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Petition to SUNY New Paltz
The students at SUNY New Paltz and the people who live in the Village of New Paltz were recently informed of a contamination issue in our water supply. As a result, the university has decided to close off all water supply including the washing machines, water fountains and have closed off the showers for on-campus residents.  Our health is being compromised for personal hygiene as well as hydration. SUNY New Paltz is also does not sell water bottles on campus, so those without transportation are forced to pay to get these necessities. As of right now there have been signs of petroleum and bisphenol which are both very severe for our health and safety. These basic human necessities are being taken away but we are still required to attend our classes. This petition is for the students of SUNY New Paltz to get the answers we want and the essentials we need. Until this problem is resolved, our main issue should be our health and not the additional stress of classes. Thank you.Read more

Kaitlyn ConnollyUnited States
4,309 supporters
Created Feb 10, 2020
Petition to Government of India, Ministry of Law & Justice, Parliament Of India, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Yogi adityanath, Supreme Court of India
details of the vehicle and driver are identified and confirmed by the police, the family and friends of action should be ensured once the police have identified the culprit responsible for the cruel act and friends tensed. Immediate loss of license once the person is identified is a must. Once out onRead more

vicky chalanaIndia
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Created Oct 19, 2019
Reading is a gift and you do not realize this gift until you meet someone deprived or less blessed with this gift. Imagine being in a Chinese class where everyone can read from the textbook but for you, the letters do not speak they are all just gibberish. That is how a child with Dyslexia feels in Pakistan however, he is labeled as rather lazy, stupid, dumb, and much more. Not knowing a foreign language is supposed to be okay though no? How often has each of us accommodated people who were unfamiliar or excelled in our local language? If helping them is okay why deprive these children of the help they need? My aim with this petition is for Dyslexia to be accepted as a disability in Pakistan and for the government to take the following basic actions in all schools. Firstly, the children should not be asked to be enrolled in special schools for abnormal children because Dyslexia is a disability, not an abnormality and there is a fine line between the two. Secondly, small accommodations that can help children that also fit into the school's budget are: oral tests wherever possible like for MCQs, fill in the blanks, Match the column, etc. eradicating reading for these children in front of the whole class because that shatters their self-esteem which can lead to depression which affects the quality of life which in turn affects the whole household creating unrest in the whole society. giving them more time to take tests. teachers can record their lessons and send them to parents so the child can revise and learn better. According to the latest statistics, around 34% or 12 million children need help so on behalf of all those I urge you to sign this petition and give them the help they deserve. Every child is special and every child matters, not to forget Dyslexic children might have higher IQ (proved in many cases) than other children.  every child deserves love and every child MATTERS.   Read more

Menahil PervaizRawalpindi, Pakistan
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Created Aug 4, 2022
Petition to International Criminal Court; United nations; World Health Organization, United Nations
Please help to get Electronic Sexual Slavery acknowledged, identified and named. Once an officialRead more

sophia cruickshankCanada
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Created Mar 15, 2020
Petition to West Hants United Soccer Association
Our child loves soccer and wants to play with peers. The club has chosen to divide by gender and will not allow our child to identify by gender.Read more

Emilie SmithNewport, NS, Canada
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Created Apr 29, 2013
Petition to Minister for Health
IBD affects up to 40,000 people in Ireland with numbers rising,it is a life long condition with no cure. We feel that IBD should be recognoised on the list of the long term illness scheme,a list which has not been updated since the 1970's. Should IBD be recognised it  would mean that those living with IBD could avail of drugs,medicines and surgery without having to worry about any kind of charge. The scheme is for those suffering (yes suffering) with a prescribed disease or disability of a permanent or long term nature ie IBD,studies show there has been a notable rate of increases in the past number of decades. IBD is a life long,lonely and expensive disease that forces many to have little to no quality of life. Medicines and biologics may help but they will always have flares and other complications relating to IBD. Put IBD on the long term illness list.Read more

Kim WyseDublin, Ireland
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Created Jan 29, 2019
Petition to Mayor Sharon Weston Broome
., Monday, July 27, 2020. She identified as a woman, yet her next of kin insist she should be identified as a male, however, SHE is a WOMAN and deserves to be respected and identified as one. As we continueRead more

Rosio SeldenTucson, AZ, United States
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Created Jul 30, 2020
Petition to Government of Canada Gouvernement du Canada
Discord The novel coronavirus has been identified as a deadly strain that is highly contagiousRead more

Ryan HanWaterloo, Canada
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Created Jan 26, 2020
Petition to The Honourable Harjit Sajjan, The Honourable Marc Garneau, The Honourable Marco Mendocino, The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Senator Gwen Boniface, Senator Peter Boehm
-Canadian Interpreters Association has so far identified 115 former interpreters, cultural advisersRead more

Rhiannon McCluskeyBrighton, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jul 15, 2021
Petition to United Nations, Imran Khan, Ahsan Iqbal
Others. Unfortunately, Autism is not identified as a separate category and the non-recognition of thisRead more

Aisha FawadPakistan
79,724 supporters
Created Apr 1, 2017
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