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Petition to Central PWD in association with corresponding State Govt.
The country is losing too many lives because of bad traffic. Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkota, Chennai, etc. has bad traffic not only because of high density of vehicles. 65% of the traffic accidents and congestion can be reduced if we have good roads. Naturally, the people driving vehicle when they see a pot-hole, they tend to deviate from the current lane causing others to hit breaks. If luckily, the person on the other lane is skilled enough to control the vehicle, nothing major happens. This causes disruption in traffic flow. This not only causes accidents, but majority of the country's fuel is wasted because of this as the vehicles are on idling due to non-moving traffic. The authorities should make sure that a proper motor-able road is provided before closing any road for construction so that there's no disruption in usual traffic. Please join hands with me to demand for good quality roads.Read more

Narasimha KashyapIndia
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Created June 28, 2019
in Shrewsbury and even out of it already want the safety of the river to be updated and improvedRead more

Page AlfieShrewsbury, United Kingdom
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Created April 4, 2022
Petition to The Home Minister, Govt. of India, Atishi Marlena, Atishi
To,  The Home Minister Government of India  Atishi Marlena, Advisor to Delhi’s Education Minister Manish Sisodia has been instrumental in transforming Delhi's government schools over the last 3 years. A Stephenian with a Masters in Education from Oxford, a Chevening Scholar as well as a Rhodes Scholar, Atishi has been serving the city's schools for a salary of Re 1 per month. Your Ministry in the Central government led by the BJP has ordered that Atishi be sacked from her position claiming her position was never approved by the Centre.  The phenomenal improvements in the quality of education offered to children in Delhi's government schools are a product of Atishi's quiet labour behind the scenes. Her contribution has been acknowledged by academics, organisations working in education, politicians across party lines and even the sharpest critics of the Aam Aadmi Party.  The Centre has routinely caused hindrances to derail the work of the Delhi government. However this sacking has put a face on the Centre's persecution of the Delhi government. The order dismissing Atishi’s appointment is more than a personal or political attack. It is an attack on the citizens of Delhi who have long suffered corrupt and incompetent governance. It is an attack on Delhi’s children who finally have a chance to get the opportunity they deserve.   As citizens of this country who believe that politics needs people like Atishi Marlena in positions of power to influence governance for the better, we urge you to reconsider your decision to dismiss Atishi and reinstate her with immediate effect.  Read more

IRA BHASKARNew Delhi, India
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Created April 18, 2018
Petition to Members of The Kenyan National Assembly
Day on Tuesday, May 28, I’m writing to you to demand more action and progress towards improvedRead more

Janet MbuguaKenya
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Created May 22, 2019
Petition to MP Jenny Mikakos, The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Scott Morrison
To all our Ministers,Today, it is with great dismay that I read the news about your colleague, Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos, stating that she is “absolutely flabbergasted that the doctor who has experienced flu-like symptoms has presented to work”. This flippant remark, as well as another comment she made about involving AHPRA shows a complete disrespect and lack of understanding of the pressures that our primary health care providers and hospital staff face every day. You should note that shaming the afflicted General Practitioner publicly has resulted in an unjustified social media witch hunt. As reported, the GP had returned from the USA, which at the time was not considered an at-risk country; his symptom of a “runny nose” is a non-specific symptom which in itself is not on the government’s symptom list for SARS-Cov2 virus. If he had contacted his local public health unit for advice, he would have been told to self-monitor and to present for testing only if he went on to develop further symptoms.Ms Jenny Mikakos stating that GPs in this country are "fully supported and resourced" during this crisis is nothing short of a lie. There is much confusion for health care professionals and the public due to inconsistent advice from local public health units which, are very likely receiving conflicting advice themselves. There has been overwhelming lack of government support in providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to GPs who work at the coalface of health care, and yet, the public is being unanimously advised to contact their GPs if they felt unwell. Is this not an unwise directive given how contagious this disease is? There has been minimal discussion about the appropriate supportive arrangements required for GPs to support their communities adequately during this viral outbreak. And what should happen if the GPs themselves fell ill? Who will replace them as primary health care providers in the communities?As for staying at home when feeling unwell, if you were to speak with any doctor in either primary health care or in a hospital service, you would hear first-hand how difficult it is to obtain relief cover when a staff member must take sick leave. Too often many of us work with no relief cover, and through our good will, shoulder the extra work burden when a colleague is unwell enough to be away, or indeed when any form of leave has to be taken. You must be aware that our GPs run as small private businesses and cannot afford to take sick leave lightly. There is also the guilt from not wanting to let our patients down by cancelling appointments, especially when appointments with trusted GPs can be very difficult to come by. Ms Mikakos’s public remarks implying that a health care professional would wilfully infect our patients by working when unwell, reflect her lack of understanding of an overburdened health system, which is already contributing to a high rate of burn out and an escalating suicide rate in the medical profession.Given that all of us health care professionals work in clinical settings where we are more commonly exposed to pathogens than the average person in the community, it should come as no surprise that we would be at greater risk than others of getting sick. However, the health care system is so under-resourced that there is minimal slack in the system for health care workers to take sick leave when they actually need it. Many of us working in health care are people of great compassion and conscientiousness, and as we have little power to change the system in which we work, we simply soldier on when faced with minor illnesses that do not completely incapacitate us; we do this for our sick patients, and also for our already over-burdened colleagues.I hope Ms Mikakos realizes what an unfair statement she has made, and how cruel she has been to a person who set out to work as a doctor in service to his community as best as he could. She has so clearly demonstrated her ignorance of the health system which she is Minister of. In fact, she should issue a formal apology for her ill-planned remarks. Ministers, I write to all of you hoping that you will not repeat the same error as she has. Many clinical health care staff go far and beyond their official job duties to provide care to our community as best as we can, within whatever finite resources we have. We do not need to be made scapegoats at this time when it is important for all of us as a community to work together to ensure everyone stays safe and well. Sincerely yours,  Read more

