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Petition to Dept. Of housing, National Parks & Wildlife Services, Dept. of Marine, Charlie McConalogue
and its amendments, including Arctic vagrants. The Atlantic Walrus is listed as "Near Threatened" on the Observers App of Arctic marine species, including a hooded seal in Schull, West Cork in January Pinnipeds as protected in Irish law, including Arctic vagrant pinnipeds. In light of the climate crisesRead more

ORCA Ireland Welfare UnitIreland
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Created Aug 20, 2021
Petition to Bloch Company
Dancers of color are often told to obtain brown pointe ballet shoes (the hard-toed lace-up shoes you probably associate with ballet), and not the traditional pink. But few manufacturers make brown pointe shoes - not only is there very little diversity in ballet itself, but what exacerbates the issue is that there is often zero diversity in shoe shades. If you don’t fit the one shade of shoe color, you automatically feel like you don’t belong. Bloch, one of the largest and most well known suppliers of ballet pointe shoes, needs to start producing pointe shoes that are made for more than those who have a white or tan skin tone. Ballet dancers of color are forced to buy hundreds of tubes of cheap foundation and spend hours caking it on their shoes. Virginia Johnson, the artistic director of the Dance Theater of Harlem, told The New York Times, “This isn’t about shoes, this is about who belongs in ballet and who doesn’t.” But now one of the largest distributors of ballet pointe shoes has announced that it will start producing shoes in bronze and brown to match the skin tones of a more diverse audience. Demand Bloch follow their lead and start making a diverse range of shades for their ballet pointe shoes - every person deserves to feel included in something they love.  Read more

Campaigns LabNew York, United States
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Created Nov 8, 2018
Petition to Sean Parker, Jonathan Hall, Kyonzte Toombs, Gamble. Jennifer, Swope, Robert, Withers, Brett, Benedict, Emily, VanReece, Nancy, Hancock, Tonya, Young, Zach, Hagar, Larry, Evans, Erin, Bradford, Russ...
business, decided to report every other home business he could find to Metro Codes including mine (watchRead more

Lij ShawNashville, TN, United States
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Created Dec 27, 2019
Petition to Prime Minister of India - Shri Narendra Modi, Ministry of Health and Public Welfare - India
Corona Virus - COVID 19 -  Sir/ Mam, as you are all aware on how the Corona Virus has infected millions across the globe and how business and economy of various  countries are suffering. Back in India we are on the verge of a outbreak which the Govt. is trying hard to stop by a lockdown. It is being projected that if we fail to control this we will be having over a million cases in India in next 15 days. For the same testing is very critical and hence govt is opening up testing at Pvt labs too. The speculation is that the Pvt. test will cost INR 4500. That is way too much for a poor & middle class persons family to test. So a family of 4 will spend 18,000 INR on this test. Does this feel affordable ? The basic of any predictions is the number of tests / samples the govt collects. At present we have tested only 15,700 odd people in a country of 1.37 Billion who have undergone this test. We are not only risking it but if a community catches virus or infection Corona will be out of control and will create pressure on govt. hospitals (which are providing testing free) hence the need and request  for free corona testing only after doctors advise be made available for free in Pvt. hospitals / Clinics.  I would urge the Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi Ji to please take this request on war footing and help before it’s late.  Regards, A concerned Indian citizen. Read more

Ankush MalhotraPune, India
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Created Mar 23, 2020
Petition to Chick-Fil-A, Whataburger, Sonic Drive-In, Taco Bell, Panda Express, McDonald's
including single use plastic cutlery in all take out bags unless requested by the customer. This wouldRead more

Cynthia CarvajalAustin, TX, United States
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Created Jan 28, 2020
The treatment of Spanish hunting dogs, the Podenco and the Galgo is well documented as being barbaric. These dogs are inhumanely treated throughout their lives with no happy ending awaiting. The government in Spain must act to regulate ownership and treatment of hunting dogs. Many are abandoned, like Arion, a Podenco, pictured, who was found in a ditch, unable to get out, nearly dead in winter weather. Puppies have been found abandoned in bins. Many dogs are not lucky enough to be rescued. Many are cruelly killed to escape  humane euthanasia costs. Compulsory Micro-chipping would be a start, allowing owners of abandoned dogs like Arion to be traced and held to account. Legislation against cruelty towards these dogs would be a step further in the right direction This incredible cruelty has no place in a 21st century modern nation!Read more

mark carrEdinburgh, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created Dec 23, 2018
Petition to Crown Prosecutor and Honourable Judge, BC Provincial court
, including a lifetime ban on owning, having the custody or control of or residing in the sameRead more

