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Petition to Mojang
tearing the community apart, leaving fantastic ideas on the cutting room floor, and teasing contentRead more

Holly MavermorneOakland, CA, United States
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Created October 6, 2023
Petition to Reedsburg School District Board
We as a senior class do not feel that the decisions made are beneficial to us in the ways that we hoped. We feel that there needs to be some say outside of the school board on a decision such as this, that pertains directly to each one of us. We feel that a better solution to this problem can be met, and be that as it may, said solution does not need to happen immediately. We understand that there is not a lot the schools can do until after June 30th when the end of the school closures is upon us. So that being said, graduation could be rescheduled to the summer months as countless other schools have already worked out. We have all worked as hard as the next and in many cases harder. We have achieved some of the highest test scores, some of the best attendance rates, and we have given our absolute all to RAHS for four long years. Since we have already given our all to you, it is now time that you give your all to us. We would like to point out that this should not need to be stated. As School officials you have been around students enough to understand this, so now it is time to remove the mentality of good enough. We are a class that does not strive for good enough. We are in pursuit of greatness. So we ask of you, please honor us with greatness, not good enough. If our request cannot be fulfilled by you, the board, we ask that all those who support this idea of a graduation eventually happening for all of us who are so deserving, be handled by those outside the schools. We ask that you do whatever it takes to bring us what we have earned. Read more

Thomas PfaffReessburg, WI, United States
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Created May 19, 2020
Petition to Bryan Konietzko
world roleplay game to be produced. Our petition provides potential ideas for the game or series of games if they get into production. Here are our ideas: Single Player vs. Multiplayer In the singleRead more

Dominik MilagroVienna, AL, Österreich
5,182 supporters
Created February 21, 2015
Petition to Red Oak ISD School Board
At Red Oak High School it is required for men to remove their earrings due to the dress code policy that is enforced that prohibits men from wearing any sort of earring. This policy pushes sexist ideology onto students, and for a school district who puts education first, this is not something we should be teaching our youth. There is no valid reason as to why men should not have the same right as women to wear earrings in school, therefore making this dress code policy ill-founded. Read more

Dalton StevensUnited States
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Created December 6, 2017
Petition to Gladys Berejiklian MP
.  That's why we at IDEAS (Information on Disability Education & Awareness Services) are proud to to continue funding IDEAS. Please help us advocate for all Australians with disability and ensure organisations for people with disability - including IDEAS.  The NDIS is meant to provide better $10,000 short of what they need.  The NDIS leaves disability-related organisations like IDEAS in ensuring people with disability can realise the choice and control on which the NDIS is built.” At IDEASRead more

Prue RobertsAustralia
3,460 supporters
Created October 15, 2017
Petition to Babajide Sanwo-Olu
The project manhole campaign is basically a clarion call on every well-meaning individual to come together and help put an end to the menace of uncovered manholes. Lives have been lost due to the recklessness of leaving these manholes uncovered.   So, we’re raising the appropriate awareness and also pushing a petition that seeks to get the legal backing to ending the menace of uncovered manholes within the cities.Read more

X3M IdeasLagos, Nigeria
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Created May 31, 2019
Petition to Ardian Zika, Clay Yarborough, Jayer Williamson, Patricia H. Williams, Matt Willhite, Jennifer Webb, Clovis Watson, Jr., Barbara Watson, Susan L. Valdes, Jay Trumbull, Josie Tomkow, Jackie Toledo, G...
As Floridians, our state bears the most noticeable effects of the climate crisis. From increases in extreme heat, sea level rise, extreme weather events, and rising emissions due to energy systems within cities, the future of Florida as we know it is at risk. We are writing to you to call for climate action across Florida. Now is the time to demand environmental policy in response to the climate crisis. Electricity production is our #1 source of greenhouse gases, more than all of our driving and flying combined. Clean energy reduces harmful smog, toxic buildups in our air and water, and the impacts caused by coal mining and gas extraction. In order to make clean energy a reality, Floridians must demand for clean and renewable energy. Sign this petition to push the Sunshine State forward as a nationwide leader in clean, renewable energy - Support House Bill 97/ Senate Bill 256. Legislation, HB 97/SB256 filed for a second time by Representative Anna V. Eskamani and Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez calls for 40 percent renewable energy by 2030 on the part of state agencies, universities and state colleges. The plan to achieve this must be developed by the Office of Energy, housed in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, within two years and submitted to lawmakers. This bill also requires that all electricity used in the state must be generated by renewable energy by 2050. Sign this petition to demand Florida State Representatives and State Senators to co-sponsor House Bill 97/Senate Bill 256, and ask that they help support its passage through Florida legislature, and onto the Governor’s Desk.  *This petition was ignited by the Global Climate Strike movement, urging Floridians to take part in pressuring law makers to engage in climate action.Read more