Cheryl ChoongAustralia
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Created March 7, 2020
Petition to Doug Downey, Attorney General of Ontario
Call for Improved Training on Gender-Based Violence for Judges and Lawyers in Ontario and an AppealRead more

WomenatthecentrE .Scarborough, Canada
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Created October 22, 2021
Petition to Nigeria Immigration Service
Getting a Nigerian passport issued by the Nigerian Immigration Service has become a cumbersome and hellish process to say the least. The process is fraught with unnecessary delays and hitches, making it subject to  bribery and corruption.  Getting a passport is a right of every Nigerian and it shouldn’t be made a market for the highest bidder. Nigerians are suffering. It's not right and this should not be allowed to continue. We hereby call on the Comptroller General of The Nigeria Immigration Service and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, to kindly review this process for passport procurement which is inflicting unnecessary suffering on  Nigerians and enabling corruption.Read more

Olamide OlawepoLagos, Nigeria
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Created September 23, 2022
Petition to Right Hon Jeremy Hunt MP
times from referral to clinic appointment Improved GP training and education regarding the assessment referral and treatment options for transgender patientsRead more

Vicky-Marie HoganRyde, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created April 21, 2017
improved animal shelter there would be more space for these animals which would give them more time toRead more

Suzanne CardosoLos Banos, CA, United States
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Created May 27, 2022
Petition to Haddon Township Board of Education, Haddon Township School Administration, Haddon Township Superintendent of Schools
We, the Haddon Township High School (HTHS) Student Council and community at large, find that the anti-racism education in Haddon Township High School and throughout the Haddon Township School District (HTSD) is inadequate and must be reformed. Haddon Township is a place “where community thrives.” Its residents are friendly and welcoming and help make it a safe, nurturing place to live. Its education system is an important part of the community: nearly everyone has some connection to the school district and many remain part of it even after they or their children graduate. It is rightly acclaimed as a fantastic educational institution and helps its students prepare well for their future. In spite of this, Haddon Township has a major flaw: it and towns like it are a direct result of systemic racism. Racist policies throughout American history have kept suburbs across the country from including nonwhites in various manners. As a result, our town is racially homogenous: 91.1% white, 1.1% black or African American, 1.9% Asian,1.0% biracial, and 5.0% Hispanic or Latino. This is evident in all facets of life in Haddon Township and especially in its schools. Students at Haddon Township recognize this, but are often unaware of the extent of the privilege into which many were born. We are calling for more diversity and anti-racism education in our schools to resolve this problem: First, the history and culture of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) must be addressed. White washing is a major issue in our nation and, despite our best efforts, our school, too. Historical and modern-day contributions of BIPOC and the hatred they have faced throughout American history are not adequately discussed. The efforts of BIPOC to aid the advancement of humankind are woefully under-represented and white crimes against them must be taught to better understand the state of the world today, including recent actions that have led to major world events and crises. This must be done despite the discomfort these discussions will undoubtedly cause. As part of this, textbooks and classroom materials must be evaluated. Many history textbooks fail to discuss the above mentioned subjects, including racism and segregation in today’s world and the recent past; they may glorify American “heroes” without considering these people’s actions that actively harmed BIPOC, such as Christopher Columbus and his genocide against Native Americans. Additionally, materials in other courses must be evaluated for their representation of BIPOC and their culture. More diverse literature must especially be included in English curriculums. On the whole, BIPOC representation must be increased in every curriculum. Diversity training must be instituted to teach our students to rectify the problems homogeneity poses. We must hold workshops, assemblies, and other programs to teach students to be more than non-racist, but to actively oppose racism and other forms of hatred, bigotry, and discrimination in our society. Classes and outside events must be held to teach this, and they must be taught by BIPOC. Their perspective in this education will be vital to the understanding of our students, as they will be able to share their experiences of what is likely an unfamiliar subject to many students. A committee must be established to ensure representation in the student body for BIPOC. More must be done to ensure that nonwhite students’ perspectives are considered in decisions and the creation of this committee would allow for that. This committee must include BIPOC students and would be able to address school policy decisions and activities that would help improve anti-racism education and programs in HTSD. HTSD must make a commitment to increasing its staffing diversity. Our faculty is large-majority-white, and the HTSD must make a concentrated effort to improve this. Representation is important for the success of all students. In this representation, we mean more than improving racial demographics: people of different sexual orientations, genders, and abilities must be part of our discussion. While we understand the difficulty in changing the demographics of the staff, we implore the district to ensure that diversity is considered in future staffing decisions, especially among leadership groups, to ensure every perspective is represented in district decisions. This is not an exhaustive list; it is a start. Nor is this list for HTHS alone. These are changes which must be implemented across all grades and schools. No student is too young nor too old to be taught about racism, hatred, and bigotry. In regard to racism and injustices, everyone must spend their whole life learning. Everyone must be lifelong students. It is our actions here and now that will allow us to work towards fixing systemic injustices. Education is our best tool to fight ignorance and we must use that tool. It’s time to teach our students about the discrimination from which many benefit and will never experience. It is our duty to do this now, to relieve the suffering of many in our community and nation. WE ARE HAWK NATION.Read more

Matthew ConwayBellmawr, NJ, United States
1,700 supporters
Created June 16, 2020
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