Charlene MyersKamloops, Canada
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Created Sep 8, 2015
Petition to Jill Duffy, Toby Salt, Justin Edwards, Chris Jones, Ziggy Liaquat, Ian Morgan, The Rt Hon Gavin Williamson MP, Michael O'Sullivan , George Erik Rupp , Jeffrey Beard, Siva Kumari
Thanks to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, students across the world have never been more vulnerable in terms of their attainment of qualifications and their physical health. The United Kingdom has witnessed an exponential increase in the cases of COVID-19, and as such the foreclosure of schools is not only a possibility but an inevitability in order to ensure the safety of students. The total number of cases in the UK stands at 1391 (16/3/20) with a speculative figure of 10,000 unidentified cases. These numbers are increasing at an alarming rate, demonstrating the virus' ability to infect school communities, putting students at risk at the most important time of their academic careers prior to university. Within the UK, the impact of COVID-19 is predicted to reach its peak in the period of the months May to June, the A-Level exam period. The contingency date for all exams to be completed by is the 24th of June. Exams cannot take place after this period, especially considering the substantial amount of time it takes for A-Levels to be graded and the fact universities require grades for candidate admissions in September. With regard to this, it is also clear A-Level examinations cannot take place as usual. Once schools close, students will not have the final necessary teaching to ensure the extrapolation of their full potential. Alongside this, due to the virus' ability to spread in close confinement, examination centres are high-risk locations given the close proximity of candidates, sitting within the one metre distance that the virus is able to travel. A lot of students, statistically, will have contracted the virus entering the exam period and will be unable to revise effectively, negatively impacting their ability to perform in the exam. On top of this, considering the virus will be at its peak during this exam period, there will be an undeniably large proportion of students taking the exam who will be carrying COVID-19 as they sit their paper(s). On behalf of the student body, we find that the uncertainty surrounding the taking of exams is perhaps just as terrifying as the virus itself. Not only does this impact the mental health of students; motivation is dwindling as a result of this key period of revision being undermined by the prospect of exam postponement/cancellation. If it is the case that exams are shortened and computerised, then 12% of students (circa 30,000) will be unable to complete the assessment due to a lack of accessibility to internet or an actual device, whilst also being at a disadvantage due to being unable to access online resources from home. Exams must be a standardised process, taken in similar environments so the data gathered from them can be a fair reflection of ability within the context of the nation. As such, we require an absolute and definitive answer. This answer simply cannot be that A-Levels will take place, as that cannot be guaranteed. Instead, the only possible solution that can achieve any degree of certitude and fair, consistent assessment of candidates is that A-level written examinations will be cancelled. Instead students will be rewarded a grade based on their predictions, taking into account their quality of work throughout their A-Level course, and any available coursework marks that can inform their quality as a candidate. Predicted grades are a fair, consistent source of information for a candidate's potential, as they are drawn from in-class contribution, mock examination results, and tasks completed across the two year course. They themselves are used by universities to determine whether a candidate should receive an offer, thus demonstrating their widely acknowledged credibility. The fact that predicted grades (along with a school-provided testimony) are awarded to students who are considered to be unfit to sit an exam, surely justifies their utility in an adverse circumstance such as the pandemic of COVID-19, as such all we are suggesting is a mere universalisation of an already existing exam practice, in a warranted reaction to an extreme circumstance.  So, we request that the government cancels A-Level written examinations, and judges this years cohort of A-Level students on their performances throughout their courses, and award a fair, informed predicted grade, used in university admission processes.Read more

Kit Redding and Eddy CammeghLondon, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 16, 2020
Petition to Lynette Butler
Following a recent article I saw where a small town in Italy made silent fireworks Law, I thought wow, we should do that here. Every year our animals are subjected to firework noise which can cause extreme anxiety. In some cases animals have been injured or killed on the road in a bid to flee from the awful noises created by fireworks. I have witnessed normally confident dogs reduced to quivering wrecks who will try anything to escape the relentless din of fireworks. The numbers of dead animals on the roads increases at this time of year & the vets are increasingly treating both domestic & wild animals for firework related injuries. I would also like to see fireworks only being sold at the appropriate time of year. You don’t see Christmas trees in the shops in the summer & yet fireworks are on display & available for purchase long before November 5th prolonging the unnecessary anxiety they cause.  Ideally I would like to see them banned from public sale all together & only available to organised events where they are time limited. If you feel that fireworks are nothing more than a noise nuisance & are fed up with trying to keep your animals safe & stress free then please support this petition. Thank YouRead more

