritage, it’s about people , entertainment , education and the future enrichment of the lives of ourselves and our children .  Please sign and this petition and make a noise or it will all be lost within weeks  I ask our Government to recognise that this is one of our great jewels in the crown of our country and it desperately needs help like no other time before .   Read more

alex stewartPenzance, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 24, 2020
Petition to Teachers, Parents, Community Members, Students
incredible members of the RISD School Board, for your steadfast leadership, wisdom, and support! Read more

Erik ArchillaDallas, TX, United States
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Created Dec 10, 2021
We are happy that Government of India have sanctioned AIIMS to Karnataka, for this we are grateful. But the location of such an important institution plays an important role in the health improvement of the state. Bagalkote district is located in the central part of North Karnataka, Bagalkot is an ideal place to set up AIIMS as it is conducive to the people of the surrounding 20 district within a radius of 250kms. Bagalkote district is inundated, the people of the district are deprived of education and medical facilities and have to migrate to other distant cities for better treatment and employment. As it is very necessary to provide justice to the poor victims of the district and the backward part of North Karnataka, we are m requesting Government to sanction AIIMS Medical Institute for Bagalkote district. Kindly Join with us..! Sign the petition, and help us to reach out Government of India. Read more

Incredible BagalkoteIndia
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Created Nov 18, 2022
Petition to UK Parliament
Non British citizens are being charged incredible fares by the home office each time they renewRead more

Felistas MuskweManchester, ENG, United Kingdom
2,248 supporters
Created Nov 14, 2016
Went here as a kid with my cousin, we want it back to how it used to be.  It used to be this amazing labyrinth of entertainment and fun. But now it's a PLANET FITNESS (gross) and the party city too but who cares about that.Read more

Nasha SanIndianapolis, IN, United States
24 supporters
Created Feb 17, 2023
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