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Petition to European Parliament
“As a citizen, I urge our policy makers, at national and European level, to encourage the medical profession to take a more holistic view of our health, looking at the whole person not just particular symptoms, promoting overall well-being, and recognising the potential benefits of complementary treatments, including respected traditional approaches such as Ayurveda and Yoga into Healthcare.”Read more

Amarjeet S. BhamraSpain
18,287 supporters
Created September 3, 2019
Petition to Shri Dharmendra Pradhan
addressed the issue sufficiently. The ask of the petition is to incorporate Mandatory Mental Health Education to incorporate Mandatory Mental Health Curriculum in Schools. I need your help. PleaseRead more

Ronit RanjanIndia
110,484 supporters
Created October 3, 2020
Petition to Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, GameFreak Inc.
The apparent fact that GameFreak will not be incorporating Pokémon from all 7 Generations in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield takes the heart out of a beloved franchise. Let’s send a clear message that this franchise is too important to us for us to sit idly by while they destroy it. Keep flooding the official Twitter with #BringBackTheNationalDex, and share, share, share! Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit are our friends. Fill out a complaint at the official Pokémon support page here, and most importantly share with attention grabbers. Small websites that do articles on video games are a good place to start, as well as getting the attention of popular youtubers who are also frustrated by the news. As I have said before, though this petition will likely not change anything before the release date, it is so important to let GameFreak and Nintendo know that we care about the franchise and about bringing all of our favorite Pokémon to a new home on Switch. Thank you all for your support! Picture from u/bionui123 of r/PokémonRead more

Stephen Van NessDunellen, NJ, United States
10,223 supporters
Created June 11, 2019
Petition to Truck Drivers Canada
. Being self-employed, they can choose to incorporate.  Incorporation is a legitimate tax planning optionRead more

Driving ServicesCanada
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Created January 7, 2019
Petition to Rob Fleming, Scott MacDonald
WHAT DOES THIS INVOLVE? Include organ transplantation into the BC Academic Curriculum so that children and young adults can learn about the benefits of organ donation (transplants) and are further encouraged to engage in conversation in the home. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Currently as of 2016 there were 651 individuals awaiting an organ transplant in British Columbia, but unfortunately a reluctance to talk about transplants is contributing to a deadly shortage of organs available for donation. Figures have shown that in the same year an average 100 people in BC withdrew as a result of death or being removed from the waitlist.  Canada has a marked shortfall between the supply and demand of the various organs for transplantation. The median wait times for deceased donor kidney transplantation vary from 5.8 years in British Columbia, 4.5 years in Ontario, and to little as 2 years in Quebec, varying based on geographic location and an individuals  blood type and compatibility.  A family's support is still needed for donation to go ahead, so even if someone is on a Provincial Organ Donor Register it's vitally important that they discuss this with their family so that their wishes can be carried out. Providing education in schools will stimulate conversation about transplantation and help reduce concerns felt by children and families. WHO AM I AND WHY DOES THIS MATTER TO ME? I can recount the conversations about cancer and heart and stroke related stories from as early as primary school, the remembrance towards the honorary Terry Fox and his impact on not only his community but in giving a voice for those who suffered with various forms of cancer. None the less the 'sensitivity' surrounding organ donation and transplantation still exists. In 2016 alongside my full-time post-secondary studies I decided I must do something, I worked alongside the Kidney Foundation of Canada: BC & Yukon Branch to develop "The Passing Life Forward" initiative that aimed to raise awareness about both organ donation and kidney disease to high school bodies, I had the privilege of travelling to my hometown of Mission, British Columbia to speak to several classes and I was asked by Girl Guides Western Canada to present at several meetings.  I have spent the past 6 years representing The Kidney Foundation: BC & Yukon Branch as an organ donation and kidney disease awareness advocate. I have met children, teenagers, young adults, parents, grandparents, that have all been affected by kidney disease and sad to say I have met several that have past away while on the organ donor waitlist.  I decided that the initiative I started 2 years ago deserved further recognition, the voices of those and their families whether it be awaiting a heart transplant, kidney transplant, lung transplant, or liver transplant, must be heard and I decided I would take a stand through informed conversation in the British Columbian educational system.  The impact of informed conversation and education can serve to change the conversation among our youth, the coming leaders in our education system, healthcare system, political institutions, and those at the forefront of our communities.  Please help make a difference, change the narrative around organ donation and transplantation, and curb the statistic by raising awareness to the BC Ministry of Education.   Sincerely,   Hailey CheemaRead more

