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Petition to Claire Trevena
    As citizens of Squamish BC, a commuter city, we have concerns about the risks citizens face driving along our dangerous highways. Our citizens are put at risk driving to Whistler on a daily basis and something needs to be put into action. On January 2, 2018, a tragic accident occurred leaving two casualties and multiple victims in critical condition. This left seven Squamish families devastated, dealing with the loss of their family members. This tragic event had occurred at 7:30 pm near Cheekye River Bridge north of Squamish. The accident was caused by a head-on vehicle collision with a minivan carrying seven passengers, all citizens of Squamish.      This stretch of highway has experienced many tragedies along, much like the accident that occurred on December 17, 2015. Before 9 am near Callaghan forest service road there was another head-on collision. An investigation determined that a vehicle traveling northbound collided head-on with another vehicle traveling southbound. The RCMP said in a statement, “Road conditions were snowy and slippery which caused the vehicle to cross the opposite lane.” The northbound vehicle caught on fire with the driver inside and the driver of this vehicle did not survive although the driver of the other vehicle was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. This collision resulted in the decrease of speeds but no other changes were made to highway itself to ensure safety.        Another head-on collision which took place on January 31, 2004. A northbound Volkswagen GTI carrying three passengers and a southbound Pontiac Tempest minivan carrying five passengers sideswiped each other at about 8:30 a.m. The Volkswagen crossed the opposing lane before coming to a halt head-on colliding into the minivan which caused the minivan to crash into a Ford SUV which carried a father with his 16-year-old son. The passengers of the Volkswagen were not injured. The accident took the lives of all five passengers in the minivan along with the father and his 16-year-old son, all were residents of Squamish.     As we can see, there have been many head-on collisions on this highway. To improve the highways and decrease the number of head-on accidents, we have come up with the solution of putting concrete barriers between dangerous roads. Concrete barriers would prevent cars that slip and lose control from entering the opposite lane. Safety can be easily increased by reducing the impact of vehicle collisions with these concrete barriers. We need to reduce the crash continuity of the vehicle during its collision which would be possible with barriers separating the two opposing lanes. The barrier will absorb the vehicles force when it crashes and will direct it in another direction to prevent collision with the opposing car.       As many Squamish citizens are driving up and down these highways every day we want to ensure that they are safe and also feel safe when they are driving. We have realized that there have been way too many head-on collisions which result in a very bad conclusion and we want to stop this. Many families are shaken by the recent disaster and do not feel safe driving up that highway to Whistler again and we want to fix that by placing concrete barriers between the two opposing lanes.    We have started this petition to end these horrific collisions. We would like to get as many signatures as we can to help make highway 99 to Whistler a safer drive. We want people to take a stand for their own safety, so together let's do something about it. Please sign and share this petition! Together, we can ensure the safety of our community!Read more

Gagan ChaggerCanada
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Created Jan 7, 2018
Petition to Easy Day Studios
"stats" like we do via mods on PC. A majority of the improvements on PC are simple code edits that, both on PC and console. Easy Day Studios, please consider adding these improvements to the base game) would be fantastic as well.  We as a community believe these improvements are integral to the as current) players away. Please consider these improvements, as, again, they will do nothing butRead more

Jesse LackMassachusetts, United States
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Created Jan 6, 2021
Petition to Department of Infrastructure
On the 23rd May 2018 Karl Heaney was killed in a RTC along the A1 dual carriageway between Banbridge and Dromore. Karl was a beloved son, brother, boyfriend and uncle. But more than that he was innocent. Actions of certain individuals led to Karl's death that night but upon researching the road we discovered plans to upgrade the A1 have been developed but not implemented. These plans first began to form in 2007. The proposed development was published in 2011 with 8 stages with the 7th stage being the beginning of construction. We are coming to the end of 2018 now and these plans are still only at stage 3. This is not good enough. This road is one of the most dangerous roads in Northern Ireland. It is the main road between Newry and Belfast and is the link road between Belfast and Dublin. Therefore we believe it should be top priority. People like Karl deserve better from their Department of Infrastructure, from their government. If these developments had of been implemented it would have prevented Karl's crash and many like it. We urge you to like and share this page amongst your friends. To share your stories of this road and it's dangers. Let's show the Department of Infrastructure and Stormont that we want answers and results now not in another 10 years time! The time to act is now. How many must die for them to listen to us?!!Read more