Lynette ButlerYate, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Oct 24, 2018
  Please read update below the page and chip in to help Betty get her legal fees to keep on fighting: gofund.me/e1a70ed1 Le français suit. Ms. Betty Kalule Naggayi is being deported next week with her two 1 and 2 year old Canadian sons!  Are we gonna let it happen ? Absolutely not. My name is Lyse-Pascale Inamuco. I am now a Canadian but was once an asylum seeker and refugee so when Betty reached out to me to help stop her deportation and help keep her two boys in their country Canada, I could not turn my back on her, but I first did not know what to do and where to start!  I am starting this petition hoping you will help me reach hundreds and sign it and share it with your network so her Member of Parliament, Minister Mona Fortier, can finally answer to her and her immigration lawyer's plea. There is still time to act and impact their lives in a positive way. We can do it if we come together to ask for change. Betty is a hard working mother who has been paying taxes for the ast seven years and keeping peace in the society. Since June 2019, and right through the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been working tirelessly as an Environmental Service Attendant at the Ottawa Hospital General Campus. Is this how we are thanking a COVID sheroe ? Can you imagine that in August 2022, she applied for permanent residence on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Receipt of this application was acknowledged by the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. However, she is still waiting for a decision to be taken, while at the same time there is a deportation order against her that will become effective next week in March 2023.  The youngest of the two children is still breastfeeding, and the older child is showing signs of autism for which he is awaiting medical treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).  For these reasons, they will be removed from the country they belong to along with their mother even though she has the right to remain in Canada awaiting her humanitarion decision. This is so unfair!  READ BETTY'S STORY IN HER OWN WORDS. I am therefore not only inviting you to share and sign this petition, but the call to action is plain and simple to everyone who has a human heart and understand the urgency of this case and Betty's cry : tell your friend to tell a friend to show up at a protest me and Betty are organizing to make noise because we are so desparate we do not know what else to do! So bring a big Dollarama sign saying #BETTYBELONGSTOCANADA #KEEPBETTYSBOYSHOME in front of MP Mona Fortier's office on Thursday, March 2nd, 2023  at 1:30 PM sharp at 233 Montreal Rd, Vanier ON K1L 6C7. This is a peaceful protest. Invite your city councillor, MPP and MP and send this petition to every refugee rights organization you know. Help us spread the word! Contact for protest organization or media : Lyse-Pascale Inamuco : 613-407-7795 | inalyse@gmail.com -------- Mme Betty Kalule Naggayi sera expulsée la semaine prochaine avec ses deux fils canadiens de 1 et 2 ans!  Allons-nous laisser faire ? Absolument pas. Je m’appelle Lyse-Pascale Inamuco. Je suis maintenant Canadienne, mais j’ai déjà été demandeuse d’asile et réfugiée, alors quand Betty m’a contacté pour l’aider à arrêter sa déportation et à garder ses deux garçons dans leur pays, le Canada, je ne pouvais pas lui tourner le dos, mais je ne savais pas quoi faire et par où commencer!  Je lance cette pétition en espérant que vous m’aiderez à joindre des centaines de personnes, à la signer et à la partager avec votre réseau afin que sa députée, la ministre Mona Fortier, puisse enfin répondre à son plaidoyer et à celui de son avocat en immigration. Il est encore temps d’agir et d’avoir un impact positif sur leur vie. Nous pouvons le faire si nous nous rassemblons pour demander des changements. Betty est une mère travailleuse qui paie des impôts depuis sept ans et maintient la paix dans la société. Depuis juin 2019, et tout au long de la pandémie de COVID-19, elle travaille sans relâche comme préposée aux services environnementaux au Campus Général de L’Hôpital d’Ottawa. Est-ce ainsi que nous remercions un héros COVID ? Pouvez-vous imaginer qu’en août 2022, elle a présenté une demande de résidence permanente pour des motifs d’ordre humanitaire. Le ministère de l’Immigration, des Réfugiés et de la Citoyenneté a accusé réception de cette demande. Cependant, elle attend toujours qu’une décision soit prise, alors qu’en même temps, il y a un arrêté d’expulsion contre elle qui entrera en vigueur la semaine prochaine en mars 2023.  Le plus jeune des deux enfants allaite toujours, et l’aîné montre des signes d’autisme pour lesquels il attend un traitement médical au Centre hospitalier pour enfants de l’est de l’Ontario (CHEO).  Pour ces raisons, ils seront renvoyés du pays auquel ils appartiennent avec leur mère, même si elle a le droit de rester au Canada en attendant sa décision humanitaire. C’est tellement injuste!  LISEZ L’HISTOIRE DE BETTY DANS SES PROPRES MOTS (seulement disponible en anglais). Je vous invite donc non seulement à partager et à signer cette pétition, mais l’appel à l’action est clair et simple pour tous ceux qui ont un cœur humain et comprennent l’urgence de cette affaire et le cri de Betty: dites à votre ami de dire à un ami de se présenter à une manifestation que Betty et moi organisons pour faire du bruit parce que nous sommes si désespérées que nous ne savons pas quoi faire d’autre! Alors apportez une grande pancarte de Dollarama disant #BETTYRESTEAUCANADA #GARDEZLESFILSDEBETTYCHEZEUX devant le bureau de la députée Mona Fortier le jeudi 2 mars 2023 à 13 h 30 précises au 233, chemin Montréal, Vanier (Ontario) K1L 6C7. Il s’agit d’une manifestation pacifique. Invitez votre conseiller municipal, votre député provincial et votre député et envoyez cette pétition à tous les organismes de défense des droits des réfugiés que vous connaissez. Aidez-nous à passer le mot! Contact pour l’organisation de la manifestation ou les médias : Lyse-Pascale Inamuco : 613-407-7795 | inalyse@gmail.comRead more

Lyse-Pascale InamucoOttawa, Canada
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Created Feb 28, 2023
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