Hailey CheemaMission, Canada
875 supporters
Created March 26, 2018
Petition to Sue Kelly, Jeff Leonhardt, Pamela Forton, Matt Anderson, Jane Klegman, Erica Moon Mohr, Benjamin McGuire
United States and the role they play in upholding systemic racism. It is important to incorporate diverse experiences into the curriculum within TCAPS. We urge TCAPS to incorporate Black, IndigenousRead more

Ashley KoMichigan, United States
2,598 supporters
Created June 25, 2020
Petition to Dr. Todd White, Blue Valley School District
George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, and Michael Brown are among hundreds of black people killed in the hands of police officers. Yet, these tragedies did not start with police brutality. It began four hundred years ago with lynching and segregation. It has taken media coverage to illuminate the unjust systematic failures against black people and people of color. We must educate those around us and ourselves to dismantle the systematic racism that exists internally, interpersonally, and institutionally. We continue to confront this harsh reality. We, the undersigned, hereby petition that  the Blue Valley School District make "African American Studies" a course offered at each public high school in the district. This course seeks to explore and understand the African American experience in the United States. It is merely not enough to come on the intercom during Black History Month and remain silent for the rest of the year. By offering and eventually requiring African American Studies, it helps confront and eradicate racial stereotypes. We know how malleable youth can be by these pressing issues. The district’s vision is to ensure that ALL Blue Valley School District graduates are prepared for college and careers, engaged fully in their communities and ready to excel in a global society. However, it is this vision that does not include a comprehensive approach to fostering an inclusive academic environment that is all-encompassing of the students it serves. These signatures are the first step to gaining traction on this matter. This is an opportunity to leverage education as a tenet of success—one that includes every narrative.Read more

Christopher MitchellUnited States
2,046 supporters
Created June 23, 2020
Petition to Mariemont City School District, MSCD Board of Education, James Renner, Rob Polca, Ericka Simmons, Tami Croll, Steve Estepp
Antiracism starts at home—and that's why it is such a tragedy that the Mariemont City School District (MCSD) makes zero effort to educate students on suburban racism or Mariemont's racist past as a "sundown town".  Sundown towns (Mariemont being one), are planned suburban communities that historically carried out extreme forms of both legal and de facto segregation through the enactment of discriminatory local laws, violence, and intimidation—founded upon the very mission of preserving white enclaves. At its inception, Mariemont's racialized zoning & real estate statutes prevented minorities from establishing residency—thus, unlike many other sundown towns, Mariemont never actually had a substantial BIPOC community to drive out, because they were never allowed entry in the first place. The fact is that most members of our community know far too little about the racist history that allowed Mariemont to grow into such a predominately white enclave, and as of right now, there has been no effort from the school district to change that. Here's the truth: without confronting the painful realities of our past, we cannot confront the reality that our communities (Mariemont, Fairfax, Terrace Park) are still sites of rampant overt and covert racism. It is only by holding MCSD accountable for educating our students on the systematic segregation that our town was built upon that we can hope to work towards building a more tolerant, conscious, and inclusive community. It has never been appropriate to turn a blind eye to our past, and now more than ever, it is clear why we must seek to put a stop to our collective indifference.Read more

Alex WilsonCincinnati, OH, United States
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Created June 13, 2020
Petition to Doug Ford, Stephen Lecce, Ministry of Education, Department of Education, Government of Ontario, Ontario Provinicial Government
change the education system to incorporate Black literacies into the Ontario elementary and high school curriculum. Read more

vanessa henryToronto, Canada
1,777 supporters
Created June 6, 2020
Petition to Governor Kay Ivey, Alabama State Legislature
to incorporate anti-bullying education into school curriculums, but unfortunately, it did not passRead more

Noelia VoigtUnited States
677 supporters
Created April 25, 2020
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