Ciara SandsBelfast, NIR, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 6, 2018
Petition to North Castle Residents
Dear parents, players, coaches and everyone who loves sports, We are reaching out as a coalition of youth sports leaders in Armonk, who working to build community support for improving our athletic fields. Despite the tremendous growth in organized sports in our town, the North Castle Town Board has done little to build, manage and improve the fields these sports need.  Our athletic fields are among the worst in Westchester, despite residents paying among the highest taxes.  This is totally unacceptable. For years, our kids have been struggling with our sub-par town athletic fields. Our Town Board has continually let us down with poor decisions about field maintenance (allowing grub infestations, for example) and prioritizing our tax dollars away from the things we care about most, like quality fields for our kids to play on.  It's time we send the Town Board a clear message that this will no longer be tolerated by our community: Please sign this petition to let the Town of North Castle know that we are outraged with the town board's decisions regarding our playing fields.  Fix our fields now! Our kids deserve better than grub infestations, rain puddles on sunny days, and unsafe conditions (like potholes and bare spots).  We all know how bad this issue has become, and it's time that your Town Board hears your voice. Athletics are integral to the well-being of our children.  Armonk's decaying and outdated athletic fields require URGENT attention after decades of under-investment. We demand that the town immediately undertake an improvement program to:  Rehabilitate fields in disrepair Construct artificial turf fields Increase maintenance to support usage levels Install additional field lighting Install rest room facilities Treat grub infestations with safe and effective grub control pesticides We should want to be proud, and not embarrassed, of our fields when other towns travel to compete against us.  We do not want below average, or even average, fields and facilities.  We demand that the Town of North Castle spend the time and money it takes to make our athletic fields best-in-class.  Your support will be shared with the Town of North Castle to show the Town Board that we demand immediate and meaningful action to fix this issue. Our kids deserve better. On behalf of Armonk's Youth Sports Programs, we thank you!Read more

Rachel MilimArmonk, NY, United States
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Created Jan 27, 2021
Petition to Maitland City Council, Maitland Mayor
Today I would just like to share some of my thoughts with you on a place that’s very close to home. In Ashtonfield we have a park that is situated behind Ashtonfield Public School. This park for many years now has been used by many on a daily basis for walking, families, pets, sporting events and many more. This land for years has not lived up to its full potential. Almost everyday for many years now I have walked my dogs with my family and rode my bike to the park. This park holds a very special place in my heart to myself and many others. The reality is, the park is very simple, there's not a lot to offer however there is a lot that could be done to further the parks pristine location and it’s immense popularity.   First of all, this park has one big open field. There is a circler foot pathway that surrounds this empty field, which is used immensely. This field many years ago once had soccer and football goals, however they were removed to never be replaced with an alternative. In the center, the field floods and all year round there is a giant mud puddle that has never dries up. My suggestion is that we return the football/soccer goals and the ground needs to be risen and fixed desperately. If I’m honest this is all quiet saddening seeing the park so dilapidated. Secondly, this park at night is quiet terrifying. At the park you will only find one source of light from one merely streetlight. Lighting has been an issue for years. This one and only light is surrounded by beautiful trees and once it becomes dark you struggle to see yourself, let alone the pathway in front of you. This is a safety issue, please we need more lights. Thirdly, Seating at the park is few and far between. The tables and benches that we currently have are in desperate need of a face lift and more benches and seats need to be added. People love to picnic at this park all year round and it's very unlikely that they wouldn't be utilized.  Fourthly, To the council, I thank you about the re-surfacing of the basketball court. I was in contact with Philip Penfold (Council member) over this issue as the court was so weathered and in need of help. Directly across from that there is an old cricket training net and adjacent to that is a vastly open space, my suggestion is maybe a tennis court, or even those outdoor gyms you see at nelsons bay or the ones at the Maitland netball courts, something that kids and families can use. Ashtonfield, I sincerely hope that this issue with the park has been highlighted and how important it is for not only the safety of the park but the wellbeing of the residents who use it. It's not fair for Ashtonfield to have one of the worst recreation facilities around. I'm only 20 years old and It honestly shatters me to see the park that I love so sad and rundown. I would have loved to have seen this park in fantastic form when I was younger, but now I just have to speak up and hope for a better, brighter future for the park. I have recently contacted the Maitland Mayor, Loretta Baker and she is following up on the issue after the Christmas break, however I feel that there will be little to no action taken as the park as been in disarray for over a decade now. All I seek is improvement of the park. Therefore I call on the community for your help to save the park and to bring it back to life. I assured the mayor in my email that if all these changes and renovations were to happen the community would be immensely happy.   If you've made it this far, I appreciate you taking the time to read my petition and i hope for your signature to help support change to Ashtonfield Park. Many Thanks  Ben Worth Read more

Ben WorthAustralia
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Created Dec 30, 2020
Petition to EA NHL sports
Full Franchise  mode with all leagues as part of it so you can start in any league in the world like you can do on Fifa would be good for be a pro . roster sharing would be a great idea other games use this feature allow people to edit teams so their up to date or share custom teams so on .Custom tournaments so you can make international tournaments if you ain’t going to add real international tournament like World Cup and winter olympics and option to make club tournaments.  real iihf kits is embarrassing seeing generic kits  Winter classic outdoor games also all stars game plus skills competition loads fans asking for gm connected . more customisation for sticks goalie mask so on . more leagues for fans in european nations as you already sell copies in Russia , France, Norway . Britain Why not add their  leagues if you selling the game in them countries many fans from them nations don't get to play with the team they follow from their local league . GM connected   Full franchise mode with european leagues included like fifa so you can start anywhere in the world not just the nhl  All stars game and competition  Roster sharing share custom teams and updated team files  outdoor games ,  winter classic  custom tournaments  . club or international   more customisation goalie helmets names on sticks so on .  add more european leagues for european fans that buy the game  EIHL Uk hockey league  Ligue Magnus French hockey league Get Ligaen  Norway hockey league  KHL Russian hockey league PC port for pc gamers  if not going add these leagues  do a pc port so people can add their own leagues and teams and helps with roster sharing       Read more