IDEAS For UsOrlando, FL, United States
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Created September 16, 2019
Petition to Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced technological Education.
As students in higher education, we must avoid socializing wrong ideas. We therefore created thisRead more

Tharindu WeerasinghaSri Lanka
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Created May 18, 2021
Petition to EA, Maxis, the sims, The Sims Team
UPDATE 3: Basically this petition hasn't become into a snow depth petition only, but a features petition for the whole pack. It has been missing many legacy features as accumulation, sunbathing, suntan, sunburn, igloos, parasols and hail. We need to stop greedy EA. UPDATE 2: Grant tweeted that it was for aesthetic issues. UPDATE: I contacted EA Help and they confirmed the issue is for 'lag' issues. In 'The Sims 4: Seasons' Expansion Pack, as you see, lacks in snow depth and accumulation of snow on roofs.  This has been noticed by many fans in the reveal trailer and the promo screenshots released by The Sims Team. In an article made by SimsCommunity they described the issue very well. The sims feet don't even sink a little in snow, and snow feels like a flat rug. We DEMAND EA or Maxis to change this ASAP. This feature has been in The Sims 2 Seasons (2007) and The Sims 3 Seasons (2012). Not seeing it in The Sims 4 Season (2018) seems truly depressing and proves how weak the engine The Sims 4 is built with. EA is charging players 40$ for the MOST anticipated The Sims 4 pack. 40$ for a pack with a feature many players missed. There has been a forum post on the official The Sims forums about this issue, and all users are showing their disappointment.  The Sims team have been very silent about this issue when asked by many players.  If this petition gets enough people signed to it, maybe we can draw EA's attention and maybe they can fix this issue on later updates. We demand answers. Please EA, don't come up with bad excuses as "FOR PERFORMANCE ISSUES!" because, if is that their answer and logic for everything, I'll go play Pong or Diner Dash! It's better in performance! If you really care about low-end PC players, then you don't really care about High-end PC players? Because I guess that's a 50/50 in the sims community. Why not make an option for both? It's not like this feature was absent from previous games. So making it an option to Enable or Disable it will be the perfect solution for both players. We hope EA doesn't also take the 'It's a trade off another feature!' because most (if not all) features in TS4's version of Seasons have been in previous games, even if it's one new feature, it still doesn't justify the problem as The Sims 2 Seasons had a new world and The Sims 4 Seasons doesn't, also they said that They focused SO MUCH on the details of every season to make the worlds as gorgeous as possible, yet winter looks like a skiing area. All flat, no depth. We hope EA will look at that and BECOME REASONABLE and add this feature. It's either EA cutting budgets for the game, the engine is bad, or simply the team behind The Sims 4 is lazy. We don't know, but these are the only reasons why such a legacy feature like this will get removed.  We hope you will support this petition! Thank you!  Read more

New IdeasWorldwide, United States
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Created May 26, 2018
Petition to Donald J Trump, United States Supreme Court, Federal Trade Commission, Ajit Pai
The internet has helped to boost the economy, create an amazing tool for educators, and provides an outlet for communication with people all over the world.  However, the simple policy that has protected this magical land of opportunity is under fire from both the Trump-appointed FCC chairman (Ajit Pai) and service providers like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon. Sign this petition to call on the FCC to protect net neutrality under the Trump administration. Net neutrality regulations are designed to stop ISPs like the big cable and phone companies from favoring/crippling certain websites and services for their own benefit and financial gain. These rulings could be reversed as Republicans continue to deregulate private industries.  As a senior in high school, I can appreciate the need to be able to complete homework, communicate, and access streaming media like Netflix without an ISP slowing down my traffic. In the 21st century, internet is like drinking water, electricity, or transportation. Those without neutral access to it are at an unfair disadvantage. If net neutrality goes away, the internet will become distorted, and your access to certain content will be based upon your ISP's financial interests and what you're willing to pay, like cable television, hurting the consumer. Let's stop the telecom lobbyists who buy their influence, and the private companies who already control so much of our media before it is too late.  Read more

Blake CerenziaBellingham, WA, United States
376,544 supporters
Created December 19, 2016
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