danny elkinsEngland, United Kingdom
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Created Aug 28, 2015
Petition to Department of Education, Leo Varadkar, Irish Government
Dear Leo Varadkar , Department of education and to Whom else it may concern Now is a time of great stress for all, we have many selfless members of our communities and states who are all contributing to make sure that we as one persevere through this time. Recently the the department of education has called for the cancellation of leaving cert examinations for the current year in order to ease the stress on students who are in their final year of the senior cycle, I agree with this action, apart from the overlooking of the senior cycle as a whole, although 6th year students are the priority at the current time, I feel that the fact that the entire senior cycle (6th&5th) has been overlooked. The current situation has a knock on effect that transcends the current year, at present students are attempting to teach themselves their leaving cert course at home. The home is most definitely not an ideal place for learning and it’s not a steady learning environment for the majority of people.For many , myself included, the current online learning poses a problem for many sections of the leaving cert course. I like many others find it difficult to revise and prepare these sections of the course alone and even with help from the online classes there is a barrier between teacher and pupil and is unfair to those who do not have undivided access to these facilities Not only this but on return to the normal school environment teaching will be ramped up to a faster pace in other to cover these sections, thus causing the quality of both written and oral components of exams to drop, and for those students who have a lesser ability in these subjects but truly work hard to keep higher level up will have no choice but only to opt out of the higher course which is grossly unfair to there ethic and determination to keep up the higher course. Points for college courses will rise significantly next year due to the number of people planning on repeating their 6th year or resitting the exams in 2021. This adds extra competition for current 5th years and limits the places in college courses even more. 5th years are also likely to lose out on more vital classroom time in their 6th year. If you cannot sit 61000 students in 723 large sports halls (average 84 students) in August with social distancing, then you cannot put 30 students in classroom in September October November. We 5th years understand these are exceptional circumstances. We understand there are bigger problems. We just want to be kept in the loop about our future and our education. Thus we are calling for some action to be taken on the leaving cert 2021, for the betterment of well being and mental health of all in senior cycle not just 6th year. We’re not looking for immediate action, just some clarity about our future.Read more

Leaving Cert 2021Ireland
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Created May 10, 2020
Playgrounds are an important part of a community. They are a place for children and adults to meet and socialise. They provide an opportunity for exercise which is critical for physical and mental wellbeing. They are a draw for visitors, which in turn helps to support  the local economy. Over the last few years the playgrounds around Clevedon have fallen into disrepair with much of the play equipment being removed and not replaced. Compared to the surrounding towns and villages, which have excellent facilities, Clevedon has been overlooked.  North Somerset Council has a funding pot available to upgrade and repair playgrounds. We wish to ensure that part of this investment goes toward upgrading and repairing the playgrounds of Clevedon. A small group of us have put together a Plan of Action for the playgrounds of Clevedon, and we would now like to collect signatures of support from all people who use these facilities. These signatures will be presented to North Somerset Council and Clevedon Town Council in support of our application. Read more

Robert HollandBristol, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 18, 2022
It is no secret that Austin's growth is rapidly spilling into surrounding small towns - specifically Liberty Hill, Bertram, and Burnet.  While we encourage this growth for the prosperity of our communities, Highway 29 - the main thoroughfare - was not originally designed to accommodate the significant increase in daily traffic that the growth is creating.  Current and new residents are exposed to increasingly dangerous traveling conditions on Highway 29 unless construction to improve the road begins immediately.  The State, Counties, and Texas Department of Transportation have the power and the obligation to improve the traffic conditions through all means necessary and at their disposal.  Turn lanes, expanded shoulders, and deacceleration/acceleration lanes are needed to combat the growing traffic and to support safe entering and exiting of vehicles onto the highway.  This petition is created on behalf of all touched by this issue to spark the action required to effect change, and is a display of synergy among those impacted by dangers of Highway 29 traffic increase.   Read more

Chris BishopUnited States
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Created Mar 15, 2022
People in our neighborhood in Plum PA always love getting together, for Birthday Parties, celebrations, and the kids in our neighborhood love playing together. The only issue with our neighborhood is that there are several buildings and businesses that people can only reach with cars. We just got a new sports complex and a new pizza place that are so close, we could walk to them. We also have a Kubrick Brothers Garden Center that we go to all the time to get plants for our garden. All these places I just mentioned are about a 5 minute walk away from us, but no one can go, because people fly down Repp Road, and there isn't a sidewalk. If we got a pedestrian pathway, we could walk to so many places so easily and safely. If we got a sidewalk on Repp Road, it could open up so many possibilities. Anyone could get pizza anytime they want, and people can go to the sports center, and play sports anytime they want, and people could go and get plants anytime they want. In conclusion, this could help small businesses grow, and it is better for the environment because less cars are in use. Consider signing this petition to help our town. Read more

Frank AltieriPittsburgh, PA, United States
905 supporters
Created Aug 26, 2022
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